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Some more #AlexOLoughlin from #H50 Season 9 DVD extras

One week to go before SOTB and the start of Season 10 of Hawaii Five-0 and two weeks to go before we can actually see the first episode.

Last season they celebrated 200 episodes. Now we are already at episode 219 and  it seems that Episode 225  will be the special one for this season. That will be the episode written and directed by Alex.

Here are some more of the extras featured on the DVD of Season 9, from the  200th episode with Alex.



Transcript of the video: 

Alex: That episode, sort of afforded us all an opportunity to do something different. To play and have fun and take risks.

It was great to able to kind of do that and be a little caricatury and move a little differently.

Danny: Definitely a short conversation.

Alex: You know our suits were proper vintage, made in the 40’s. And you know, the craftsmanship is beautiful, but when you are wearing all that stuff, it’s a little warm, on the beach in Hawaii, to be totally honest. But you know, once you get passed that, it was a lot of fun.



Also the stories behind some episodes told in this video


Alex in the video:

Alex: I really do believe it is about trust. If you can trust your director, you’re gonna be  your best self for that director. And I got those guys to trust me. And I don’t know how, but God bless them for trusting me, ’cause they gave me the most amazing performances.



I really hope we will not have to wait till next year for the DVD release of Season 10, before we get some footage of Alex’s comments and thoughts about his special episode of this season …….

And a big Thank You once again to Jill for helping us with some of the footage!


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