Working in triple wool

I am giggling,  watching the blondie at her job 😀


Can´t believe they had to eat while rehearsing? bts-pilot-1bts-pilot-2




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21 responses to “Working in triple wool

  1. Oh god. Seriously you’ve just killed me. Where did you get these super cool pics? I try to pick out the pic that I like the most, but I desperately fail to do so. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Miss Steve in black uniform.


  2. I love the way Alex just stands there and lets her fuss, totally keeping in character of the stoic steely gazed Commander lol


  3. If i was blondie i would pretend to trip over a non-existent something to fall in his arms…And as the officer and gentleman that he is i’m sure he’d catch me 😉


  4. Anwyn

    Well, watching Blondie do her job I admire her, cause my hands would be shaking so badly that I would not be able to adjust his decoration. So awesome and I never thought that I would admire a man in uniform so much. Thanks for the great gifs again….


  5. So beautiful in this uniform.


  6. Ontlls

    Well, this was the part that sold me to watch this show on a regular basis. Uniform and Whamo I was hooked!!

    and that cute looking director 😳


  7. Gorgeous beyond belief. Alex in dress blues as the devastatingly handsome Commander Steve McGarrett.
    Big BIG hug for this one Paula. THANKS!!


  8. Even if that makes me a bit of an odd-one-out here: even though I do have a thing for uniforms, I don’t really like Alex/Steve in this uniform. I don’t care for the hat and I actually prefer him in fatigues. Plus, he always seems so stiff in that uniform (not what YOU think! ;))… But I’m sure I’m in the minority here.


  9. vanduyn

    These are awesome! Thanks Paula! I’ll take stiff Alex anyday, allday, everyday! 😛


  10. A migraine has kept me off the computer all day, but now I am feeling better. OH SO MUCH BETTER! Thanks to Paula and of course, Alex/Steve! 🙂 I do love him in uniform, but I’m with ffg and ESS, and I prefer him in fatigues. Especially the desert ones when he’s all dirty with the sunglasses. NOM NOM
    Don’t get me wrong Paula, he is delicious in these and your gifs are fabulous as always! I know the scruff wasn’t military standard, but I think that is what makes him so sexy in this uniform!


  11. lindae5o

    Simply beautiful. No one enhances a uniform like our Alex !!


  12. Marnov

    The governor clearly craved Steve and because she couldn’t nibble him, she had to nibble at her pastry 😛 What amused me like h3ll is that the governor was wearing flats instead of the heels in some of the shots – and yeah, you can tell I’ve seen the Making of the Pilot a quadrillion times when I noticed such things, lol…


  13. I like him in… everything! And without everything. 😉 I really don’t care. From respectable commander to goofy Steve – all these moments show his versatility.
    These gifs are great. Now I have to go back to my ‘old’ S1 bluRays!? Has been such a long time that I watched them, because imho the seasons got better and better. Shame on me to forget all the amazing extras! Thank you Paula!


  14. OMG!!!!!!!!…..I’M NOT GIGGLING, I’M SHAKING!!!!
    1. How could she be so close from Alex in UNIFORM!!! without throwing herself on him……I better ask how many valiums did she take, right?…..and chewing gum!!!!….no way…
    2. Alex is certainly the only man on earth I tolerate seeing chewing and talking….I even enjoy seeing him doing that….
    Thank you Paula!!!


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