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#AlexOLoughlin – you create your own character

I personally think that you make your own character decisions.

And sometimes that stuff never makes it into the final cut of the show.

– Alex O’Loughlin


April 2008



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The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 161 (Epi 7:18) The Tough Mudder Race Part 2

Loads of action drama and suspense, together with 42 minutes of bromance and a sentimental family gathering at the end. It sounds like the perfect Hawaii Five-0 episode …….


Here are some of my thoughts.

  • Sorry, but did I miss something or what? Was this Hawaii Five-0 or an episode of MacGyver or some weird crossover where McG now turned into MacGyver? It was as if we were in some long MacGyver obstacles course, all while a very dangerous bomb was ticking down an hour. Why not take more than an hour and at least make it more realistic to get through the jungle and negotiate all the problems?

Koala Smartass: But then there would be no urgency  you idiot. It is Five-0, you have to create some unrealistic drama.


  • What a waste of time and money – a mock imaginary explosion that was only an imaginary scenario, sketched by Steve to explain a useless point to the trainees.

Koala Smartass: Maybe they had some extra cash lying around for special effects and they realised it will go to waste if they don’t use it?


  • Did these two men really become bickering kids now? They have really degraded from teenagers to kids this time. I felt embarrassed for them in front of these trainees. Yikes. Who in their right mind think to write dialogue like this for two 40-year-old professional adults to act like that in front of people that they came to train? People who look up to them as specialists at what they do …..

Koala Smartass: How long have you been watching this show?


  • If I would see blood on an open back door in my house, I will not tell my colleague over the phone, “I will call you back” – I will tell him, “THERE IS BLOOD IN MY HOUSE! I need to check it out. Hold the line.”

Koala Smartass: You are not STEVE.

718-69He is just gorgeous! Tongue smiley 22

  • I just wonder what Steve and Sang Min talked about while waiting for Dr Cunha to get there? It must have taken her a while to get to Steve’s house. Why are they only now discussing what Sang Min is doing there and what happened to him?

Koala Smartass: I’ve got nothing. Maybe Steve was cleaning the house first?


  • Why did that guy ask Sang Min along to the docks? Does not really make sense to me.

Koala Smartass: I am sure he was just scared to go to the docks alone at night.


  • This most dangerous guy in the world  Abati arrived the previous night and he had to travel all the way to that remote location in the jungle, but when Danny and Steve get there, the bomb that he came to build was already finished and loaded for transport? Not sure how long it takes to assimilate such a bomb, but it seems rather fast. The terrorists also cut it rather close for his arrival, for building the bomb and the actual event that the Governor would attend the next day. What if the ship that he came on was delayed at sea?

Koala Smartass: You think too much.


  • They were looking for a terrorist training camp in the jungle and just walk around talking loudly about bucket lists?

Koala Smartass: We have been discussing this very point many times (since Episode 1:05, and many more after that). AND you still think it is strange that a highly trained Navy SEAL operates that way?

Sad smiley 141


  • Three men capture Steve and Danny and walk with them through the camp. For what purpose? Normally you would escort people to some sort of leader? And why were there suddenly just 2 that made it possible for Steve and Danny to overpower them?

Koala Smartass: So now you are and expert on how terrorist operate, just because you have seen a few movies and shows? And maybe the 3rd guy just needed to pee.

  • The bomb maker must have used some sort of protective gear to work on the bomb, otherwise he is an idiot. A pity Steve did not load that on the truck with them to use when he needed to work on the bomb? Then we wouldn’t have to see the stupidity of the whole battery protection thing.

Koala Smartass: If only our hero had the power of hindsight.


  • Okay, a man that does not look like he sustained any injuries stops a police officer along the road telling him that he crashed his car. And there are no signs that a car went over the edge at that place, but the officer just turns his back on him? And on top of that Abati’s description should by now have been forwarded to all officers on the Island (Steve’s words not mine). What was he thinking? Lucky he ‘survived’ meeting Abati.

Koala Smartass: Maybe HPD officers need some better training? From the looks of it that morning, they are scraping the bottom of the barrel by getting two juveniles to do it? #SorrySteve


  • Abati had less than an hour (50 minutes) on a quad bike to get through an unknown jungle to the road, in a place where there was no roads that morning (according to Danny), hijack a police car (now that was luck), ‘Google’ Sang Min (how did he know the name of the man who he nearly shot on the docks?), get back to the city, leave the car somewhere, get to and overpower Sang Min, believe that Sang Min organised a deal for him to get off the Island, get to the docks and get shot? That is some fast moving!

Koala Smartass: Time and place – we just talked about it last week. This is Five-0.


  • Did I miss something? How did Five-0 know where Sang Min and Abati will be?

Koala Smartass: You do realise that some of the REAL important stuff land on the editing floor. Luckily those of us who buy the DVD’s get to see the deleted scenes. Some of those scenes even rewrites the whole story. So what is real the story as we see them or the story that we were supposed to see?



  • It looks like they wanted to blow up the Governor and HPD HQ, their place of work, but Steve reckons Five-0 and his Ohana were the target? So if I work in a building were the head of state happens to be at the exact time of such an attack, I am the target and not them?

Koala Smartass: You are toying with the sentiments on the show again.


Not really sure where they are taking Steve’s story at this moment in time? I am a bit disappointed that my expectations after last week were not met. Not even to mention that we last heard a gunshot and not even one word spoken about it this time. Will Steve’s story be over by the end of the next 7 episodes, or will it move on to a new chapter ………?

And that was Steve’s  story for:

Hawaii Five-0 – Episode 7:18

E Malama Pono (Handle with Care)

Written by: Zoe Robyn

Directed byEagle Egilsson

To be continued …….


Slide show of screencaps from the episode


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#H50 7.18 – Steve got his pants wet:D

As much, lovely Steve, as we got, big part of epi was ruined by his annoying buddy, constantly picking on McG (it was over the top, really!). But at least he was happy to hear D would name his restaurant “STEVE” 😀 Now that was hilarious to watch 

Luckily gifs don´t have audio, and mostly just McG. We can safely enjoy these 🙂


















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At long last our wishes for an #AlexOLoughlin #h50 photoshoot comes alive!


cbswatchmag Get ready! The most epic #alexoloughlin shoot is coming your way 📸 @ninomunoz #sneakpeek



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#H50 – Building Steve’s ‘Bride’

In some comments here on the blog last week, there were suggestions for qualities and equipment a girlfriend for Steve should have in order to survive with him. There will of course be material things that she needs, but then there will also be some emotional/mental and physical traits that would make her ideal. A few people in comments reckoned it might be a fun to start compiling such a list.

What do you think? Can we have some fun with this?

222 kevlar ninja

Image result for smiley lovers gifs

We will start with some of the stuff already mentioned, plus a few that I could think off. Now we need you to add more. Maybe the pictures will help you think of some …..


So let’s imagine we are Dr Frankenstein and start ‘building’ Steve’s ideal bride ….


416 bw amused

Equipment already listed with initial suggestion:

  • A Cellphone that is always charged
  • A satellite phone
  • A GPS implant



Mental skills already listed:

  • Not afraid of drug lords
  • Not afraid or thieves
  • Not afraid of pimps
  • Be prepared to be kidnapped
  • Be immune to weird suggestions for double dates from Danny’s girlfriends
  • Be immune against social media abuse by fangirls
  • Be better than how she is written :huhuani:

525 tux promo bw 2

Physical traits (and why that is needed):

We have not yet started this list. Here are some suggestions. Do you think any of these are important, and why?

  • Hair colour?
  • Colour of eyes?
  • Height?
  • Level of fitness?

uniform s3 bw 1

Let’s try to have some fun with this one.

Just forget for a moment if you think he already found her or not …..

OR if he needs a girlfriend or not.



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