Part 1 – hEHhee BODY :D It´s finally here! So 3 gag reel. Yey!

Oh boy, so much to work on. Finally 😀 There was just some cool long legs doing their stuff but then I have to wonder about some moments ending up in the gag reel. Not complaining though 😉 Looking forward to getting my blu ray and capturing these again in better quality. Part 2 of Alex
´s faces coming right up. Didn´t want to make this too big for you…










You can watch the gag reel on bookemdanno´s FB here :

Big thank you for sharing it with us 😀

(ps I know I missed some stuff, but they will be done at some point, this is the hasty version)



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24 responses to “Part 1 – hEHhee BODY :D It´s finally here! So 3 gag reel. Yey!

  1. vanduyn

    You did great!! Thanks so much!


  2. LindaSue

    Your little dancing Elmo is cute ….but not nearly as cute as dancing
    Steve!! These are awesome!!


  3. marnov2205

    Thank you for the eclectic collection of funnies, Paula, you’re the bestest!!


  4. Not only the bestest but the bestestest! :-* I never can stop watching these gifs! I’m trapped!
    Especially #7 makes me giggle endlessly.


  5. So what is ninja Steve doing? Is he “pissing” on mom? LOL


  6. The serious wrestling scene is making me hot an bothered…


  7. Karen

    I love them all but #4 cracks me up – love dancing Steve!! I’ll gladly help Steve fix what’s bothering him in those pesky pockets in #7!! Great job Paula!!


  8. venia

    OMG!! I thought a gag reel wit just alex a funny now add scott and it gets better. The gag reel alone is the price for the DVD I could watch a whole dVd of their outtakes. Thank you so much for giving me alex and some scott.


  9. I vote for many, many more take down and wrestling scenes for S4! Steve’s a$s and thighs getting a work out is great television! Less bikinis, more Steve’s @ss, nekkid legs and chest.
    How can this man being a total goof be such a turn on?! He makes my lady parts “giggle.”
    Love when he’s watching Scott struggle with his lines…I don’t blame Scott for being tongue tied when he’s looking at that gorgeous face all the time. LOVE the dancing , leg kick and “look at my great A$s in these white pants!” gifs. 😛


  10. buttercup

    I like Cath’s smile, it’s such a genuine smile! It’s her RL smile and the Cath smile!


  11. tanja

    Did Cath (Michelle) at one point during the ‘f*$k bloopers’, seriously asked Steve to ‘f*$k me’? (*secretly wondering what’s going on in those trailers…..*)
    I already watched the gag-real about 15 times and I discover new things all the time. It should have been longer then 9 minutes (1 hour or so?)!
    He’s so damn funny. Besides being smoking hot and gorgeous I bet, if you would sit with him in a bar having some drinks, he would be such a goof in telling you one story after another….


  12. LaHagela

    yay!! my favorite bits!! I could watch these over and over and over again….actually I am.


  13. LaHagela

    I’m stuck on his exaggerated “running” away from Michelle like a dork.


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