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Mick and kitty

Proof that even our furriest friends can´t resist the AOL lure and he loves them right back 😀

mick-cat-1mick-cat-thumb mick-cat-2mick-cat-hand   mick-cat-3

Inserted kitty pics (links on gifs) for extra fun, obv for kitty lovers 🙂


Missing his furry friend…



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Yablonsky messing with us

I thought it was time to feast on Andy´s yummyness. He is playing with our hearts (and panties) so subtle. Again with so little “action” he still manages to give us so much to dream of…

Tease me, with your eyes, tongue and lips and sexy walk…



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Alex O’ – Pretty as a picture # 3

Once you’ve done a couple of films, I think the whole idea of being a movie star — well I don’t know about the ’star’ thing — but the idea of working regularly in feature films that’s my dream. To go from one character to the next and get to tell a million different stories, that would be wonderful; I’d love to be able to do that.

– Alex O’Loughlin,, 29 April 2009

Toronto Film Festival – September 2004

Promoting Oyster Farmer

I opened up the script and started reading it, and I couldn’t put it down. It’s fantastic, the writing is so powerful and the characters are so strong and full, and it’s such a beautiful story and such an important story, I think, for us, because of the way things are in the world at the moment. It’s about love; it’s about hope; and it’s about family. I just went back to my agent’s office and said, ‘I’ve got to do this; get me this job!’

— Alex O’Loughlin,, 16 September 2004


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Must have been magical … classic McRoll #H50

Just to warm up those who are currently experiencing the winter chills.


Getting warmer already?


Oh Boy!


Mmmmmm …….



Tongue smiley 22

I will never get tired of watching Steve  diving for Cath´s neck…


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Alex O’ – Pretty as a picture #2

 Moonlight – Unaired Pilot:

Mick is the loneliest man in the world. Even though he’s surrounded by people, he’s isolated and cut off from his own humanity. Mentally, he’s one of the most damaged characters I have ever played. He’s not in a lot of physical jeopardy, but emotionally, he’s a wreck. I try to reach inside of him and find the humanity at his heart.

— Alex O’Loughlin, CBS Watch!, 2008

Picture from the original Pilot Episode of Moonlight

The most unnerved I’ve been in this whole process was when I was at Carnegie Hall by myself on stage. There was the cast of ‘Cane,’ like 10 people on stage, and the cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ and I kind of waddled out there by myself and I was like, ‘Please watch “Moonlight.” Bye.’And I felt like a jerk ’cause I didn’t know what was coming. I had lost my entire cast.

— Alex O’Loughlin, LA Times, 31 October 2007


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