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Mick again

name five things that should live forever in pop culture.

“The Adidas shell toe triple stripe classic. Great sneaker. Get a pair. In any color you want. I prefer the black stripe on the white shoe. I’m shootin’ for an endorsement deal. Go Adidas. Did I say “Go Adidas?” Adidas. Adidas. Adidas. Go Adidas.” -Alex, EW 2009

After being announced in May, “Moonlight” was entirely recast, except for O’Loughlin. But that doesn’t mean he’s feeling comfy.

“I’m waiting to get the chop as well. Who knows? I still am. Every time Joel (Silver, the executive producer) is on set, I’m like, ‘Oh, gees.’ I’m expecting the friendly pat on the bum out the back door. ‘Sorry son, it’s your last show.’ “ – Alex


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