#H50 – Building Steve’s ‘Bride’

In some comments here on the blog last week, there were suggestions for qualities and equipment a girlfriend for Steve should have in order to survive with him. There will of course be material things that she needs, but then there will also be some emotional/mental and physical traits that would make her ideal. A few people in comments reckoned it might be a fun to start compiling such a list.

What do you think? Can we have some fun with this?

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We will start with some of the stuff already mentioned, plus a few that I could think off. Now we need you to add more. Maybe the pictures will help you think of some …..


So let’s imagine we are Dr Frankenstein and start ‘building’ Steve’s ideal bride ….


416 bw amused

Equipment already listed with initial suggestion:

  • A Cellphone that is always charged
  • A satellite phone
  • A GPS implant



Mental skills already listed:

  • Not afraid of drug lords
  • Not afraid or thieves
  • Not afraid of pimps
  • Be prepared to be kidnapped
  • Be immune to weird suggestions for double dates from Danny’s girlfriends
  • Be immune against social media abuse by fangirls
  • Be better than how she is written :huhuani:

525 tux promo bw 2

Physical traits (and why that is needed):

We have not yet started this list. Here are some suggestions. Do you think any of these are important, and why?

  • Hair colour?
  • Colour of eyes?
  • Height?
  • Level of fitness?

uniform s3 bw 1

Let’s try to have some fun with this one.

Just forget for a moment if you think he already found her or not …..

OR if he needs a girlfriend or not.




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73 responses to “#H50 – Building Steve’s ‘Bride’

  1. She is already built…she just needs to come back . and they need to have a really long honest talk.


  2. Leni

    Interesting. I know someone who fits the criteria. Catherine. Now, if only the showrunner would agree.


  3. A mix between Lynn and Alicua, forget Catherine she has been deemed unworthy and unlovable by the great writers and producer of Hawaii Five-O


  4. Kristina

    Someone like Ellie. Funny, smart, knows how to fish and doesn’t take any prisoners. She should be kind and firm. An anchor that is not always badass herself. I get the feeling that Steve likes taking care of people.


  5. Ok, let’s do this.

    She needs to respect the island, its people and its nature.
    She has to be able to take a shower in less than 3 minutes.
    She should have a look at some tutorials like: ‘Opening doors made easy’ or ‘When grenades come in handy’
    She has to love the color blue.
    She has to accept that sometimes the guys on the GQ Cover look like Steve.
    She has use shampoo with pineapple flavor.
    The theme of their wedding has to be ‘no ties’. Doesn’t apply for later activities.
    She should not need to google the word ‘Foxhole’.
    She has to throw all razors on the island in the ocean.
    She must not use the word ergo.
    And I think she has to have dark hair. I got the feeling that Steve is not much into blondes. None of them. Although he has low standards for companionship. 😉

    That’s all for the moment. Maybe there is more to come!

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  6. dark brown hair, brown eyes, former navy intel, must love to hike, swim and surf, and a must is to know first aid and drive a blue hot rod. Sound like anyone you know???? lol


  7. lynnrxgal

    Loyal… everything else will fall into place.


  8. Regina Filange

    If I wasn’t already married I would say myself😜❤. But I agree that she has already been built. I love Steve and Catherine together, even though she broke his heart. Sometimes that happens a few times before you make it work.

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  9. karen

    Steve already found her…and it isn’t Lynn!


  10. Oh I forgot one important trait:
    She needs to keep up with this at times adorkable goof Steve McGarrett and sometimes just have fun!


  11. gracenotpark

    Someone bad-ass and secure enough who wouldn’t be jealous of allllllll the other chiquitas wanting to steal a moment, or more, with her man.

    And I’m guessing stamina would be required. 😉

    Also, sigh, apparently you gotta accept Kamekonas and Rainbow’s as date restaurants. 🙄

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  12. Carol A Roscoe

    For me it is kinda hard to accept Lynn as Steve’s girl-friend because we don’t see her much with him on screen so I can’t see them together very much longer. When he said “lady friend” that did it for me. That he just considers her just a friend with benefits. Just saying. Catherine is his future.

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  13. I love leiCa’s list!! I would add that she must be willing to let McG drive, whether she has a classic car, a sports model or a truck of her own! Lots of other great ideas her too. What fun!! Too bad TPTB didn’t ask us!!


  14. dq

    I think she should be playfull (makes him smile), smart (meaningfull job), athletic (no ass-kicking required, no boxing either), loyal, truthfull, enjoys a good home cooked meal with her man. Going to a real sit down restaurant not a drive thru. Likes to go on short vacas with no fear of being shot at. Steve has blue eyes so I think I would go with that also.She should look good in his flannel shirt the morning after. Oh, and maybe a better hairstyle. Although, he seems to like her bangs. Go figure.


  15. DrDebD (@DrDebD)

    I know a fairly young ex Navy SEAL, mid-forties. I have to tell you that they are great loners, determined, unrequited, brilliant on a different plain. But man, they love their women when they are with them, intensively apparently, but there always seems to be some conversations about trust, about fidelity and other things at a level that is not “normal worldly” in our sense of the words, with all the expectations that come with those things, that most women either can’t stand up to for a long period of time, or don’t want to be involved with at that level, all the time. It seems constant, it’s part of who they are as men to be as accomplished as they are in their training and things they’ve done. Things like Greater good, interests, purposes, understanding the need to seek those things, even if it takes priority over normal things couples do together. There is a fervor, almost recklessness to the uninformed or uninitiated, about how they go about things. But it’s far from that, they are functioning on a very different, highly intelligent and intuitive plain of thought that is part of who they are, their being as men. Mundane is there but it’s not priority. I’d suggest from the guy I know that Steve doesn’t need a wife, just a series of great lovers for short periods of time, who provide what “he needs” at that moment, whether mentally, physically, socially or emotionally, until he finds the woman no longer fits what he needs. Translating this into show language, I can see how each woman Steve’s encountered throughout the show so far, whether as a colleague, friend or lover, fit his profile but will never be permanent. He doesn’t need a woman to make him complete, and doesn’t need a wife and all the trappings that come with that. Show-Steve matches perfectly what I’ve observed in just one real-life incredible person who happens to be militarily trained the same as this character Steve McGarrett. We’ve discussed McGarrett several times, and based on those conversations, I think the character Steve McGarrett is conceived pretty true to SEAL form.


    • Dq

      Hmm..interesting theory. Joe White was married and divorced 3 times. So, Navy SEALs find it hard to settle down? Can’t live without the danger? Or no woman can put up with their controlling ways? Seems like a lonely life.


      • DrDebD (@DrDebD)

        I can only comment based on the one individual I know, but he’s far from lonely. He’s a loner, a different thing. But he has a very full life and a high position in his fleld at work, he travels extensively, has many hobbies, gardens, etc. He just doesn’t need someone “in his way all the time” – when he needs to go and do, or serve or help or whatever, he just goes and too bad for anything left in the dust. It’s, to me, not so much about controlling, it’s about not wanting to be confined, perhaps. But he thinks on a very different plain for sure, and is very focused on what he sees as “his need or purpose,” wants to serve in some capacity all the time, help, and the field he works in, fortunately, is a “helping” field, which does serve him that purpose, to some extent. As for Joe White, I don’t know, never thought that much about him, unfortunately, to comment in any meaningful way, sorry. I didn’t even remember he’s been married 3 times til you mentioned it. Ugh. Although, I’m an Alex fangirl!


        • THX DrDebD, this really puts McG into a real life perspective. I thought about Joe White as I read your original post, makes a lot of sense to me. It also makes Catherine seem perfect for him, IMO. Yes, she left him (2x), hurt him, but it sounds like an MO he should understand. I never quite took her behavior as the same as his Mom. Doris left her husband and 2 kids, at least Cath left before she had a family with him. To me, Cath has always been McG without the Y chromosome.


          • DrDebD

            Ty for your thoughts back. Just to be clear, I don’t get that invested in any show based ‘ships. I said I could see any of the women who have dallied w. McG in this show with him in some vein or another, based on the similarities that I see b/t my real life friend and McG, not just Catherine. Actually, I never mentioned Catherine specifically. But, as my friend mentioned, anyone who lies and put their self and their interest first before anything else, as she did, even just one time, would never work, if McG is like my real life friend. But again, you’d only agree w. This statement if you really appreciate the things I initially mentioned that my friend, or someone like McG, as portrayed in H50, values. She’d serve a purpose or two, nothing else, over time. But again, I’m comparing a real life former SEALto a fantasy character w. Lots of supposition.

            If McG is like my friend, over time, he’d never be able to forget what he’d see as a betrayal of trust that would come back to haunt him (can you tell we chatted about this?) So the relationship would implode over time. But for as long as it lasted, it would be entertaining.

            Looking at it objectively as I do, it’s all about perspectives. I don’t have one, one way or the other, re Rollins, except for what I will say at the very end. I go w. The show, whatever goes is fine w.me.

            So I don’t mind Rollins one way or another. But there again, this show is fantasy, so whatevs, you know? I’m more interested in getting Season 8 and a season 9 with Alex as McGarrett! Getting to show 200!

            My guy friend is the real SEAL deal, and having him as a dear, true friend (not to mention gorgeous–are all SEALs gorgeous?) has taught me so much, which just makes H50 more enjoyable.and Alex plays it perfectly for what he is supposed to be.

            But I think the Rollins ship was clearly written by guys who don’t have a clue about strong and powerful women. Any of them. Or, the ‘ship angle isnt a priority at all for the show, which seems to be coming more clear as time progresses. But that’s just my thoughts.
            This was interesting as an exercise. Ty.


    • Ally

      This is very interesting. As much as I hate to admit, this might just fit. I think you’re on to something.


    • Hi DrDebD
      Oy, now that was a real buzz kill, for what was supposed to be a fun post. 😦
      By what you discribed it sounds like Cath was then just the right mate for him. She understood the life. And even lives it herself


  16. Lulu

    I always thought Catherine and Steve were good together, but when she keeps leaving him and breaking his heart, I think he deserves better than that. I think Alex once said Steve doesn’t want another Doris in his life!


  17. I think he needs a woman who wants children


  18. DoubleL

    For a me, a constant theme of the show is that Steve is trying to find his way back home, so I would put him with a woman who wants to make a home with him (by her own admission, that’s not Catherine). I just don’t think he needs a female version of himself. He needs a little more balance in his life. The new woman can enjoy swimming, fishing, surfing and some of the things he likes, but they can both have some separate interests and her’s can be of a more feminine variety. It would also be nice if she came from a military family. As for her appearance, hmm…he’s had a brunette and a blonde so how about a redhead?? Wait, I’ve got it ! The sexy librarian type!!! Ha! Ha! The show would NEVER do that in a million years! Come on show, I dare ya!
    FWIW, I think the show has backed itself into a corner with Steve’s love life. Whatever they do, it’s going to have to happen quick if season 8 really is the end. Does anybody else think maybe they are going to kill off Lynn? Why else would Peter tell everybody that Lynn’s not permanent? I don’t think Steve’s madly in love with her, but I don’t see any other way to get rid of her without making Steve look bad. If that’s the route they go, it seems like a really cruel thing to do to Steve.


  19. I am a bit disappointed. Only a few fangirls left with some imagination and a lust for fun.
    I asked nicely for some fun, but clearly most regard the show in a much to serious a light!


    • Ally

      It’s amazing how much I’m able to type since I broke my wrist. Too much free time! Ok, something lighthearted and funny. I’d like to see a woman that does extreme sports, just for fun. I’d like to see her be somewhat wild and reckless. She also has to like to drive so that when they’re in her car she does the driving even occasionally taking his keys and driving his car. I want her to be the type of adrenaline junky that drives like him and pays no attention when he comments on her driving. She has no problem with his job and thinks it’s cool he was in a shootout, because it’s no big deal to her. We’ll get to see him wingsuit flying for the first time, while thinking the woman is crazy for taking such risks.


    • Kimphin1

      I’ve said it before… show doesn’t tale itself seriously, why should I? Is not a deep thinking show, and rarely do things make sense. Trying to make it serious is like trying to say purple plus 5= sky!


  20. Ally

    I liked Catherine and Steve initially accept for a few things. I didn’t like the dating and working directly together part and she was too accommodating. I didn’t like that knowing she could face a court martial he would call her for intel that could compromise her career and future. What I liked even less is that she would remind him of this, but give him the information anyway. I also didn’t like that she made it too easy for him. I get that they had been in a relationship for years, but he hadn’t even put a ring on it and she couldn’t get him to take her out once in a while for a nice dinner without telling him. He needs a woman that will make him work for the relationship and put forth effort. If he is actually ready to move on to a life of settling down, he needs someone that is strong, family-oriented, and can take charge if necessary. I like the way they portray Grover’s wife and think it would have to be someone similar to her. I live in a military city and every once in a while a meet those wives that hold the fort down while their husbands are away for long periods of time knowing they might not come home. I know it can’t be easy and I commend them. If he really wants to settle down, knowing his childhood history and the life he had after his family broke apart he needs someone that gives him a home. One that he actually looks forward to and wants to come back to after a stressful, dangerous day. Lastly, big, strong and tough caretaking super Navy Seal Steve needs a woman that makes him feel safe. Yes, I know it might sound silly, but given his life and the women that have been in it I think it’s the most important. A couple of months ago I saw the episode where Grover’s friend killed his wife. I had forgotten the end when he finally came home hurt and defeated, but his wife was sitting outside on the porch waiting for him. He’s this big huge tough man and he felt comfortable and safe enough to sit next to her and let her hold him while he broke down.


    • Kathysr

      I love Grover’s family. His wife is loving, strong, powerful, understanding and supportive. She knows the danger her husband faces every day and she can handle it. They’re a fabulous partnership. The wonderful actress who plays his wife is now on another TV show, which is why she’s absent in all those scenes in the kitchen. Sigh. The Grover family centered episodes are some of my favorite ones on Five-O. Opps, sorry, I got serious here.


  21. “Let’s try to have some fun with this one.

    Just forget for a moment if you think he already found her or not …..
    OR if he needs a girlfriend or not.”
    <- This is what FOYeur's post is all about. Where's the problem to just have some fun? I don't get the seriousness so on with my list.

    – she needs to have a subscription for 'Woman's Day'
    – she needs hairties for outdoor activities
    – she needs navy blue nailpolish (that would be meee!)
    – she needs to have a debatable taste in paper towel stands (just have a look at Steve's kitchen, cock-a-doodle-doo)
    – she needs a plaid shirt
    – she needs a stock of MREs
    – she does not need pink napkin bunnies, but…
    – she needs to love cats
    – she needs to like pooping on penguins (now that sounds ladylike…)
    – she needs to enjoy bulletproof coffee
    – she likes her hair au naturell
    – she has to be able to cope with Dannoying friends
    And first and foremost she has to be able to control herself every morning. You know, when Steve comes back from his swim, all wet and glistening in the morning sun. Drops dripping from his long lashes, eyes the color of the ocean…
    And then his phone rings.


    • Regina Filange

      I’ve got and can do all those on the list except control myself in the morning. Just seeing him along gets my heart rate up. Again to bad I’m married.


    • Mas

      Lol, love your addition to the lis!


    • Some great additions to your list leiC
      Just curious about some:
      * navy blue nailpolish <>>needs a stock of MRE
      * she needs to like pooping on penguins <<<< I am a bit lost with this one? Is that Toast's game?
      * I see no need for that control you talk about I think. Just go for it! Just kill the phone 🙂


      • Well *I* love navy blue polish. And I thought maybe Steve too… Don’t know where I got this idea 😉
        He once was eating MREs, he got a craving he said (I think it is meal ready to eat, in the military).
        Yes. That was Toast’s game.
        You have no idea how often I wanted to kill that stupid phone. Btw, he has the best mailbox text: “McGarrett! Talk!” I love that!


  22. gracenotpark

    Hee! I guess folks take McGs love life way more seriously than atPLenkov ever does…he giveth to McG then taketh away, the poop! 😡

    But in the same silly spirit of my first much-shorter-than-Leica’s-list, I will also add a little more…

    She must be willing to host Thanksgiving for the whole damn gang at CasaMcG…BUT most importantly… she must remember to thaw the turkey, as no one else in the McG household can be so counted upon.

    She must allow McG to do yoga…and we know he can do yoga…on his own terms.

    She needs to be competitive…and she’ll need to watch out for him cheating (Amirite ChinHo? Tho McDanno did save your and Kono’s asses even tho he cheated in the race to HQ😉).

    And, once again, she should probably have stamina. I soooooo fantasize that one would need stamina with McG. All night long stamina. 😆


    • Oh yes Grace! How could I forget the turkey incident? That’s a serious topic for McG. At least she has to know how to thaw! Cooking not so much. That’s Steve’s job. Hm, and for the cheating… do you think she should be able to pee in a bottle? 😉
      And yes to the stamina. Of course she would need that. No question. I am pretty sure Steve is very…. attentive… and devoted… And he can control himself on so many levels and occasions, why not in this regard? 😀


      • gracenotpark

        LOL!!! I think McG must at least make the concession of keeping a Mason jar, rather than an empty water bottle, in his car. 😉

        And yes, thawing skillz only. McG is the Commander in the kitchen. 😀


  23. In her house she needs windows out of densely layered ballistic glass, laminated onto a shield of resilient polycarbonate.


  24. You ladies are hilarious! The ideal woman for Steve does not exist! Nor him, more’s the pity. If he did, I’d kill to keep him for myself.


  25. DoubleL

    I would love to see Steve woo and court a girl before the show ends. because we’ve never seen him a little bit gaga or awkward over a woman. Catherine was already an established thing and Lynn was a set up by Eliie. Come on show, make it happen! We need to see Steve being cute and irresistible!


  26. Kathysr

    Everyone’s suggestions are hilarious and fantastic. We ought to send this list to Peter Lenkov. He’d get a kick out of it and maybe someone in his writing crew might actually get a clue on how to write the ideal girlfriend for our beloved Navy SEAL, Steve McGarrett!!!


    • Deborah DeLuca

      Fyi I can’t “reply” I think there are too many comments. If you send this to PL, please delete my comments first…I do not wish to be blocked by anyone. Thanks! DrDebD.

      Sent from my Verizon 4G LTE smartphone


  27. Dq

    This post is fabulous! 57 comments and still going strong. Love you ladies. As far as season 8 and maybe beyond. Maybe Alex well rethink his end game now that they have toned down the over the top action scenes. Less chance of injuries and more oppertunities for acting. A plus in my eyes.


  28. Magnólia

    Ele apenas precisa de uma mulher que diga: vem abraça-me, beija-me….esquece o Mundo lá fora❣🎶🎸☺


  29. Adding Leica and Grace’s list:

    – be independent, caring, honest and have a great sense of humor,
    – have patience to watch the same movie every Halloween
    – have no problem to wear cammo clothes. We all know how Steve loves it
    – she could like american football
    – someone who loves swimming, hiking, parachuting, scubadiving and even surf
    – someone who doesn’t be car, plane, helicopter or boat sick. Steve likes to speed.
    – someone who understands Steve’s character, respects his job, his alone time and helps to overcome the losses of his life – his father, Freddy and Deb. In other way, his mom and sister. He doesn’t have them in his life
    – someone who loves him very much and unconditionaly, be there for him as much he is there for all.


  30. Foyeur, i forgot to add your sentence: – Be better than how she is written (or any woman’s character in this show). And i think Steve needs a woman by his side. We all need love in our lives and Steve is no exception.


  31. Lulu

    OK, my first comments were on the serious side, so I’ll lighten up some here. I think Steve needs someone who is not in the military so she is there for him. I think she should be funny, smart, and sexy!


  32. Karen Downton

    Well, one of my best traits is resiliency which I think Steve would appreciate, plus my attention to detail and also my analytical skills as well as planning. I was also raised by a navy man so I have kinda ground up with that tough side about me


  33. PhilippaJ

    I have once written a perfect woman for Steve (unfortunately I write in German so a link would not help). She has a lot from Christina Hendricks – nearly as tall as Steve with a lot of curves, a beautiful face and unlike Christina – wild red curls. She is an artist who makes pretty erotic sculptures that show several parts of the male body and she secretly uses Steve’s upper arm as a model :-). They both are drawn to each other sexually immediately and try to fight this feelings first, but they also really like each other. She is a few years older than Steve, but he can talk with her better than he has ever done before. Due to her past and his loyalty to Cath who is in Afghanistan (it is right after season 4) it is a little difficult for them, but… Regarding the others: When Lynn first appeared I thought this “nature” girl was a good idea but now they have made such a blonde cliche out of her. I never was much into Cath. Ellie would have been nice, a chance for some “grown up” romance.


  34. DoubleL

    Thought of something else Steve’s bride needs: a better wardrobe than Catherine or Lynn. Everything Cath wore was hideous and most of Lynn’s stuff is too. To be fair Kono’s clothes sucked until season 7, too. Alicia seems to be the only woman who can dress herself decently.


    • Completely agree with you on this!!


    • Dq

      I know! What was that rag Lynn was wearing for the beach dinner? It looked like a hefty trash bag that had gone through a shedder. Liked her blue shirt dress when they first got to the hotel though. Melissas outfit looked like she had just gotten out of bed. She is way too young for Danny. Age wise at least. Maturity level, maybe not so much. He has being written as a whiny jerk. Sad, very sad. I think Konos clothes are alright. How hard can it be to dress her. She is tall and model thin.


  35. The only thing I would do is tone down his control issues. As really that is a huge pet peeve of mine. And pay up on supper at times. And not let the team members having to do it for him. Boss or not. But other than that, he is fine!


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