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#AlexOLoughlin – You search for him and got us …… Part 6

This chapter of our searches posts have been brewing for a while now. Mainly because some of them are really ‘strangely’ funny! I guess many of them came after some of our previous searches posts 😮 ?

For those of you who might wonder, we copy the searched words just as they appear on our information page and then we have some fun with it.

Hope you enjoy it with us……… 😛

  • why does alex o’loughlin look bloated


 Maybe he ate too many beans?! 😀

why does alex o’loughlin look puffy

  • rugby butt


What is a rugby butt? 😕

  • wtf face


Adorable! And that is why we love him so 🙂

  • mcgarrett danny penis shaped like a torpedo,

  • scott caan hot or not

Exclusive... Stars On The Set Of 'Hawaii-Five O'

We are not Scott Caan or Danny experts, but we thought this might fit?! 😛

  • alex o’loughlin porn tube,
  • alex loughlin frontal nude videos,
  • monster sexy hairy,
  • boys popping,
  • steve’s big hands were cupped around danny’s face,
  • room dream,
  • are there any naked pictures of alex olaughlin,
  • intercourse process,
  • his tight ass,
  • alex o’loughlin bick dick

Are these searches related? 😀

AND why did they land with us?? 😯


  • does alex oloughlin sing


According to himself, not very well – but we would really like a chance to judge for ourselves 😀

  • alex o’loughlin having sex



  • history of alex o’loughlin’s individual achievements

We do not have an post or page of just his achievements, but we do have a ‘Diary’ of his life which we compiled from information we found in articles and interviews. If you haven’t read it before, you can find it under ‘Biography’ or just click on the link here , to find the first part of it.

(The last 6 months have not been updated yet 😳 , but hope to do it soon!)

  • alex o’loughlin hair chest


Bless the breeze 😎

  • alex o’loughlin had his teeth fixed

aol-grin-guitar We were thinking of doing another story about his teeth, but haven’t had enough research time for it yet 🙂 Only thing we can say, is that the person (dentist) who is currently looking after Alex’s teeth, is doing a wonderful job at keeping it looking natural, but also still beautifully ‘corrected’ since our last story on it. 🙂

  • alex o’loughlin sweaty


Oh yeh babe, that’s how we like him 😛

  • which of alex mcloughlin’s tattoos are real

We think all of them are real. 😀

(But of course, for some characters there were fake ones made)

  • mcdanno a complete history

  • hawaii five o intensive study

Our “Intense Studies” are more about Alex than Hawaii Five-o, but we do have Intense studies of all the pretty in each episode. You can find the links to our gifs and stories about Hawaii Five-0 and mainly Steve, under the page “Hawaii Five-0”  and most of them under ‘Super Steve’

  • jack sock bulge


A sock? Should we open up a debate of whether it is a sock or not? 😛

  • hair “alex o’loughlin” prefer long or short,

  • alex o’loughlin dirty long long hair


I do have one wish for Christmas – Please, PLEASE, Please Santa, let them grow Alex’s hair longer for the rest of the season and into the next. I think most of us love him in any form or shape, but I do miss the hair very much!!

  • playfullalex


That’s our boy 😆

  • alex o’loughlin married holly valance

Nick and Holly Candy Sept 2012

Nope. Doesn’t look like she married Alex 😉 (PS: I wanted to swap Nick’s head for Alex’s, but think the blog would have gone poof very soon after that 😉 – Paula)

Alex and Holly were a couple and lived together for less than 3 years (from June 2006 – Feb 2009) – they never got married and definitely did not have a child together.

  • alex oloughlin barefeet

bare feet Just because……

  • alex o’loughlin working out


If he looks this happy after only a warm-up, he must be ecstatic after the work-out 😀


Egan doing what we all plan on doing, when we ever see him! 🙂

  • which episode is the one that steve hugs kono when he returns


A moment to remember – Episode 2:22 ♥

  • manly happy trails


  • steve mcgarrett drinking tea


  • what does the hawaiian name kekau mean?

For those of you who don’t know, Kekau is the Hawaiian name Alex was given by one of the Kahuna’s in Hawaii, when they blessed his home.

When we asked on twitter about the name, we got the response from someone from Hawaii (@monimoob),  that it most probably means ‘to settle’, ‘affix’ or ‘rest upon’ and that such a name would have been given in regards to experiences that he might have had.

  • alex loughlin socks

TCA 2012

Is this a trick question? Socks for what? Running naked in the snow, like in Whiteout? 😛

  • alex oloughlin dirty


Can we help to clean you up dear? 😛

  • long legs o’loughlin

A group of lovely ladies, who all follow Alex’s career and share in the fun of it together on their own site 🙂

Some of them visit us as well and we love having them here!

  • what season of the shield was alex o’loughlin in ?

Season 6, Episodes 4-10 (You’re welcome 😀 )

  • butt tattoos of bite marks

  • tattoos in the asshole

😕 Some people are brave ……… or maybe stupid? 😛

  • alex o’loughlin playgirl

Maybe that will be the only way we will ever see that lowerback&asstattoo (LB&AT aka FWA) in its full glory! 😦


  • alex o’loughlin balding



NO! We already discussed the matter here

  • alex oloughlin steve muscle

Moose? 😛

  • what color are alex o’loughlin eyes


They are kind of like…., they are ‘Hazelly blue’, BUT they change colour!…… Depending on how much sleep I’ve had and when the sun is out. I know a lot of people say that, but mine actually do…. they change colour.

– Alex O’Loughlin, TV Guide – Up Close interview, 2007

  • is boo boo a term of endearment


  • is alex o’loughlin a navy seal

Not Alex, but his alter ego, Steve McGarrett is one – a pretty one 😀 .

Hope your sense of humor did not fail you along the way and that you had some good laughs with us! 😀

As you can see from the pretty banner Paula made on top of this post, we have a birthday girl today. She is one of those naturally funny people. Some of you will know her from her wonderful contribution on H50BAMF, where a lot of you also hang out.

All our Best Wishes to Kim

Happy Birthday from Paula and FOYeur

Thanks for all the fun you share!



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