More Goodies from the #AlexOLoughlin & #H50 Weekend

SO MUCH happening  in and around the Alex universe this weekend.

We started out with Sunset on the Beach on Thursday evening. Many pictures and footage from it. We will still do one more post of some of the pictures that we haven’t posted yet. We might also do a few transcripts of interviews from it.

On Friday night Alex invited cast and crew and friends to watch Episode 10:07 with him at the Hawaii Theatre. That is the episode which he wrote and directed. As you can see from the comments below, everybody seem to be very excited about it.

Then on Saturday night Alex hosted a private party for cast and crew and friends as a thank you for all their hard work. It looks like everybody had a lot of fun. If more pictures emerge from it we will do a post about it.

One of the pictures from the party:


Waited 6 years for this photo. Love this guy.


Some more pictures and comments from the cast and crew about their experiences at the screening of Episode 10:07 on

Friday night.


Sometimes life hits you with special moments you can lock away in your heart for the rest of your life. You feel like your heart is about to beat out of your chest, your sweating, nervous and you feel a buzz all over your body and you don’t know why. Then it hits you, your living in one of those special moments right now. This time I got to share it with BIG BRO and a room full of the BEST CREW in fucken the world. Wait till you see what Al and the best crew and show in the world created…. #HAWAIIFIVE0. #ALOHA #RUNITSTRAIGHT


#marcamcclellan #alexoloughlin #hawaiifive0 #h50 Photo opp after the private screening of Alex’s Season 10 episode that he wrote during hiatus and directed…outside of the @hawaiitheatre. Marc came from all day on set straight to the event…long hours but we were all blown away by Alex’s episode and was worth it



kimeebalmilero Waking up this morning feeling extra grateful. I don’t have a lot of experience on big sets, but I do know what good vibes feel like. And the Hawaii Five-0 Ohana is all good vibes. From the “smallest job” to this guy standing on stage…EVERYONE works hard to make the show happen. Last night I realized that there are a lot of similarities between Alex and my mentor Mr. Ronald Bright. Both supportive and fearless leaders who understand that their success could only happen with the work and commitment of others. I’m so stoked to be a small part of this very special family. Thank you, Universe❤️
#luckyweliveworkHAWAIIFIVE0 #H50
Hope you all enjoy the week.
And of course Friday night Hawaii Five-0 Season 10 kicks off.


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3 responses to “More Goodies from the #AlexOLoughlin & #H50 Weekend

  1. I just love this man. Everything he does, he does with humility and integrity. He always does the right thing and never takes credit for his awesomeness. He truly is one of the good guys and that’s something special in the business he’s in.

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  2. Mrs Harjit Bellamy

    Are there any photos of Alex and his gorgeous wife from this special H50 weekend.


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