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#AlexOLoughlin Who Are You Wearing?


Just for some fun – a transcript of one of the short SOTB 2019 videos that we posted earlier.


Photographer: Okay, so who are you wearing this year?

Alex: Guess. I want you to guess. I kind of did like …

Photographer: Tom Ford?

Alex: ….. a mirror of last year, yes. Tom Ford

Woman: A mirror?

Photographer: We love it.

Alex: …. Virgil Abloh.

Photographer: There you go. Mahalo.

Alex: Thank you for asking.

Photographer: Of course, I always ask.

Alex: And Margaret Howell. She’s the best.

Photographer: Okay. Thank you so much.

Fans screaming: Okay no smiles, give as that sexy look.

Alex: I’ll swop with you.

Man: To the left, here.

Woman: [Saying .. something that sounds like] Doing ‘Laurence of Arabia’

Alex: No, I’m not doing that one tonight. Did you not get the memo. I send out a memo.

Alex: [Asking if the photographers got what they wanted] You good? You kids good?

Photographer: We love you.

[Alex posing for other cameras]

Photographer: Give us a shaka.

Alex: You give me a shaka. [Smile]




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