Alex O’Loughlin – Teasing the cougars amongst the oysters?!

It was very exposing, in more ways than one.”

— Alex O’Loughlin, The Canberra Times, June 28, 2005

In June 2005 “The Age” posted an article with Kerry Armstrong about her role as Trish Sweetwater in “Oyster Farmer” – you can find the full article here.

We take a look at some excerpts from the article:

(Just a reminder to those who might not know, but in ‘Oyster Farmer’, Alex still used the surname O’Lachlan and he only changed his screen name in his work after that)


From the article:

Armstrong is a beguiling woman; strong, confident, with a self-possession that is incredibly attractive. Fellow actor Alex O’Lachlan, who stars with Armstrong in her latest film, Oyster Farmer, calls her “bewitching”.


“Kerry is an easy person to trust,” says O’Lachlan.


Her most memorable scene is with the film’s lead character, Jack, played by O’Lachlan, and is set on board a boat, where Trish cleans up some nasty scratches Jack has received. He has to undress in front of her, and there’s plenty of sexual tension. O’Lachlan, like Reeves, only knew Armstrong by reputation, and was both excited and nervous about working with her, and not in small part due to the scene on the boat.



“Kerry is such an incredible actor, and a powerful woman, and as a young man, I have a very healthy respectful fear of women, especially when they’re playing a role like this. Kerry has unique way of acting; she’s got the reins and she’s the boss, and I realised that was happening, and I followed her lead. She works at a level of excellence all the time, but there’s also an unpredictability about her which I really enjoyed, and kept the scene exciting, and this was captured on celluloid.”


Armstrong tells how it was just her and O’Lachlan and the camera. It was remarkably intimate. “What kicked in was Trish’s authenticity, and the deeper I got into the scene as Trish, the more frightened Jack became. What you see on screen is a moment – and it’s happening to me as a woman – when you come together in a way that’s either intellectual or spiritual, and it’s like a harp, just one note. What I’m finding as a woman in my 40s is that I like that note. When you’re younger, it’s like Pan’s flute, and in this scene, I heard this note; not a bass note, more like a Middle C, and it’s to do with strength, authenticity and sexuality.”


“You never really know Kerry,” says O’Lachlan. “She’s very mysterious, she’s quite extroverted but also introverted. It sounds paradoxical, but it’s the truth. I’d work with her any day. One thing I learnt from Kerry is that you’re in control as the actor. You can drive the scene to where it’s going to go; you need to bring your truth to it. She’s bewitching.”


We hope that you all enjoyed this little look into the feelings of the actors themselves. To them it is a job and they are professionals, but actors are still human and have to cope with everything their characters needs them to be……. 😛

When I looked around the set at the amazing actors I was working with – Jack Thompson, Kerry Armstrong, Jim Norton, David Field – it sometimes didn’t feel quite real. I feel very fortunate to have had the experience, every moment I listened intently and watched what they were doing. I had so much to learn and they were all so willing to teach….I felt blessed.

—  Alex O’Loughlin, Oyster Farmer Production Notes, 2005

If any of you happened to catch the stunning banner Paula made for this post, you might have seen that there is a birthday girl today. We would like to wish LurxGirl a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

All our loyal readers will know LG has a good way with words surrounding our favourite man! Thank you for all the fun you add here!

Hope you enjoy the ‘little’ Jack treat we dished up for you on this special day 😛

Lots of love – Paula and FOYeur!!




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54 responses to “Alex O’Loughlin – Teasing the cougars amongst the oysters?!

  1. First of all: Happy Birthday @LurxGirl – how blessed you are to get such a banner as a gift. The only thing better would be the real thing, I guess! 😉
    Secondly, Oh, how I love these Cougar-moments in this movie, especially since I only watched it this year and am older than 40, so it does have this particular Cougar-feeling for me, even if the Alex of the present is “only” 6 years younger than me.
    Thx also for the bits from the interview – I always like these glimpses into the making of movies.


    • Thank You! I do feel blessed! I would never have dreamed a year ago my name would be across that banner and I would have made such wonderful friends here. We 40 plus women know how to pick a fine man!
      And how to please a fine man, if I could only get one to let me. 😛


  2. Happy birthday to LurxGirl and celebrate.

    Looking at his eyes as she touches him, ummmm yeah that’s it. And since I am beyond a cougar when it comes to AOL, I just love this post. Thank you thank you thank you.


  3. kbayer2013

    Happy Birthday, Lurxgirl! I expect your tongue and fingers have moved from twitching to spasming after looking at that banner!
    Thanks, Paula and FOYeur. Great job! (karin@notmcnerd)


  4. And let me once again remind everyone here, that the 4th gif is from FOYeur´s uncut version of OF. The rest of the world never got to see all of the “promised land” 😉


  5. Thank you for this behind the scenes look! I had not read it before. I love Oyster Farmer for the young innocent Alex! And Alex makes us all, young and cougarish, crazy with desire and he seems to not even try! What would he do to us if he tried all dddaaaaayyyyy Long! 😉


  6. Ontlls

    Happy Birthday Lurxgirl! Hope you have a GREAT Day (after seeing that banner and reading this post, I would!)

    Love the behind the scenes stuff and gifs. Watched this movie a few times and just love it. Alex is so cute and um.. WOW!!


  7. Happy Birthday to you Lurxgirl. I wish you many more years of Mcperving and may all your dreams com true. 🙂

    And thank you Paula and FOYeur for the lovely young Jack. I can ‘t believe how young Alex looked.


  8. Thank you with all my heart for the Birthday Banner!
    Who needs a real cake when there’s Alex beefcake! Funny how today’s post is about a cougar. 😆 That I am, and Jack really brings it out of me. The whole movie is delightful, but there are definitely scenes that I tend to watch more than others. This is one of them for sure! Thank you so much Paula for including the uncensored gif of the happy trail and the treasure. 😛 Oh yes, and the “flinch” gif too! YUMMY!
    I have a feeling she was as nervous for this scene as he was. The respect he has for her, and how he let her take control of the scene is just…oh my…the cougar claws are coming out! She was “eating him up” with her eyes and his vulnerability was so intensely sexual. That look he gives her with his bright blue piercing eyes and his arm raised over his head, makes my knees buckle. He knows how much she wants him, but he asks her why she left her husband instead of taking advantage of the situation. The electricity between them was so palpable and the fact that they didn’t kiss or whatever, made this scene so HOT! Nothing like some hot sexual tension to melt the cougar panties! 😛 Love when she tells him his pants are still unzipped and she devours him with her eyes one more time as he leaves.
    I know he had very convincing simulated intercourse on the dock with Pearl, but I think Trish got pretty lucky herself. Just by touching his upper thigh and brushing her hand against the FOY, all the while drinking him in with her eyes as he undresses himself in front of her…*sigh*… I feel it was almost as intimate or maybe even more than a quickie on the pier.

    Again Thank You so much for the birthday wishes and thank you for including me in the Steve-O Posts! I have Alex to thank for me finding this “little piece of AOL heaven” and the opportunity to meet so many fun, interesting and often naughty fangirls from around the world. But mostly, I am thankful for the true love and friendship that I have found as a result of my desperate search for info on Alex. Love Ya FOYeur and Paula!


    • I had already forgotten about hat “brush against the FOY”. I did slow down a few frames so you wouldn´t miss that tiny moment 😀
      This scene was intense, wonderfully so 🙂


  9. Happy Birthday lurx(cougar)girl! I’m always enjoying your reaction to Paula’s and FOYeur’s studies immensely. And this scene *screams*: study me! Intensely! Because the scene is incredibly intense. So HOT!
    And you are right. There is nothing wrong being a cougar. Nobody cares if it’s the other way round… 😉
    And a big Thank You once again Paula and FOYeur for this hooooot bonus-gif!


  10. Love the Oyster Farmer and those gifs are perfect! *sigh*

    Happy Birthday to you lurxgirl 🙂


  11. Happy happy birthday lurxgirl!!! I watched this movie online a few months ago and I enjoyed it. it was different that is for sure. We definately need to see the uncut version some day.


  12. vanduyn

    First Happy Birthday lurxgirl! Secondly thanks so much Paula and FOYeur for the awesome post! I love Oyster Farmer!! And about Trish, I’ve always said Trish is my hero. She got him to carry her groceries, disrobe and she got to fondle him all in a matter of minutes!! Seriously!! 😛


  13. sylvie

    Happy Birthday Lurxgirl. I enjoy reading your words, you make me laugh everytime.
    By seeing Alex so young in this film, I, as I was 50 years old this year, feel like a vulture, you know, a cougar who catches nobody anymore. 😉


  14. Marnov

    A great article with perfect visuals!! The banner is just dkfal;djasdkaj *sigh* . A very happy birthday to you, Lurxgirl!! xoxo


  15. Miek

    Hey Lurxgirl, Happy Birthday!
    How awesome Paula and FOYeur made you your very own Alex banner (and a hot one at that)
    Hope you have an amazing birthday!!!
    How come I don’t hear anybody on the bathtub sceneat the end of the movie, I wouldn’t mind taking a bath with him…..


    • Thank you Miek! You have experienced something with this man that many of us will only dream of. As for the bath scene, I had to watch the movie today and near the end when the camera is panning back, you can see him put his foot up near her mouth. Can you imagine sucking on this man’s toes? As long as he washed them first? No, I’d probably put his dirty ones in my mouth. 😛


      • Miek

        Hope you had a great birthday!
        Believe me I know I’m Lucky, if I concentrate I can still feel his touch.
        I wish you can experience the same some day (that would be a good present for your next birthday!!!)

        On the bath scene:
        For me it’s the whole bath tub itself that kind a does it…. warm water……, naked body……, tightly together….. if it’s all the same, he may keep his feet to himself 😉


    • tanja

      Happy Belated Birthday, Lurxgirl!
      Miek, maybe you missed the opportunity to have a bath with him after the class ended? 😉


  16. alexnymph

    Thanks, Paula for the great gifs and the quotes! So “bewitching” is what he calls it. . . hmmm


  17. Happy Birthday Lurxgirl!
    I wish you all the best. That your dreams, wishes and goals all come true. And i hope you never lose your inspiration/aflattus for witty and naughty comments that put a smile in my face everyday. You always write what we want to say but sometimes it’s hard to, so thank you McPerv Master.

    Foyeur and Paula, thank you for bringing our Jack again to the spotlight today, it was a delightful and perfect post to our birthday girl! And the banner is also awesome.


  18. Thank you so much marta! 🙂 🙂 I know I get a little extra naughty at times and not everyone gets me. He is just such a delicious piece of man candy, that I can’t help wanting to unwrap him and suck, nibble or bite into him. 😛


  19. Alex has always been gorgeous and wise, wow! his words about his colleges show he is so clever and mature for his age at this time he played Jack…

    Happy Birthday LG!!!…..I wish you a year of life with health, love and happiness with your children and here with us, hope your naughty wishes come true < jajaja! but if they don't, please keep telling them to us. Eventhough, we don't know each other, we don't even know how we look like, I like you because of your honesty and opened mind. God blesses you girl! ❤


    • Thanks Eu! 😀 It’s comments like this that makes me love this site even more. I have always felt free to say what I feel as long as I wasn’t being mean spirited. They let me be as naughty as I want and it is such a blast to play here! I’m afraid my naughty wishes will not be coming true anytime soon, so I guess you are stuck with my constant spillage of perversion. 😛


  20. Happy birthday Lurxgirl! Thank you for having a birthday today so we could get these goodies. As we’ve always said, a birthday for one is a birthday for all! 🙂

    Paula. Wow. You know I love TOF and this is just marvelous. Please excuse me now while I go back and watch gif #4 again for awhile….


    • Thank you ESS! I am willing to share Alex with you all. 🙂 But, since it is my birthday, can I get first dibs on the special parts? :mrgreen:


    • I’m so glad you chose gif #4, because I want gif #5 and I can’t stop seeing since yesterday…..oh my God! her hand touched the FOY !!!!and you can see it moved inside the boxer….AHHHHH! panties burning!!!!…I would lick my hand after that for sure :P, lol!……I guess we have enough anatomical references to calculate the lenght in repose………..please Paula, keep this in “Alex said” to appear every now and now…..pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


  21. canadagirl66

    Hey lurxgirl, Sorry my Birthday wishes are so late (in my defense, it’s still your Birthday in western Canada 😀 ). Actually, I hope you’re not reading this right now because a) you’re out on the town, celebrating your birthday or b) having sweet, naughty, wet dreams, celebrating Alex!! Either way, I hope your day/night was fabulous!!

    Thanks for this wonderful post FOYeur and Paula. I LOVE this little movie and I adore (and by adore I mean ‘lust after’) Jack. There were so many wonderfully sensual/sexual scenes in this movie. This one was no exception. Kerry and Alex had incredible on-screen chemistry. And I love to hear how both of them felt about this scene and working with each other. I eat that stuff up.
    Speaking of eating stuff up. Alex was so yummy. It was really our first taste of how much the camera LOVES this man!!


    • Thanks CG! I was actually awake when you sent this, but I was supposed to be sleeping because I started a new job today. I prefer sitting on my butt staring at Alex on the internet much much more than being a pharmacist. 🙂


  22. Happy Birthday Pervgirl —ERR LURXGIRL. You deserve this wonderful treat that FOYeur and Paula served up for you. HOT BEEFCAKE with all the Trimmings,!!!!
    You deserve it bacause your deliciously NAUGHTY Pervments and comments entertain and delight us all.
    Keep writing and we’ll keep reading
    Thank you F&P GREAT JOB


  23. I know I am over-the-top with my perving sometimes, but I promise to be a good little fangirl if I ever get to meet him. I just dream of seeing his sweet face up close and looking into his beautiful eyes. Maybe put my arm around his trim waist to take a picture with him. Fight the urge to pinch his bottom. *sigh*
    Then…. when he turns around, I will stare at his @ss! 😛
    Thanks for the Bday greeting!


  24. Anwyn

    Also from me a very Happy belated Birthday to you, Lurxgirl. Isn’t it a shame, that once you belong to the cougar club you know so much more of what you want and what you don’t want. If all women knew what they know when they are in their 40s and above while they were still in their 20s it would be very hard for our fellow species, much harder than it is now. Wonderful birthday post for you. I really understand why OF is the Alex P(o)rn for some of us.


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