Caution! Wet floor, beige making us drool…

Final part in my so 3 pants recap. I see lovely beige! Only 3 episodes had the guts to put Steve in those dangerous pants. Do we dare to hope so 4 will continue with this dangerous habit


303 sent McDannos to heaven. Alex and Scott teasing their shippers with that butt touch. Cheeky bastards



310 was a great episode, but that tiny (wonderful) sidekick in yellow t, sort of ruined my McPerv mission…


316 presented us with the most yummiest Moose sighting so far, and I´m now convinced this show needs more bikini girls 😉


316-pants2…I want to send a request to the production team, please make the new computer table about 20 cm lower. Pretty please 



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21 responses to “Caution! Wet floor, beige making us drool…

  1. marnov2205

    I LOVE this!! You’re killing me, Paula!! *laughs like a hyena while drooling*


  2. Karen

    Paula, can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in s4!! What I wouldn’t give to be part of gif1! The patting and pulling just do me in!!


  3. Danny fans probably don´t have anything like this. He is always wearing grey. Yey for us McPervs 😉


  4. buttercup

    Love, love, love them so much – love those gifs! Love the pants! Love this AOLIntenseStudy 😆 !!!
    Ps: 3.16 are my fav pants, ’cause we named them caramel! (You know what is so funny, I don’t like caramel, unless their wrapped around Steve’s waist 😉 )¨!!


  5. lunaterra12

    Please lower the table a pinch. Humour us! Lovely gifs making me feel better!


  6. venia

    Paula what I love about you is that you have somthing for everybody. From us Alex freaks to us shipper who are down with the bromance. This latest one is just that. I am drooling over the brown cargo pants, but also I trully belive danno himself cannot resit the power of the cargo pants, whe had to get a touch in.


  7. venia

    I think steve cargo pants should be a halloween costume for men.


  8. venia

    I to watch my dvd of season 3 for the first one, I am telling you danny canot resist the cargo pants.


  9. Marta

    The new beige tights are so much better for us McPervs, aren’t they? This post is the best for avoiding us to look to our watches all the time, waiting for the red carpet SOTB and the premiere.


  10. Delightful goodies of DA GOODIES !!! Thanks once again Paula u make my day!


  11. I just love the way your mind works Paula!!! and I truly enjoy every study you do…it’s a tough job, I know. It’s really hard *wink wink* to choose my favorite gif but if I have to, it has to be #3…the Moose is straining so hard *wink* to get free. 😛 More power to these beige pants!!!!! Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to licking my computer screen 😀


  12. How can we blame Scott for needing to touch dat perfect A$s?! Like I’ve said before, I don’t know how they get through the day without being directed to “STOP STARING AT THE FOY!” 😛
    I am so happy you finished with the beige/tan/caramel pants because I was SO SURE I loved the white pants the most, but these gifs have convinced me otherwise. I love the Moose, and the Moose is loosest in the tan pants!
    😯 I really hate the all the bikini girls, but if they get “that” reaction from Steve, bring em on! I loved his comment in the DVD extras that when he heard that Victoria Secret models were in the episode, he didn’t even study his lines, he just showed up. Then he flashed the CFM smile and I fell on the floor. ((THUD))
    I need to stop staring at these delicious gifs and get something done today. I may not be home in time tonight for the live stream of SOTB4. 😦 I hope there is a lot of video and I’m sure you, The Gif Queen, will have some goodies for us to drool over. 🙂


  13. Ontlls

    ” I want to send a request to the production team, please make the new computer table about 20 cm lower. Pretty please.. ” Oh my.. ROTFLMAO.. Oh my..
    Great gifs, great work.. Love the request 😀 😀


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