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410 – Memorial Day got to Steve

Looking back at the previous 3 seasons of H50, we have got some of the season´s most entertaining episodes with epi #10s. Let me remind you that 110 had McHandyman and shirtless wet McGorgeous, 210 had the bloody and tortured Steve, ending in radiant smiles in the helicopter and last year 310 gave us the wonderful McLucy. Good old times!

I know many of you loved this episode, but I struggled a bit with the captures. This was not my favorite and I ended up watching English Patient in the background while doing this post. Oops. I most likely skipped a whole lot of goodies accidentally. This is what I managed to make 🙂

We finally got to see his legs in the dress whites 😀 And they gave Cath a nice dress to wear too 🙂


I had to make my own fun, with such a serious epi.


Just imagine if Danny had actually taken his hand 😆

410-hold-handsInsert rest of the story here…

And Steve got his grandpa´s catcher´s mitten and we got his hands and smile 🙂




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