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#AlexOLoughlin & A Month of Mick (#30) – And then there was Beth……

A while back I wrote a story about Mick and Beth,  and I want to start with the exact same words that I used back then – because it is still true……

My observations are coming from somebody that did not really ship anybody in the story. I just watched it in total awe of the magic that Alex brings to the small screen. The romantic girl in me loved Mick/Beth, the passionate hot-blooded woman in me loved Mick/Coraline and I could even see and feel the Mick /Josef connection…….

We as viewers enter the story of Mick and Beth at a very profound moment in time. It was the day Beth changed in Mick’s eyes from being the little girl he saved and protected a long time ago, to becoming a woman that stirred some passion inside him. She kind of surprised him by being this daring woman who would do anything to get the story – even walking barefoot through a fountain in the early hours of the morning……..


What do most girls want?

Maybe a man who will cherish and protect them…..

And what do most men want?

Maybe a girl who is spontaneous and fun, but who will also take care of him……someone he can trust.

Was this what Mick and Beth found with each other?

(Okay, most of you will say this is an old fashion view on love and matters of the heart, but as I say maybe “most”, but not all…. 😀 )

Once again Mick saves Beth, but this time she is a woman who can make her own decisions of what to do with her hero……..


She decides to follow her dreams and find out why he is part of them……..


In his time of need…….she takes care of him


And he protects her once again……


He thinks it is best for her if he stays away…..

……..And then she lets him know that she cares for him…….


And we find out what he really wants…….and that it matters!

He cares enough to protect her against herself…… 😛


By being a gentleman…….


And then she realises he is her ‘Guardian Angel’…..


And she cares enough, to not let their past matter……


Josef: You are in love, my friend……..seal the deal!! 😀


……but fate stepped in…..and she (and us 😛 ) only get one kiss!


and it is complicated! 😕


They try dating 😛


She still has some doubts about his loyalty to her….

….but he only wants to make out with her and no one else!


In the end, she thought it might be best to let him go….. 😦


But for him, it is about what they mean to each other, “right here and right now!”

ml16-i-love-uBecause he loves her!


It was a tough show for everybody in a sense that it was a high maintenance girlfriend. You love her, she’s great in bed but it takes so much of your time to appease her that you’re left going, ‘Okay, is this worth the end result?’

– Alex O’Loughlin,


29 April 2009

Join us tomorrow for the last day of our ‘Month of Mick’ 🙂



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