403 – oh yes, I captured that too…

Squee! I found the peekaboo tatt and abs. I can die happy now 😉


And then there was all those pretty faces. Well just the one, but multiple times 😀

403-hottie 403-profile 403-rabbits 403-angry

In full gear. They should have combat pageants for guys.

McG would win them all though 😉403-in-gear2 403-in-gear403-five-oh 403-chase403-capture


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36 responses to “403 – oh yes, I captured that too…

  1. heymomo

    For once I knew there was going to be some peekaboo action in this scene! I always miss them, but this time I knew it would be there!! 😛
    Excellent work on the capture!!


    • I can´t believe I missed it yesterday. So happy he is now wearing this blue shirt instead of tee, cause the peekaboo is revealed always with the shirt flying off. Thank you wardrobe!


  2. To (almost) each episode its peekaboo tatt! Great find! Not that we’re desperately looking for it…

    McG faces! The first one, with the eyebrow action! Love it! Thank you, Paula!


  3. buttercup

    Love how the punch reveals those gorgeous abs, yummy, and full gear McG will win every price there’s to grab! That man’s body is amazing! I’m sure there’s a load of work in those abs and arms! Thanks Paula, great gifs as always! I can’t believe I’ve been here for more than one year! I’m a commenter and I love it !!!


  4. Ontlls


    *slowly gets back up* I um.. OH MY.. HUGS to you Paula.

    Number 2 and number 7.. JEANS in full action, WOW!! Oh and nice catch on tattoo peekage!!

    *sits back on couch and scrolls back up to watch #2 again*


  5. Great find Paula! Now you aren’t so upset about the untucked shirt? 😉

    I wish I could reach through my computer screen and touch those rock hard engaged abs…(S&T!)
    *regaining consciousness* The way he spreads his legs when he’s all BAMF… 😯 … He needs to make room for his “concealed weapon.” I think it wants to come out and play! 😛 Nothing is completely concealed in those pants. I’m really love wardrobe this season. http://cdn.content.sweetim.com/sim/cpie/emoticons/00020451.gif


    • I should be more careful what I wish for! That peekaboo would not be there if the shirt had been tucked in. Shame on me…
      I love that leg action too, when he pushes that guy 😀


  6. buttercup

    Ha ha 😆
    Chin: We should hide our badges!
    McG: What about my gun? LMAO!
    Chin: That should be fine, as long as it stays holstered!


  7. lunaterra12

    oh that first picture…. oh epic


  8. rita

    What a great capture. Missed the tat completely. Will be watching this episode again before I go to bed tonight…


  9. marnov2205

    Wow, what a catch!! You have sharp eyes, Paula!! Thanks for showing also those legs in motion, I’m rather partial to these pants! Not only to the pants, that is. *cough*


    • My eyes are really not that good. I got the 1080P download today, and that´s when it was big enough even for me to spot 🙂
      Oh yes, the pants, we all know what we are referring to with that therm *wink-wink* 🙂


  10. vanduyn

    These are divine!! How awesome would a combat pageant be?! 😛


  11. visage13

    Oh Paula, those abs, those abs you’re killing me this weekend lol


  12. um, i only noticed that the guy that steve pushed is in his underpants. that’s two people in season 4 that we have seen wearing underpants and in 4 seasons we have yet to see mcg in his. is this not tragic?


  13. LaHagela

    Is it wrong that I want to lick his belly button?


  14. gracenotpark

    Ahhhh! This makes my day! 😀
    Thank you thank you thank you!!!! *mwah*


  15. Yay! Thank you Paula! 1 million *airhearts* to you!
    This ep was def equal op on the lady victim and her bro-in-law in their skivvies and camera a$$ shots. If bro-in-law hadn’t have been such a d!ck head, I would have perved a bit more over his boxer-briefs and thighs…. *sigh*…..Dreaming of McG in his skivvies and/or towel………….I know, he was in bed at least 1/2 nekkid (or more)………..I ask for so much…………….


    • Towel… we’ll see him in a towel in an upcoming episode, according to an editing pic PL posted last friday. 😉 And if it is Gabby we see also in this picture (I’m not quite sure if it’s her) it will be 4.04, this Friday. Woohoo!!!


    • There was some nice music at the beginning with those two “about-to-humps”.


  16. Had to come back for another look at his tantalizing torso! Must feed the addiction!


  17. Marta

    I thank you for capturing these treats for our delight.


  18. Combat pageants??? LOL! And yes!
    I too love what he does with his legs. It’s like a dance. In an utterly manly way of course. And I can’t believe that I missed the tattoo and the abs. What’s wrong with me? I was distracted by his pretty badassness.
    I always like the way Alex lets Steve enter a room. He is immediately “there”.
    And the eyebrow, and the two-eyed wink, and the nostril thingy…
    BTW I like your use of the word ‘multiple’ in connection with Steve. 😆


  19. AlexNymph


    For the FWA capture.

    Why does he squat when he’s letting the women and children out of the room? Never mind, I’ll just enjoy that.


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