Part 2 – hEHhee FACES! So 3 gag reel. Yey!

Naughty Alex! Is he trying to tell us something 😉

gag-18You got to love dat Face! How wonderful to see that goofy Alex is back! I thought we Lost him to the smoke monster 😉

gag-11 gag-9 gag-8 gag-6 gag-2gag-16

and then there was this, Alex the Irish goofball 😀

and what about this 🙂gag-1



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25 responses to “Part 2 – hEHhee FACES! So 3 gag reel. Yey!

  1. vanduyn

    These are awesome!


  2. If this blog ever closes down I will be one sad sister !!! Love you !!


  3. marnov2205

    Hilarious!! You’ve been very diligent, Paula!! I heartily approve ❤ ❤ ❤


  4. The soundfiles! The soundfiles!!! I love you so much right now Paula! I’m listening to them again and again.
    And anyone else hearing Queen’s “We will rock you” looking at the first gif? 😆 I do!


  5. Karen

    Love you Paula! Sorry you went to bed at 4:30 but it was well worth it! I’m one happy lady this pretty Wednesday!! Great gifs! But look at the great face you’ve got to work with!! Thanks!!


    • I just had to do as much as I could. Still looking forward to better quality ones. I really liked this season´s gag reel so much more than last year 😀 Alex was just wonderful and naughty. I only wished CBS hadn´t bleeped out the f*cks!? So annoying.


      • buttercup

        I’m soooooo looking forward to my blue-ray DVD’s from the US! I really hope they work with my player 😉 !!! I never had Steve in blue-ray! Only TBUB, but no H5O!
        This gifs are CRAZY! You gotta love that crew! Thanks for the hard work!


  6. Marta

    Thank you so much for these 2 last posts. Goofy Alex is the best!


  7. venia

    even when he is making silly faces he is still sexy but I love his of humor it is one thing that makes me love him even more.


  8. Sylvie

    Just for my birthday, what a gift!
    A such lovely Alex
    Thanks so much Paula.


  9. Any native (irish?) speaker here who can tell what exactly Alex is saying in this limerick(?)? I love it to pieces but I don’t get much… 😳


  10. buttercup

    The 2nd last gifs – I swear he changed something with his mouth there – and it came along with the buzz cut! Can anyone see it too?
    That grin with closed lips, he does it since they cut that crop! (It’s as though he is embarrassed a little!)


  11. LaHagela

    The “Blue Steel” face is killing me.


  12. Ontlls

    Hello, I finally get to catch up on all the great posts here, but it’s been a long day!

    I have a question about the bloopers!!
    When they are doing episode 3:20 and Catherine is chasing someone down the hill, is that Alex or Stunt double running away!! (which they cut they part out!)


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