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ET faces. Funny Alex is back!

Great little interview. Must be that he is getting more sleep, with him being so relaxed and funny at the interviews again. Thank you Lion for letting daddy sleep 🙂 We have missed this dude so much.
et-1' et-2 et-3 et-4 et-5 et-6

All those faces! Thank you, Alex

Video can be viewed here : http://et.tv/15YjVUb



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SOTB 4 with Honolulu hottie – Alex

So far just one Alex interview video from the red carpet premier. He is looking mighty fine and I love his sense of humor. Apparently he broke the law and hurried home from the shoot: “we should start that rumor, that he hasn´t driven himself since -94, always chauffeured” 😉

View (edited) video here: http://vimeo.com/75552869 I think it is uploaded by AOL Italy. Thank you for saving me the trouble of editing 😀

Just a few of his radiant smiles captured. He really seemed to enjoy his night with all the lovely fans (he had no idea there were McPervs attending too 😉

sotb4-iv-2sotb4-iv-1 sotb4-iv-3sotb4-iv-4

A few random pics gathered from  here and there, and doodled. Thank you to all of those sharing your treats with us 🙂

Oh and he finally spoke the words “I´m married into a Hawaiian family. Happily”.


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