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#H50 ‘s EP Peter Lenkov on the S10 Premiere

Hawaii Five Season 10 start tonight. Here is an article of an interview with Peter Lenkov which was posted today. It is not an interview with Alex that we normally post, but some of it might be interesting to read. Please note that it contains spoilers and should be avoided if you want it all to be as surprise.

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27 September 2019


When last we saw Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin), he had a gun pointed at him and a shot rang out. When Hawaii Five-0 returns for its 10th season tonight, we will discover who got shot – because someone does – and who is leaving.

The logline for the premiere episode — “Ua ʻeha ka ʻili i ka maka o ka ihe” (“The skin has been hurt by the point of the spear”) — says, “Five-0 says goodbye to one of its own,” so what does that mean? Is there a death or just a cast departure?

“I think that we never really say goodbye to anybody on our show unless they’re dead,” show runner Peter Lenkov tells Parade.com, skirting the issue. “There are people that may leave, but people come back all the time on the show. I don’t want to give away any spoilers about anybody leaving the show, but unless they’re dead, there’s always that door that’s open for them to come back.”

The season 10 premieres picks up soon after the shot rang out, and what happens affects the future of the show, there is a ripple effect, but that is not entirely what the first episode of season 10 is about.

Rather, McGarrett and Five-0 find a new ally when mob bosses on the island are being target by an assassin.

“We brought in Katrina Law, she’s a new character on the show, really to mine her background, who she is, and how’s she’s going to integrate with everybody, and just keep growing,” Lenkov says. “Hopefully, we’ll learn new things about the characters, develop them even more, and that’s really the focus: How can we make our characters just as interesting as they were season 1 on season 10?

So, this is season 10, which is a landmark, does that affect the stories you plan on telling this season? Will they be bigger, will they be more personal, have you given any thought to what season 10 means?

Look, the challenge when you get this far is surprises with regards to the characters, because that’s everything. The show really is just based on that. It’s characters first and plot second, so it’s just us trying to first expand the family.

Speaking of Katrina, she plays Quinn Liu, a former staff sergeant with army CID, so does that give her a special connection to McGarrett, because of his background, and could this be a romance for him?

We’re not even thinking romance; we were just thinking about expanding the team with somebody who’s got a unique skill set. She was former CID, got bumped down to military police, so she’s definitely an investigator. A lot of people that came to Five-0 didn’t come from a traditional law enforcement background. She does, even though it was through the military, and she really fits in. Why I say that is McGarrett, over the 10 seasons, has collected all these broken toys and turned that into a family, and she fits in perfectly.

Poor Adam (Ian Anthony Dale), he can’t seem to escape his past. Will we see more about his connection with his Yakuza daughter this season?

Absolutely, yeah, that’s a big part of his arc this season.

He made the decision to leave, but he is constantly pulled back in.

I don’t know if you ever leave that kind of family business. It follows you wherever you go.

Tani (Meaghan Rath) and Junior (Beulah Koale) seem to have feelings for each other, have they decided not to act on them?

I think we’re just taking it slow, because I think they’re smart enough to know that a workplace romance is probably not a good thing. You’ll see. We definitely address it and their feelings towards each other on a pretty regular basis so far in season 10.

Alex wrote and directed episode seven, how did he do?

Alex needed to grow a full beard for the episode. There’s a little bit of a time passage in the episode, so we shot that first, number one, and we’re going to air it as number seven.

We did see a picture Christine Lahti posted on Instagram, so his mom is back?

I guess so, if she posted it.

There is also a rumor that there may be a big bad from the past returning, so would that be something special for season 10?

Yeah, for sure. Yeah, that is true.

Anything more you can tease about it?

I can’t, because if I give you anything else, it’s going to give it away, but yeah, it’s a big deal for us.

And then also, there’s an episode where Eddie saves the day?

I think we may be airing that one either second or third, but yeah, Eddie’s the big hero in that episode.

Is he easy to work with?

He’s the best. He doesn’t complain at all. He’s a great dog.

There’s a rumor of a possible crossover with Magnum P.I. this season. Some of the characters, like Noelani (Kimee Balmilero) have appeared on both, but is this going to be a bigger story than that?

That’s what we’re planning. We’re trying to make it happen. This will be more of a bona fide crossover, like real legit crossover. In terms of the crossover, we just started talking about it, so there’s not much to give. I definitely think that the main cast are going to crossover, at least that’s what we’re hoping, but in terms of the story, we just started talking about it, so I don’t want to give something and then it changes, because it’s still in the infancy stage. We’re planning to air it probably the first episode back in January.

Anything you can tease for Jorge Garcia?

Just that we adore him. He was in that room when that bullet went off; he’s going to have an epiphany. When something like that happens, when you come close to death, people start reevaluating, reassessing their life, and they make changes. I think that’s something that’s going to weigh heavily on everybody that was in that room.

What’s interesting about his character, Jerry Ortega, is he is this guy that started out in his mother’s basement, and he’s come so far. You were talking about earlier about McGarrett bringing broken toys together, I think that in Jerry’s case, we can see the change.

Again, that’s the thing we love. You find a character, and you just keep adding and evolving over years. You go from where he was introduced in, I think, the second or third season to where he is now, it’s fun to watch that journey.

Any concerns about the time change?

For Five-0? No. I’m watching the reruns pretty regularly, watching the numbers, and it seems like the audience is still there. The numbers are pretty consistent.


We also add this video from ET Canada. It was recorded on set:

Great vibe from the cast on set. 


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