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401 – appetizer

I can´t call out spoiler, cause this looks more like a teaser or appetizer for the so 4 premier episode 😀 (Ps I haven´t yet even watched the episode)







I declare McPerv season 4 opened officially



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Shirtless #AlexOLoughlin ruining #H50 premier and we love him even more!

I present the after and before pics…this goofball was playing with us! Lovely. We can die happy now 🙂

Also copied some of the tweets that were answered by Alex. They are in random order, sort of. He was on fire! Holy $hit, best hour ever spent at work 😀

You’re welcome.

Jessy Monteith@jessyscott 20m

Q for @HawaiiFive0CBS #H50 Any other dance tonight exept the “twerk” Alex?!! we can’t wait to see it !

.@jessyscott No dancing. Only nudity #H50 #CBSTweetWeek

Jessy Monteith@jessyscott 19m
Q for @HawaiiFive0CBS Are we going to see a season 1 Mcgarrett this season? meaning the crazy Mcgarrett that makes Danny go nuts? #H50

Hawaii Five-0 @HawaiiFive0CBS 18m

.@jessyscott It depends how much coffee I drink #H50 #CBSTweetWeek

Peter M. Lenkov@PLenkov 27m

Alex is crazy fun. You wouldn’t believe what he’s doing now … #H50

Hawaii Five-0 @HawaiiFive0CBS 25m

.@PLenkov My children are more mature than I am #H50#CBSTweetWeek

Hawaii Five-0 @HawaiiFive0CBS 27m

I gonna miss that car, but you’ll be happy to know that Danno…we…get a braaaand new one #H50#CBSTweetWeek

Alisha Francis@alishamarie28 59m

@HawaiiFive0CBS @HawaiiFive0CBS LOVE steve’s swag . especially him dodging those bullets #H50 #CBSTweetWeek

Hawaii Five-0 @HawaiiFive0CBS57m

.@alishamarie28 Thanks! It’s partly mine. #H50#CBSTweetWeek

Hawaii Five-0 @HawaiiFive0CBS1h

Scott just looked at my tits! #H50#CBSTweetWeek

Hawaii Five-0 @HawaiiFive0CBS1h

Yes they are my breasts. #H50#CBSTweetWeek

Hawaii Five-0 @HawaiiFive0CBS1h

Miss Sara King@Sara_TIU_TW 1h

Question for #AlexOloughlin.. Was it hard to go back to work on #H50 after you had your son? @HawaiiFive0CBS

Hawaii Five-0 @HawaiiFive0CBS1h

.@Sara_TIU_TW Yeah, I just want to stay with him all day. It’s hard to go to work everyday with a new baby. #H50#CBSTweetWeek

Dragging a man like that is actually harder than it looks! #H50

Hawaii Five-0 @HawaiiFive0CBS56m

Grover drops trou in a minute. He’s a bad B$%#$ #H50#CBSTweetWeek

Cassidy Douglas@Cassi_Hopee 56m

Question for Alex: if you could write an episode of #H50, what would it be about? @HawaiiFive0CBS #CBSTweetWeek

Hawaii Five-0 @HawaiiFive0CBS 53m

.@Cassi_Hopee I would dress Danno up as a woman and send him undercover in a prostitution ring. #H50 #CBSTweetWeek

Hawaii Five-0 @HawaiiFive0CBS 49m

Rollins need to learn how to turn a wrench…if she wants to drive a classic #H50 #CBSTweetWeek

jenn jenn harvey@harvey_jenn 49m

Q for @HawaiiFive0CBS #H50 what is your Hawaiian name?

Hawaii Five-0 @HawaiiFive0CBS 48m

.@harvey_jenn Yes. It’s Kekau #H50 #CBSTweetWeek

Stacie Baughtman@SBaughtman 49m

@HawaiiFive0CBS Alex how much fun do you have on the set? Do yall play more then work? #H50 #CBSTweetWeek

Hawaii Five-0 @HawaiiFive0CBS 48m

.@SBaughtman We get in loads of trouble too. #H50 #CBSTweetWeek

K Scofield@KScofield2 37m

Holy shit Mcg just took down Chi – he da man!!! #H50 @HawaiiFive0CBS crazy mcgarrett is back!

Hawaii Five-0 @HawaiiFive0CBS 36m

.@KScofield2 It was nothing personal. I just gotta help out my girl. #H50 #CBSTweetWeek


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The Talk with Alex´s eyes rolling

The goodies just keep coming. Tummy is hurting soon. But I´ll take my chances anyway. This sweetness just creates more cravings 😀

The Talk interview shared by Alex O’Loughlin’s Place. Thank you fellow Alex lovers!
also this bts video shared by lovely AOLP http://web.stagram.com/p/554345384695069103_226752077




tt-baby tt-life-backtt-snakes

So we learned that the entire population of HI lived under a death threat 😉 Thankfully baby Lion learned the importance of sleeping full nights 🙂



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