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Thank you #2016

I have seen universally how people curse this year for being such a bad year. My feeling is that it is not the years fault  – It was just another year and maybe what it taught many of us, is that life happens when we make other plans.

Without going into much detail, I can say that in most instances, 2016 has been the worst year of my life thus far. But I do not see it as a bad year. It was just a year on the calendar, just as 2017 will be another year on the calendar. It was and it will be what me make of it, regardless of what happens with and around us, and in the world out there.

What made it tolerable for me to get through this year, were choices. Some choices I made many years ago and I never knew why, but this year it bear fruit and helped me get through many tough times. The choices that helped me the most, were who I chose to be my friends over the years. Many of them carried me through times of loss and change in my life. I am sure many of you will have the same experience. The people that we surround ourselves with, in many instances, make our life worth living and a better place. They kind of carry the load with us.

We therefore need to choose wisely, otherwise those choices can make our life miserable if we end up all alone or without true friends.

Coming back to why we are here. One of the better choices I have made in my life, is starting this site with Paula. Not once in all these years did I feel that maybe I should not have done this. To me she is a special and dear friend who only makes my life better. Her talent and humour entertains me on a daily basis. Thank you my friend. You are one of the reasons that I am able to say thank you to this year, regardless of its sorrows.

I think what I can safely say of both of us, is that our passion for Alex runs just as deep as it did 5 years ago. Through the years we have only been proud to support him and his career. Inside and out, he has never failed to excite us. As a person and as an actor, he still shows great passion.


To all of you, thank you for staying with us through the years and for enjoying Alex with us.

Only the best wishes for you and for us for the year 2017.

Happy New Year!


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Mick St. John got to the #4 spot in the Top 50 Greatest Screen Vampires of All Time


In February 2009, SFX – a popular British sci-fi, horror and fantasy magazine – started a poll in search of the all time greatest vampires. Thanks to some serious voting activity by Moonlight and Alex O’Loughlin fans, Mick St. John got to the #4 spot in the Top 50 Greatest Screen Vampires of All Time. In addition to a Mick St. John write up in the June 2009 Vampire Special of the magazine, there is also a 9-page Moonlight feature in which Alex O’Loughlin comments on each 16 episodes of the show that gained him a dedicated, international fan base.

Moonlight should never have worked. The critics hated it, dismissing the show with words such as “anemic” and “derivative”, and deeming it nothing more than a genre stew consisting of ingredients from Highlander (non-humans living among us in every day walks of life), Angel (vampire PI looking for personal salvation) and Beauty and the Beast (an impossible romance). Their cause wasn’t hurt by the fact that Moonlight’s original showrunner was Angel co-creator David Greenwalt, and its co-creator was Ron Koslow, who produced the Ron Perlman/Linda Hamilton live action Beauty and the Beast TV series of the 1980s.


But the critics were wrong, on one level at least. The show deemed most likely to fail (and do so quickly) confounded everyone as it began winning its 9 pm Friday timeslot for CBS, not only in the ratings, but in the even more important demographics as well. Just as importantly, it seemed to spontaneously give birth to the kind of cult fanbase that most shows can only dream of – one that continues to thrive despite the fact that the show only lasted a single season. Ultimately it was a victim of the writers’ strike and a network that didn’t know what to do with it rather than a ratings crash.

Alex O’Loughlin, who stars as vampire Mick St. John, was instantly embraced by the audience and remains one of the most popular members of the undead ever (as evidenced by the poll starting on page 13). The thrust of the series is the growing relationship between Mick and internet reporter Beth Turner (Sophia Myles), despite the difficulties arising from their very different worlds.


For his part, O’Loughlin remains proud of what the show accomplished and what it represents. “I got to be a part of a story I really liked,” he says. “I’ve always wanted to play a vampire since I was a kid and that’s not something that will necessarily happen again in my lifetime. It was just a great fit and a great experience. It was also a stressful experience. We were working with a budget and we were always fighting for everything we needed. The show wasn’t considered the ‘golden child’ at all – we had to constantly present reasons why we shouldn’t be shut down.

“It was wonderful to fight for something and keep it alive for longer than it otherwise would have been,” he continues. “It’s great to be a part of a success, even if it was for only a season. The thing is, we were able to tell some really important stories. It wasn’t just about these monstrous creatures and sexuals romps. What we always went for was the human truth – the human story – and that’s the reason we make films in the first place. We didn’t always hit it, but I feel that from time to time we did and that’s why we held on to the audience – because they sensed that truth.”

SFX Special Edition: Vampires



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#AlexOLoughlin – The Perfect Stan for ‘The Back-Up Plan’


And Stan couldn’t possibly be more perfect. He’s great-looking, romantic, goofy in a charming way, has just the right amount of roguish facial scruff, and he makes organic cheese at his family’s farm upstate. Organic cheese, people! And somehow, he clearly still finds time to hit the gym.

Christy Lemire

April 2010



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Alex O’Loughlin – Déjà vu (Part 5)

We continue our series of things that repeated themselves in Alex’s career with a summary of the stars who appeared with him in more than one movie and or TV production other than just being in Moonlight vs Three Rivers and Hawaii Five-0. You will see that some of these actors were discussed in previous posts under different headings but they needed to me mentions here as well.

You can see Part 1 here , Again here, Part 2 here, Part 3 here and Part 4 here.

But let us continue with this one ……..

1) Alex & Jack Thompson:

Alex and Jack met on the set of Man-Thing in 2003 and later Alex described Jack as the mentor who ‘potty-trained‘ him as an actor. In that same year Jack was also cast in a smaller supporting role in Oyster Farmer with Alex.

When Alex and Jack’s son Patrick came up with the concept of the movie Feed, about Feeders and Gainer, Jack not only joined them in producing the film, but also took on a small roll in it as well in 2005. In Feed however the two never shared the screen for scenes together.

  • Jack in Man-Thing,


  • Jack in Oyster Farmer


  • Jack in Feed



2) Alex & David Field:

Such a lot of diverse character these two gentlemen got to play opposite each other in 4 different productions. First there was the TV series Black Jack Sweet Science. The two actors however never shared a scene in it.

Then even before the filming of  Oyster Farmer started, Alex and David went on a trip along the river to bond. The chemistry of them together clearly showed in the movie.

In Mary Bryant to two excelled and with great ease portrayed these to friends and their journey with Mary.

Again in Feed the two never shared a scene and David most probably did the part of a priest as a favour to Alex

  • David in Black Jack Sweet Science,


  • David in Oyster Farmer,


  • David in Mary Bryant


  • David in Feed


3) Alex & Patrick Thompson:

As with Patrick’s father Jack, Alex met him on the set of the movie Man-Thing.

The two became friends and together they came up with the idea for the movie Feed. Parts of Feed clearly show Alex’s wonderful talent as an actor, especially during the last “battle” with Patrick’s character.

  • Patrick in Man-Thing


  • Patrick in Feed


4) Alex & Matthew LeNevez

In Man-Thing, Matthew played the lead and Alex just one of the supporting main characters. Most of Alex’s scenes in the movie where with Matthew. There many who says Alex would have been better as the lead. However I doubt if him in the lead would have saved the movie from itself.

In Feed, Matthew played a supporting role and the two actors never shared the screen.

  • Matthew in Man-Thing


  • Matthew in Feed



5) Alex & William Sadler

Of course we all know that in Hawaii Five-0, William play’s John, Alex’s character’s father who dies in the opening scene of the series.. And during the years we have seen him appear a couple of time for flashbacks into Steve’s life. In Three Rivers William was Alex’s character Dr Andy’s uncle. And in August Rush he was the main female character’s father and never interacted with Alex’s character. Alex of course played the main male character’s brother.

  • William in August Rush,


  • William in Three Rivers


  • William in Hawaii Five-0


6) Alex & Mykelti Williamson

Although the never shared scenes in either production, we can mention that the two actors worked on the same projects. In August Rush, Mykelti plays a reverend at a church where August ends up at. And in Hawaii Five-0 he plays Grover’s corrupt friend and colleague who also killed his own wife.

  • Mykelti in August Rush 


  • Mykelti in  Hawaii Five-0


7) Alex & Terence Howard

Although they never shared a scene in either production, this connection is worth a mention. Terence plays a social worker in August Rush and in Hawaii Five-0 he plays the gangster who kills Danny’s old partner Grace on the day of 9/11.

  • Terence in August Rush


  • Terence in Hawaii Five-0


8) Alex & Steve Bastoni

Another Australian actor again not sharing a real scene together with Alex, but they were in the same production on more than one occasion and that is worth a mention. In Man-Thing, Steve’s character was there when Alex’s character gets killed off, but they do not really take part together in the moment.

In Hawaii Five-0, Steve’s character gets killed but Adam and that is also the reason why Adam landed in jail.

  • Steve in Man-Thing 


  • Steve in Hawaii Five-0


9) Alex & Anthony Anderson

Anthony appeared in 15 episodes of The Shield as Antwon Mitchell and in the last episode he was in, he met up with Kevin Hyatt as portrayed by Alex.

And of course who can forget the scenes in The Back-Up Plan in the park between Anthony’s character and Stan. Those scenes explained Stan and his situation very well and made him as a character more rounded.

  • Anthony in The Shield


  • Anthony in The Back-up Plan


10) Alex & Brian White

Interesting fact I stumbled upon while researching the previous déjà vu post, was that apart from Moonlight, Brian also appeared in 11 episode of The Shield as Detective Tavon Garris before Alex as Kevin Hiatt joined the team there at the Barn.

And then in Hawaii Five-0, Brian played a father who planned revenge after his child got killed because of a faulty children’s car seat.

  • Unfortunately we do not have footage of Brian in The Shield
  • Brian in Moonlight


  • Brian in  Hawaii Five-0


11) Alex & Chris Marquette

Poor Chris, Alex’s characters seems to be pointing guns at him all the time. In the movie The Invisible the two actors crossed paths when Alex’s Marcus threatens Chris’s character to give him the location of the body.

In Hawaii Five-0, Chris plays a serial killer who needed to be stopped by the team.

  • Chris in The Invisible


  • Chris in Hawaii Five-0


We hope you enjoyed this little fun research post. And remember you might think that we have forgotten some actors, but you need to look back at the other older posts (the links are given in the beginning of this post). They were most probably part of those posts about Moonlight or Three Rivers and Hawaii Five-0.


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#Alex O’Loughlin: “I’m sure I’ll meet people” …….

It is always interesting to look back at what people said, when you know what happened in their lives since then ……

Movieline: If it goes to series, you’ll be living in Hawaii for a while. As a native Australian, I would think you might have an affinity for a warm, beachy place like that.

Alex: I think anybody’s gonna  have an affinity for paradise. [Laughs] It’s a pretty beautiful part of the world. Every breath of air is great, every glass of water is sweet. It’s a beautiful part of the planet and it’s a great show. I don’t really know anybody there — I’m sure I’ll meet people — but if it’s a part of my journey, then that’s what’s going to happen next for me.


April 2010



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