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Happy New Year!


As 2013 is ending and we needed a post for celebrating, I thought why not have some of our poll winners to cheer us on to 2014. Some are re-done since the poll aired. So farewell old year and Happy New Year 2014 with the WINNERS!

Lose the shirt Alex!Sign smiley 162

mick-undressingMick, has a vamp ever taken off his clothes as seductively as done here…what a show…

It´s a leaning dude!Sign smiley 160

mick-leaningMick works his vampire appeal and freshies form a line to the right (or was it left)

Leading us to the promised land!Sign smiley 46

107-chest-2 Navy Seal flexing his biceps, trying to trick our eyes.

Most favorite fun moment of H50 season 3!Sign smiley 45

311-lift 311-kiss

Prince McCharming carrying his lady for a romantic picnic on the beach… aaawww..

That longing to touch!Sign smiley 42

mick-hugging-beth-db  Mick & Beth – Surrender

Bestest chest!Sign smiley 46

206-strut-bwSteve, so 2. In shorts, hardly hiding anything from the view…

Modelling cargos!Sign smiley 30

 122-strut3Tan cargos for viewing the local sights?

Do we see nipples?Sign smiley 28

stan-chestThe Back-Up Plan’s Stan – wondering why Zoe thought sperm could swim so fast.

We hope you have had fun with us this past year and continue amusing and encouraging us, with our AOL obsession. And we all wish Alex and his family a bright 2014, filled with laughter and good health. And the same goes to all of our friends too!Love smiley 46 Party on!

Happy New Year!




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