Happy Birthday to all Libras!

We decided to change our birthday posts. Instead of doing personal ones we thought it would be more fair to do one for each star sign. Starting with obviously the most magnificent one, the Libra 😉 Smiley

“Libra is the only inanimate sign of the Zodiac and many astrologers regard it as the most desirable of all the zodiac signs. People who are born under this sign are the most civilized of the 12 zodiac signs and are often very good looking.

They have elegance, charm and good taste, are naturally kind, very gentle, and lovers of beauty, and harmony. Libras also crave peace and balance in their lives and are sensitive to the feelings and needs of others. It is said they make you feel better for being with them. They hate cruelty, viciousness,vulgarity, rudeness, fake ppl, and conflict. They try to avoid conflict at all costs, but in an argument they will try to win at any cost. They are great debaters which is why they make great lawyers. It is said that Libras can insult you without even you realizing you’ve been insulted.” See! We are just that nice 😉

Signs of a Libra:

A true romantic at heart… 303-del-heart2

You have a strong sense of justice, and you’re not afraid to show it 303-del-heart

The word “snazzy” has been used to describe how you dress. In fact, you’re simply oozing with elegance, dahhling. 303-del-heart3

Curiosity often gets the better of you. 303-del-butt-heart

You’ve been called bossy. But you can’t help it if you’re always right. 303-del-heart4

OK, maybe not. But you always admit it when you’re wrong. 303-del-danny

You give the best presents.


Happy Birthday to all the special ladies that share our star sign. Hope your specific days of birth are filled with a lot of fun and joy!!

Jill (12 Oct) – Thank you so much for your continued support. You´re such a wonderful supporter of Alex and of our little heaven of him here! ♥

Pommienana (12 Oct) – Thank you for being such a good sport and that you also enjoy the naughty, surrounding Alex, with us! ♥

Luna (14 Oct ) – Thank you for always being ready to enjoy the pretty and naughty with us!! ♥

Brenda (17 Oct ) – Thank you for being such a good Alex fan and also for your support here!♥

Lots of love, Paula and FOYeur!



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27 responses to “Happy Birthday to all Libras!

  1. lunaterra12

    Thanks so much! Great gifs… or gifts! And a Happy Birthday to my fellow libras! ❤


  2. Stacey

    Happy Birthday Fellow Libras!!! (October 7)


  3. Thank you dear girls/This was tremendpoud fun and my husband {Bless him}read the description and said “That’s you completely” BTW Naughty Jilly and I are are “Birthday Twins” BOTH on October 12.


    • Sorry about the date mix-up M. I wrote it down last year and because of time differences I seems to have gotten it wrong. Hope you had a lovely day dear! ♥


  4. I love being a Libra and thank you for these special gif-ts. And I will certainly tell Hubs that the reason I am bossy is because I’m always right. Which is so true. Alex would get that I’m sure.


  5. vanduyn

    OMG!! The whole time I’m reading I’m thinking “Hey, I’m a Libra” LOL! Thanks so much for the mention girls!! That’s so sweet! Thank you for all you do and please keep on doin’ it 😉 I am so proud to share my birthday with Naughty Mary (pommienana) We are VERY like minded when it comes to Alex 😛


  6. Btw, I have uploaded this deleted scene from 303 to youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b266TY6DHe8 I will also upload the HD version to our FB page (soon). For some reason YT refuses to upload my vids in HD.


  7. Marta

    Happy birthday to all Libras around here! Paula and Foyeur did a wonderful post with AWESOME AND SPECIAL GIFS.
    I’m a virgo but i loved this post especially Paula’s gifs. And thank you for adding the deleted scene.


    • Thank you 😀
      Was getting a bit worried. Doesn´t look like this post sparkled any interest…


      • Paula, the birthday post is beautiful! It is all about this gorgeous man and us gorgeous Libra women – so you really can’t go wrong! 😉
        Thank you again for all the pretty you always produce! You are simply the BEST!! 🙂


      • marnov2205

        Are you kidding?! This is a wonderful tribute to all Libras (BTW, you made me a bit envious of you Libra-girls :mrgreen:) with perfect gifs!! You’re so good to treat us with S3 deleted scenes! (says a person who doesn’t have the DVD yet) Thank you. That is all.


  8. Anwyn

    Happy birthday to all libras out there. I have tons of libras in the family. Wonder if this is some kind of Christmas behaviour to make babies:-))).
    And here comes the retarded one again: I do remember Steve trying to rescue Danny and himself by pulling the dingy toward the shore, after some idiot shot into the dingy. But here it’s obviously Danny pulling. Please enlighten me again. And how can I forget about this gorgeous a$$ climing out of the water???


    • It is from the deleted scenes on the S3 Blue Ray. Paula is really treating us with all the pretty that we never got to se on our TV’s during the episodes! 🙂


  9. Happy Birthday to my fellow Libras!!! Mine was Sept. 29th and I had the greatest present ever..a visit from my Aussie Sis. ♥ ♥. Love your birthday post Paula ♥ ♥ Thank you so much. Your gifs are awesome and somehow you always say what I am thinking…great (naughty) minds think alike 🙂 I am so glad I decided to subscribe to your post…..you make my day!!! and the ladies who comment here are simply the best. Thank you Paula and FOYeur for all the hard (pun intended) work you do. Love ya gals ♥ ♥


  10. nicolejframe

    Happy Birthday to all my fellow Libras, we really do have he best star sign. I hope you all had/have a wonderful day. It’s almost my birthday here in Scotland (16th) so I just want to say a huge thank you to you wonderful ladies Paula & FOYeur, for this amazing present…and I have to admit my curiosity often does get the better of me, especially when it comes to Alex 😉 ❤


  11. colleen

    I know I am a little late but this post is to good to not comment on. I am a Libra too (October 21) and this just put the biggest smile on my face. Thank you lady’s for all of the work you do. P. S. That scene of Alex’s rear end getting out of the water is priceless.


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