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So 3 Black McMagic

Finally continuing with so 3 pants recap. As always, black looks really good on Steve´s long legs and with the light hitting them in the right angle, we can really appreciate what they have to offer

First up, the beginning of so 3. Action packed episode, time for Steve to suit up appropriately. He wore the full hottie gear, kevlar, thigh holster and black pants…what a season opener!

301-black-pHow can you add a bit more hotness to the this, he was already in kevlar and black pants. Well they served us Steve in a ripped t-shirt. Brilliant! (And did I mention something about the light 😉 )

307-black-p Epi 308 had a hot lady “doctor”, Steve worked hard to stay cool. We do appreciate your effort…and thank you for the pretty

308-black-p2312 was fun (remember Danny´s nephew, giving us good laughs)

McGarrett strutting and posing. That lean is so  

312-black-pSeems like the black pants are often paired with kevlar and thigh holster, happened in 317 too. With this we say adieu to so 3 black pants. It was a pleasure




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