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Steve-0r-gasm-0-meter: Episode 4:02

As promised we are catching up with the earlier episodes we missed out on. Lots of lovely titbits to be rediscovered! 😛

Let us see if Steve caused any havoc with our fangirl panties this week?

1. Veinp0rn (either neck or elsewhere):


FOYeur:  Double neck vein p0rn, while he is in such a relaxed setting! It is just DOING it for me more than usual. Adding up all the things happening in this gif, it must be a 10!

LurxGirl Oh my! What a treat it is to revisit this gem of an episode! I know this is about the vein porn, but those shoulders in that t-shirt just have to be admired. As for the double veins, my fingers and tongue give them a twitching 10!

Average score for category 1: 10

2. Letting the eye brow(s) do the work:


FOYeur:  I know the eyebrows are not doing much here, but with that little movement, the expression on the rest of his face is saying so much more. That, together with the cuteness of this face, even with him looking a bit pissed of, gives my heart a warm fuzzy feeling for a 9. ♥

LurxGirl: I will admit the eyebrows aren’t my main focus in this gif. Forgive me that I have few words, but his face in this gif is flawless. His skin looks so soft and smooth next to the light scruff on that chiseled jaw line. Not to mention his dreamy eyes, strong nose and perfectly kissable lips. But if we are grading the eyebrow action I’ll give it a 9.

Average score for category 2: 9

3. Teasing us with the ‘Pink Beast’ : 😛


FOYeur: How is it possible that, that little movement of the ‘Beast’ can DO so much.? An all-round 10 for its mouth watering effect on me! 😳

LurxGirl: This is so sexual to me! This “I could eat you” look in his eyes, with the swipe of the tongue would have me on my back, legs in the air, with panties flying… *shudder* It is a mouth watering 10 for me!

Average score for category 3: 10

4. Haunting us with ‘Dat FACE’ :


FOYeur: This sight had me speechless since the very first time I saw it. Nothing less than 10!!!!!!!!!!

LurxGirl:Yes Steve, I want you to wear that hat ALL NIGHT LONG…and feel free to yell “YEEHAW” as loud as you’d like. 😛 Saddle up, or is bareback what you’d prefer? 10+++

Average score for category 4: 10

5. Caressing the gun (may include trigger finger p0rn)


FOYeur: I must be honest, this was not really chosen for the caressing of the gun, but more for the thought of caressing in general that it stirs up with me! 😛

LurxGirl I’m sorry, is there a gun in his hand? Oh yes and what a delicious trigger finger you have Steven. MMMmmm. Now, for what we all want to caress in this gif…DAMN I love these pants! They are so tight, you can see the bottom band of his boxer briefs on his left thigh. Makes me want to chew through them to see what color they are. UNF! Another off the charts 10!

FOYeur: Why do I keep forgetting to score this category – maybe I am distracted by the concealed weapon 😛 So of course it is a roaring 10!

Average score for category 5: 10

6. Doing the STRUT (modeling those pants 😛 ):


LurxGirl: I really could watch this for hours! Talk about hip action! I have watched this so many times, and I try to look above the badge, I really, really try HARD 😛 , but the FOY is like a pendulum swaying back and forth, back and forth…I think I may be in a trance. *SIGH* 10+++

FOYeur:Strutting along while eyesexing his ride……smooth Steve, very smooth! Deserves a 10! 😀

Average score for category 6: 10

7. Kicking down doors (or people or some other bad@ss move):


FOYeur: I wonder if I will ever be able to give less than a 10 for this category. Steve is just too hot being badass!

LurxGirl:The kick at the end is what is getting me hot and bothered. Those darn reinforced seams! I sure hope when he does split his pants open, they put it on the extras. I do love me some badass McG. A solid 9 for me.

Average score for category 7: 9,5

8. Mesmerizing us with that smile (sometimes even a laugh or just by being cute):


FOYeur: It is really great to see him giving Danny such a broad smile. His whole face just lights up – I’ll give it a blinding 10!

LurxGirl: It is so refreshing to see him smile in the car. He is usually so serious. I would love to take a long ride with him…(in the car 🙂 ) and would hope to see this smile on his face. I know what would put a smile on his face, but that is not only illegal, but may cause an accident. 😛 10 again!

Average score for category 8: 10

9. Dishing out hugs (or other acts of kindness or affection):


FOYeur: Okay, I admit this is not the hottest or most endearing hug I have seen Steve give…… but we should remember it was an embrace between 2 brothers in arms. I’ll give it an 8, just because they are so ‘sweet’….. If they did not kill off Billy, I might have started shipping McBilly 😀

LurxGirl:Danny looks so jealous! I am voting on the pants mostly and the double pat. Watch how Steve throughs his left foot back a little when they hug as if he is avoiding brushing of the FOY. 😛 The pants get a 10+++ but the hug… 7.

Average score for category 9: 7,5

10. The seduction of  “The Tantalizing Tushy”:


FOYeur: I am entranced……this just oozes with so much sexiness………………….I think I want to call S4, the season of the tushy. 10!

LurxGirl: I have made it quite clear how much I love these pants, and apparently Tim Daly does too! Damn his AS$ is perfection and his thighs…GUH! I just want to start nibbling at the back of his knees and work my way up and around and up and down…((THUD)) 10!

Average score for category 10: 10

11. Titillating us with those perky pecs and/or nudging nipples:


FOYeur: There is such a lot of teasing going on in this gif……those nips are just begging to reveal themselves……sigh! My panty is screaming with a titillated 10 😛

LurxGirl: OMcG! I’m getting very dizzy trying to focus on just one thing at a time. ((TWITCH TWITCH)) I am weirdly turned on by his huge hand hovering over the computer’s mouse pad. I am surprised I even noticed anything to the left of the screen. 🙂 10 x 5 points of interest!

FOYeur: Oh boy, I think we got so entranced with all the sights, that we forgot what category we are doing! 😳

Average score for category 11:10

12. Doing something hot that you won’t find in every episode:


FOYeur: Okay, we already used this scene, but I think you will agree that the wink is not often seen. Looks like uncle Steve reserves it for little Gracie. I’ll give it a jealous of a little girl 9!

LurxGirl: Love playful Uncle Steve! This wink gives me the warm and fuzzies! If he winked at me like that, I am sure I’d forget my own name. Gracie is one lucky little girl! 9

Average score for category 12: 9

Adding up all the averages of each category, we give this episode 96% on the Steve-0r-gasm-0-meter.

I don’t know if the high scores we gave, were just from withdrawal because of a lack of ‘fresh’ Steve meat this week, but I think it is fair to say that a score of 95% left us all breathless!!

And just to take our breath away even more, Paula spoilt us with something extra to remember this episode by………



LurxGirl:😯 WOWZA! *slurp*

FOYeur: I feel a bit dizzy……..



LurxGirl: I think if I were Cath, I’d be wishing Steve would be as enthusiastic about kissing me as he is about Gracie’s home run. Open your mouth and move your lips already! UGH! The hip lift in the bottom gif is promising.

FOYeur: Maybe Uncle Steve is a bit shy in front of all the kids 😛

Please feel free to give us your opinion of how feel about these scenes from the episode! 😀

And always remember, this is just us, having some fun with our favorite “man sushi” …….. 😛



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