The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 108 (Is Steve Bulletproof?)

We continue our story from here

Okay, before I start with my story, I need to write my usual “H5-0 disclaimer” or whatever one would call it – The flow of the episode was very good and entertaining. Everybody from the cast a crew did their part to get the job done and solve the case to let the good guys win. Just another feel good Hawaii Five-0 episode. Some procedural weekly fun and entertainment for us to enjoy. In other words, no matter what I say about the episode after this, it was still a good piece of entertainment for its genre.

And now for Steve’s story………

Not sure what it all means and what all the subtext is supposed to be or say, but I got the feeling they are trying to tell us that Steve is bulletproof.

  • Firstly they start by playing this song, while Steve makes his morning coffee……

‘Bulletproof Picasso’ by Train

Am I made of paper
‘Cause I tear so easily
Am I made of vapor
Because I disappear
Do I have to have a reason
For anything I feel
Just be glad I’m real
Glad I’m real
Am I real

Are you made of lead paint
A bulletproof Picasso
All the virgin saints
Put you here to care for me
I don’t need a reason ……..


(I kind of got the feeling that it was a real Alex reaction of pleasure (or pain), when he smelled the coffee)


  • And then secondly the type of coffee Steve makes himself is sometimes referred to as ‘Bulletproof coffee’…… this is a short extract of something I found when searching for information about the butter in the coffee craze:

However… it’s important to keep in mind that everything in nutrition depends on dosage and context.

Just because a little bit of something is healthy, it doesn’t mean that a whole ton of it is healthier, or even safe.

This brings us to the topic at hand… a huge trend called Bulletproof coffee.

If you don’t know what this is, then it is a recipe for a coffee drink that replaces breakfast:

  • 2 cups of coffee.
  • 2 tablespoons (at least) of grass-fed, unsalted butter. (Salt distorts the taste)
  • 1-2 tablespoons of MCT oil. (Coconut oil)
  • All mixed in a blender. (Because the oils and water does not blend easily)

(Is it Steve grinning (or Alex nearly laughing) here. Maybe Alex thinking that with all his boys at home, and Scott having a baby girl, that he (Scott) is the one that will have the bigger worries in a few years time 😆 )

  • And thirdly he gets rid of his Kevlar when facing the dangerous “African warlord” – bulletproof Steve?


(I just want to thank Alex Steve  for showing us how easy it is to rip that Kevlar of him – I will surely remember that whenever I get the opportunity to undress him. 😛 )

Another disclaimer before I continue with my rant:

I love the fact that they made Kono the team’s marksman. Although it needs training, hours of practice and skill to be a sharpshooter, there is also an inherent talent for it. Something that someone can learn at a very young age, if exposed to using guns, like I guess she would have been growing up on the islands where people hunt. And remember she is also part of a “police force” family and most probably started shooting at a very young age.

But lets’ continue with this weeks episode……..

Steve: Good work Kono.

Chin: Not to many people in this world can make that shot the way that you can. The question is, why is he still breathing?

Kono: Cause a bullet to the head would have been way to easy for him.

My reaction to it, is that no mere mortal can make that shot in any case. Not unless you are able to shoot around corners. Why am I saying that? Well, Makoni is facing Steve and is leaning forward to the passenger side of the car, with his left arm pointing the gun towards Steve. Then Kono shoots him from a higher point more from the front and through the window at his back (from the driver side). From there a bullet would have hit him from the back or side of his shoulder. But surely not from the front….. 😕

(And also as I sidenote – from Kono’s vantage point, the heads of the people in the car were not really fully visible, making a headshot kind of impossible)

(Also strange that we do not see blood or a tear in the shirt directly after the shot. And look closely after the shot the girl moves back to her seat and is now suddenly strapped in with her seatbelt again – oopsie)

….. Yet when we see Makoni’s wound, later on outside the car, we see that he was shot from the front (with blood only on the front of his shirt).

The only way he could have been shot and wounded like that from the front, while his scene with Steve played out as they showed it, was if Kono was shooting at ground level from a point behind Steve.

I will keep my thoughts about the shirt to myself, but I will just mention a quote from Alex himself from an interview we posted last week:

I came here for the first time during the Pilot. And it was a huge amount of information to take in. And I was staying at a big hotel, full of tourists. And kind of loud people wearing bad shirts.

– Alex O’Loughlin, Belgium TV, September 2011


  Some Questions:

(Yes I am nit-picking, because I was bored and needed to do something while waiting for Steve’s story to progress, somewhere someday in a future episode. 😀 )

  • Why would you only search under one corner of your car for tracking devices or bombs?
  • If the grass-fed butter is a “team guy thing” (from Steve’s SEAL days), why is this the first time in more than 4 years Danny sees Steve drink his coffee like that? 😀
  • I still do not know after more than 4 years how the Five-0’s are such crack shots when they need to hit a single target like a person (even with the side arms), but with their big guns, they are unable to shoot the tires of a car or hit any the people in it? (Maybe they need bigger guns? 😉 )
  • How did Makoni know who was in charge of the operation and to ask for Steve in person when he made his call?
  • Where is Mrs Grover and the 2 kids when Lou entertains his colleagues and friends with a Valentine’s barbecue?
  • Yet another “Ohana” occasion with mostly the men (and with one and a ½women) Lonely Mindy not taking part in the “men-talk” and having to sit on her own and eat alone. And Grace the seemingly heartbroken lonely kid with no playmates? It is really sad.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Ohana moments and the team doing some normal stuff together. They just don’t always make sense to me, and that makes it feels forced to me.

Hope you had some ‘nit-picking’ –fun with me (sorry I just had too). Luckily Paula’s pictures of Steve is always pretty – he never disappoints. 🙂

– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 515 –

E ‘Imi pono (Searching for the Truth)

To be continued here


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42 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 108 (Is Steve Bulletproof?)

  1. First, great episode.

    I wanted to address some of your questions at least give my perception:

    Danny not seeing Steve make coffee like that…maybe it wasn’t the right time before or maybe Steve felt like going back to some of his SEAL training. Yet if you remember Chin knew about it maybe that was something mentioned previously.

    Kono is a crack shot we have seen that before and she is the designated “sniper” of the group. She could have developed that skill at the academy as well.

    Grover’s family…I can only assume that they are there. Maybe, as sexist as this may seem, they are in the house making the other food…who knows. The times before (Thanksgiving/Christmas) Grover’s family was in Chicago.
    We don’t see Adam and Kono so we assume that they are together. I personally don’t feel that the entire team needs to be together at every event. Max and Sabrina weren’t there either. I think there are a few things left to our imagination or assumptions.

    I did want to interject about the “warlord”. Don’t forget he was “friends” with the CIA guy. The CIA man (sorry forgot his name) could have mentioned who the Five-O team are. If the warlord did his homework (he had an exit strategy planned) he probably familiarized himself with the team.

    I think that Steve is “wiser” than we all give him credit for and he knows how to calm a “ranting” Danny. He seems to understand his team and their dynamics and that is why it works. I didn’t feel that the barbecue felt forced I felt it wrapped it up nicely.



  2. Leah

    FOYeur, I also had 2 of your same questions while viewing this episode: how did Makoni know to ask for Steve by name and where was Grover’s family during the BBQ (being that it was taking place at their home)? I don’t feel as guilty nit-picking those issues now. 🙂


  3. karen

    I never notice those things you do. I’ll leave the nit picking to you. (smirk)


  4. Joy

    kudos to noticing the change in perspective for kono’s site vs. her actual shot. i was occupied while attempting to watch this episode, so on a rewatch i will look for those things. The details like that drive me crazy.
    As for the coffee, I figure maybe steve doesn’t always drink his coffee that way; maybe with being alone on Valentine’s day he needed some support from his coffee. Being an avid coffee drinker as well as a new coconut oil user, i will look into this coffee.


    • Everything was all fine to me with the scene, until I saw Makoni’s wound was in his front. There is just now way that you shoot him through a window behind him and then he is shot from the front.
      As for the coffee drinking thing. Steve has not been in the SEAL’s for more than 4 years now. Why make the coffee drinking thing an old habit, if it is a new craze. Just make it somethhing new he is trying, since reading about it – that is more honest for me (If that makes any sense)


  5. Joy

    and, oh, how could i forget all the amazing still shots you pulled from this ep! I was wondering about some of Alex/Steve’s expressions in the first scene as well. I like when we see what look like genuine expressions from Alex. There is a little more playfulness in his face than in Steve’s.


    • I think this season there has been a lot of Alex in Steve.


      • alexnymph

        I agree, I think Steve is more relaxed, more human, more like Alex. Also, in the kitchen scene I think Alex was breathing in and loving the smell of fresh ground coffee. In an interview a long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away) he said he LOVES coffee. And now he’s in the perfect place for that.


        • I think most smoker also like/love their coffee – just a theory of mine. I do remember a year or 2 ago, when Peter tweeted that Alex does not drink coffee anymore. But I think that is also one of those things that come and go and it was most probably just for a while. 🙂


  6. gracenotpark

    I LOVE your intense studies of the eps. I often have some of the same detail or continuity questions you do, but your “intensity” always beats mine and you notice a few things I didn’t. 😆 So now I want dem answers too!

    And oy! Killer pics. Y’all always have the BEST McG pics…siiiiiiigh. 🙂


    • Oh I was just having some fun, no real intense study here. The thing is, is that you see an obvious discrepancy (like the angle of the impossible shot) and you want to show it to others and start looking at the scene in slow motion and at the screen shots, it becomes bad really fast. – Like seeing the shot with the girl still wearing her seatbelt.
      When I watch the show, I actually only see Alex/Steve, 😀


  7. Joy

    and as far as steve’s story goes, is Joe’s quarantine over, and is Steve still monitoring him? If we never see any more footage, then Steve setting up the video feed at the end of that ep was pretty pointless.


    • Exactly. So much effort for nothing. The show definitely do not cater for viewers who want to follow any kind of story.That is what makes me sad about the show.
      One of the reasons I kind of regret starting the ‘Steve story’ series as a count down to the 100th episode. It just showed me all the potential of a real good story that got lost! 😥


      • gracenotpark

        Heh! You showed us all, babe! Tho I think we already knew. And quite honestly, I think these dropped plots are a big reason why so many folks ended up dropping Show. I had online and RL friends who dumped it for its continual story arc interruptus.


        • Nobody I know in my RL watches the show regularly. I have to force my one niece and one nephew to watch it with me every ones in a while.
          Without you all to fangirl about Alex with, watching H50 would be a nightmare. 😦


        • And I just need to add as well, that I firmly believe that H50 could have been one of the greats on TV. It have/had all the right ingredients to be the best. If only they kept the character arcs relevant and reasonably realistic all the time. People need to want to follow these characters. I myself would have loved to watch it for more than just Alex.


          • I couldn’t agree more. I find myself only watching for Alex now. And the reason I began watching is because the first episode I ever saw during season 3 was story driven and excellent and the eye candy wasn’t bad either 😉 But, now I am bored and I don’t want to be because like you said, it could have been great. I not only blame the writing but the actors who choose, for whatever reason, not to participate each week, I understand personal leave for kids or rehab but the rest of it, I feel either you are in or you are out.


          • gracenotpark

            I agree. It had the pedigree and the ingredients to be a great. It is a sin how that potential has been wasted. I think even the actors are bored now… 😦


            • People I am sure you will be mad at me…

              Why do we need to speculate as to how happy the actors are/are not, that they screw up the story lines, etc. Most TV shows and movies are NOT perfect and they all have flaws. They are there to entertain and let us “escape” for an hour or so….why can’t we just do that.

              Yes, it is fun to speak about Alex/Steve and how hot he is, etc. but I have learned a LONG time ago we can’t change what happens on TV and to get worked up over it isn’t worth it. Can’t we just enjoy the show no matter how off track it gets. If we worry about one or more story lines happening or not happening I think we lose site of the entertainment.

              PLEASE don’t kick me off the site for expressing this but if you do I understand.


            • Yes Grace, I suspect some of them were even bored before they started with the show – was just another job for them.
              But they have said and asked on many occassions in interviews, how they like to get some real character stuff and that it gives them something to work with.
              I suspect one do get tired when you keep on hoping for more than 4 years.
              But each week somebody new is murdered and you just solve the case and shoot a few bad guys into the afterlife. That seems to entertain people week after week…… 🙂


  8. Joy

    am watching the chase scene at the end and noticed somewhere in the final scenes Steve sweeps his hair over to the side. The hostage scenes have it much neater than his normal kind of spiked up bangs. i have no problem with it. i like both looks. It is just weird to see his hair neat rather than ruffled looking. Oh darn, another reason to go back and review steve close-ups. i have seen plenty of other on-line posters investigate his (Alex’s and Alex’s various characters) changing hairstyles. I wonder how much the actor’s care about it. I usually assume men don’t care about hairstyles.
    random thoughts that have nothing to do with a review of any kind, but any reason to discuss McG…


    • I think Alex prefer his hair shorter in H50 because of filming in Hawaii and because of the heat.
      Yes, I will definitely discuss anything that requires more research into Steve/Alex. 😀


  9. Hmm bulletproof? Foreshadowing, could the writers be that clever? I, like you, always notice the continuity but I never notice all the details you do Foyeur, which is why I am here. 🙂


  10. alexnymph

    Good pics and questions. Maybe all the womenfolk from the picnic were inside, hiding from Steve’s ugly shirt. FOYeur, that’s quite the analysis on the bullet to the shoulder–bullets do weird things sometimes (see JFK analysis), so you never know, but show doesn’t sweat the small stuff 🙂

    As for the butter in the coffee, I find the whole thing silly. Someone suggested maybe it was Paleo diet (puh-leeze!). Yeah, like cavemen had butter. Or coffee. Cream is more natural than butter as you shake/churn the cream to get butter. Whatever. I think Alex is a bit gullible at times.

    And don’t get me started on the gluten-free stuff. Grocery shopping today I saw gluten-free tomato sauce. Really? Tomato sauce IS gluten-free, why put it on the label. Oh well, sorry for the rant. Thanks, as always, for the post 🙂


    • My question is just what woman in her right mind won’t join the company around the grill, when Steve/Alex is there? (ugly shirt or not) 😀
      Sometimes the show really take care of the small stuff nicely – sometimes. But for me the angle of the shot was big stuff. It is so easy to do it right. Why not do it?


  11. I felt very well entertained (well, more so than Joe, poor guy all these weeks all alone in quarantine, nobody’s visiting 😉 ), the episode made me smile a lot thanks to Alex’s Steve. I love all these subtle gestures and faces, sniffing his coffee, the “sigh it’s always me” face while stripping his kevlar and his icecream smirk. The best scene of this episode was Steve facing the warlord while going down on his knees. Although I didn’t get any “I am a ruthless kongolese warlord” vibes from this actor this scene was very well done! “Monster’s aren’t real – you are!” Kudos!
    I did not find it weird that Roko knew who was in charge. I think Steve is very well known on this island esp. the perps know him. And it was obvious that in such a kidnapping situation, C4 and all, 5-0 would be there.
    Watching the epi I actually thought Roko WAS shot in the back and the bloody mess in front was the exit wound. These can be a lot worse than an entry wound. But than I was distracted by everything in your great screens and gifs, so maybe I’ll watch again. But I’ll stop before the very end. Am I the only one who found the last scene awful? Worse than a Soap opera.
    But Lou and his apron rocked!!! “If it was in the morgue it ain’t a moment!” LOL!


    • Other than enjoying Alex in the show, Lou’s one-liners have been the best part of the show in many episodes lately. And I do not think it is that the writers do so great with coming up with them, but the way Chi gives them. He is such a great asset to the show.
      I am sure Steve spend that whole evening with Joe at the hospital. The show does not allow him to have love or sex for that matter, so that might have been his only option … 😆


    • I also thought Makoni was shot in the back, untill I saw him walk away and had no blood on his back. Problem is, if he was shot in the back and the bullet went through (and caused the blood in the front), it might have hit Steve as well …..


  12. It was just a good procedural episode. When they don’t give us characters development and story’s continuity it’s a little boring for me. I understand your frustration when you can’t write “Steve’s story”. Like you, i have some “issues” about discrepancies of plot, characters and scenes. This week was a scene.Thank you again for your “nip-picking”.
    A note: i loved that Steve/Alex showed how easy is to rip off the klevar. Only wish that he could show us how take off the thigh holster too.


    • They can easly take up 10 or 20 minutes of him showing us how to fasten an then remove those holsters – it might just be more worth while watching than most of we they do give us 😀


  13. Hi! I love your blog! I have several responses the first of which is I find it rather disturbing that some commentators here think the actors CHOOSE not to be in an episode. Not so. In the rare instance of injury or maternity leave, yes, they won’t be written into the show BUT this series now has a huge cast and the writers and producers don’t put every character into every episode. They’ve been very sloppy regarding Grover’s family so I was pleased to see his daughter make an appearance in the golf episode, which was one of the best I’ve seen in recent months…even with Melina Kanakaredes’ over-the-top acting. Did you notice how she made sure the viewers could see her face even as she pretended to cry? Her hand never touched her eyes! LOL
    Randy Couture made a great villain…he and Nick Jonas – hoo-ee! They need to bring them both back for more.
    I didn’t notice as many bloopers last night as I did last week…Oy…Kono shooting around corners…lol


    • Hi AJ
      Some of the actors do have a reduced availablity for shooting episodes – and it is not because of specific occassions. They just do not work full time anymore – sadly. 😦 Actually I think they all have more time off, but some of them are not even in Hawaii for weeks at a time.
      And to write story lines to fit in with this, must be a big challenge and has been since the beginning of season 4. And not to speak of the use of green sceen shots, since then as well, to accomodate the absence.
      I have a feeling Randy might be back. But I doubt if Nick Jonas will be able to bring back his dead character – unless they want to show us something from the past, where he was involved.
      I for one would like to know why WoFat killed him. It is a real mistery to me 😕


  14. buttercup4u

    This really was a great ep, I enjoyed it very much, and after so many absences, I still love the interaction btw Steve and Danny, I like the small smiles Steve flashes when Danny talks about Grace!
    And to the Pretty, I would love to see Steve hands-up for more than a few seconds, omg he looks so frkn sexy with his upper arms at exposure – I had to rewind at least a dozen times (and I didn’t rewind for a very very long time 😉 ) Arm muscles, veins VEINS everywhere and his perfectly shaped fingers saying “I’m here, see, now gun, only ve!npower”!


    • Oops, yes, I forgot that Danny was in this episode when I did my last comment to you.
      Steve, hands in the air and without any clothes, would be even better – But surely we might not be looking at this arms then 😛


  15. buttercup4u

    Ohh, and I forgot to mention, that Steve can make a shirt with pineapple on look so terrific, that guy is a fairy 😉 I really liked the shirt, it looked perfect on Steve/Alex, or was I deceptibled by all the dark blue shirt we got recently!?!?
    I kinda like the Ohana moment, I liked Grover telling K how to cook meat, and I liked Danny and Grace. I haven’t really made up my mind about the Doctor and Jerry!
    Was this Grover’s home?


    • Yes, I think Grover played host to them – which makes the absence of his family pretty odd.
      Ohana moments are good, but it kind of irked me that Mindy was sitting all on her own. 😦


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