Life around #AlexOLoughlin – Two weeks in review (12 – 22 Jan 2017)

The weeks pass so quickly these days, and I can hardly keep up with what is happening online. Not that there is really much happening. It has been a quiet two  weeks from the set with only one pictures coming through. Either a closed set because it is serious stuff and they do not want people to see who is in it, or they are just doing most of it indoors or at remote locations. Guess we will have to wait and see.

All we do know is that Alex was visiting the mainland together with his friend and Jujitsu instructor Egan Inoue, having some fun at the MMA fight with some other friends.

Thank you to all who posted pictures over the past 2 weeks …….


Life on the Set:

mikeshulichicken  Look who stopped by for some Huli Chicken today! Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan from Hawaii 5-0! #mikeshulichicken #eatdrinkhawaii #hawaii50 #hawaii #foodtrucks #oahu #vacation #foodporn




masi_oka The farewell party #h50 #alohamax


  • Some old pictures from Season 1

briennelee  2010. On set of CBS’s Hawaii Five-O. Photo Credit: Tourist “Tammie.” #hawaiifive0 #danieldaekim #alexoloughlin

briennelee 2010. On set of CBS’s Hawaii Five-O. #hawaiifive0 #alexoloughlin #scottcaan

briennelee  2010. On set of CBS’s Hawaii Five-O.

Fan Photos:

flashee808   Amazing surprise for my Mom yesterday. Thanks to the 5-0 fam for treating her like the rockstar she is. I’ll never forget the look on her face. One for the books for sure. @natalianstalion is the best Tour Guide everrr!! 🙏🏽


Some Trivia for the week:

  • Some things you can not unsee …… eek

plenkov  Spa Day #h50



Alex & Friends, Family & Colleagues:

masi_oka   Aloha Commander McGarrett #h50



Alex at Events:

  • Over the weekend Alex together with Egan Inoue attended the MMA fight at the Forum in CA.

realroyce @bellatormma#Bellator170 with Alex O’Loughlin and Max Martini


(‘Smoothdog‘ and ‘Bullfrog‘ here with Royce Gracie)

For those of you who forgot who Bullfrog is – screenshots from Epi 109


 Alex and Sakuraba — at The Forum.


Egan Inoue Chung Le and Alex — at The Forum.
Egan Inoue  At The Forum.
Egan Inoue  Alex,Royce and Terri — at The Forum.

eganinoue  #bellator

eganinoue    “PRIDE” champion Sakuraba. Was a fun night wth Alex! #bellator #h50 #mma

SAKU39 (21 January With) Egan Inoue and Alex O’Loughlin.

Some Thoughts for the week:

Confused smiley 83

Some of the things happening in the Hawaii Five-0 fandom this week , reminded me of one of my favourite stories as a child, “The Emperors New Clothes, by Hans Christian Anderson”.

These questions remain – Is the emperor in fact naked? Is nakedness relative? Is the nakedness fun or a horror? How much nakedness am I prepared to live with? Should I say that he is naked in my opinion, or just run away and move on to another kingdom?

But what if I actually care a lot about a specific subject in his kingdom and want to be there for him (and would rather see him naked 😀 )?

Or do I just go with the flow and sing in awe with the rest at how ‘beautiful’ the emperors “clothes” are?

king gif


Most ‘interesting’ search for the week:

  • does oyster farmer have real sex
  • alex o’loughlin stretched ears


Next Week:

  • Not really sure, but according to my calculation, they should be finishing up with filming of Episode 7:18 and moving onto Episode 7:19 this week. Let’s hope for some pictures from the set soon.



Enjoy your week!



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24 responses to “Life around #AlexOLoughlin – Two weeks in review (12 – 22 Jan 2017)

  1. SanDee

    I guess I need it spelled out for myself! I remember the Emperor story from childhood, but what are you referring to that’s going on in the never-dull world of the fandom?? Do tell!


    • gracenotpark

      Eh… blogger1, known for her rah-rah episode-reviews (among other things including over-reaction and inserting herself into other people’s business…see below) decided to read the review of another, blogger2, this week. Blogger2 had not enjoyed the ep, and while some of her readers had, others agreed it was a lackluster ep. So far, no drama.

      Until blogger1 took to a Twitter rant blasting blogger2 (and her commenters) for having an opinion at variance with her own, for daring to actually critique Show, for not loving Show enuf &thus to see actual flaws in it, for liking Alex better than the rest of the cast, for trying to blow up the planet, for being the devil’s spawn, and for the stock market crash of 1929.

      So, basically blogger1 wishes to express her own opinions via a personal blog but does not wish to extend blogger2 that same right and courtesy. Fortunately blogger1 isn’t queen, of anything. 😉


      • SanDee

        Oh, ok, thank you for the explanation. I like Alex better than the rest of the cast, too, and he is the only reason I watch the show. If I wanted top notch writing and scintillating dialogue, that would not be the place to get it. It’s my Alex fix I’m looking for! And he has been seriously under-utilized this season. I’m tired of episodes revolving around Chin and hearing about how great DDK is when Alex has carried the show for 7 years.


        • gracenotpark

          IKR?? I miss Alex-centric eps! They are always the best ones. The only reason I haven’t complained…much…is I’m not sure if his back injury has been part of the reason for him being sidelined half the time. Still, GOOD writers could write stories where he figures prominently but doesn’t have to exert too much physicality. :/


  2. – I love the pic with Claire Forlani, I’m looking forward to this episode.
    – Make the cucumber pic go away. LOL. But I want to see him having some fun with Lynn instead. Can you do that for me? 😉
    – The emperors cloths are not always pretty. If you are not in awe you are not in awe and allowed to say so.
    – I am all in for nekkid.


    • Yup, I reaally hope that the episode turns out better than what some of the promo looks like. And some real fun with Lynn would be great!


    • Dq

      Agree with the whole spa segment going away. Also, the scene where Steve says,next time, Danny and him should make the plans. It shows Steve almost fondling Danny’s ear! What!? Enough already. Why can’t the two of them just have some sort of brotherly love and not this weird nonsense? Lynn and Melissa planned this romantic get-a-way? When did they become friends? I don’t recall them ever even meeting each other. I am looking forward to Steve and Lynn getting frisky. I like them together. In the beach volleyball scene, he calls her “honey” . Melted my heart.


      • I guess we will have to see the episode to get the answers to these questions.
        I am of the opinion that Alex actually makes fun of all the people who dream about Steve and Danny being lovers. And then he does things like that (fondling the ear), just to play with them. I have read how embarressed most celebs are when they hear about all the porn fanfic written about them – and I have seen others making fun of it on talk shows as well. So most of them go with the flow and make fun of it. What else can they do? Unfortunately most of these dreamers then think the actors are the head chearleaders of those ships.

        Many and also recently Masi said that Alex is the jokester on the set. So I can surely see him doing that sort of thing.
        Unfortunately the editors think these jokes are funny and then they add them in the show. Or maybe they also dream of the 2 together – who knows.
        Maybe that, or maybe the show is really heading into the direction of making two straight men gay. I guess time will tell.


  3. Oh, BTW, I would have never recognised Bullfrog aka Nick Taylor.


    • What can I say. I have a gift for faces. In the early online days one of our friends used to say that eye have the sight of a hawk.
      And I can honestly say, I did not even had to look at his name to know it is him. 😀
      Also saw that somebody thought that it was Saxon on one of the MMA pictures – And I can for sure say that it is not him.


      • Kristie

        So does that mean that Alex is “Smoothdog”?


        • Yes, in episode 1:09 when he meets his SEAL buddy, Nick Taylor, that is what the call each other – Smoothdog and Bullfrog.
          It is from that scene that I took the picture where they hug. You can see they were quite close.
          But then in the end of that episode they fight to the death, when Steve (Smoothdog) kills Bullfrog on the beach in front of his own home.


          • Kristie

            Wow! You’re amazing. No way would I have remembered that. But Smoothdog does somehow fit… Thanks for your response.


            • gracenotpark

              Foyeur is amazing. She and Paula make an amazing team. Y’all remind me of the yin/yang symbol. 😉


              • Not really amazing, just the love of anything close to Alex ….
                Yes, Paula is the funny one who creates all the pretty, while I am the grumpy one who writes too much. Time and again she saves me from going too far. 😀


  4. gracenotpark

    OMG that was Bullfrog? If he’s looking to go incognito, that beard is a great… beard! 😆

    Your emperor fable is an excellent choice. Kudos. 😉

    And I get the OysterFarmer sex question cos that scene was remarkable…but the stretched ears? What?

    And I agree Leica, looking forward to more Claire and Elizabeth taxing McG, and that cuke pic needs to be destroyed. 😛


  5. Kimphin1

    Oh wow! Nice catch on Bullfrog! He always plays a SEAL – I loved him in The Unit. Apparently he will be in that new show “Training Day” that Julie Benz is in too.

    But – none of that matters if you can get the emperor nekkid. Work on that?


    • Oh no, I do not want to see the emperor naked – only his star head subject. You know the one who is giving his all to the kingdom, without much praise.
      Yes, Max often gets to do the military tough SEAL type of guy. Also in Pasific Rim, which I enjoyed more than I should have. And Captain Philips – He plays the SEAL commander who saves Tom Hanks from the pirates. The pirate guy on the other hand was shot by sniper Kono in 5:15 after Steve called him a monster.
      What can I say, my head is full of stuff surrounding the show ……….


  6. cwtshjan

    Foyeur you are a star. All the info you dig up is amazing. The saku39 pic with Alex smiling….wow. As for nekkid, oh yes just like the Oyster Farmer but more mature….who could ask for anything more. Forget the bad bloggers, they don’t matter in our world.


  7. Lulu

    I’m hoping for some scenes of Steve & Lynn in bed! Thank you for all the great pictures. Keep up the great work! You 2 girls rock!


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