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White Collar Blue – with our young aussie :)

About an hour ago came across a tweet and clicked on the link…WOW! Someone had a short clip of Alex in his early career in White Collar Blue uploaded to Photobucket. I hope she doesn´t mind sharing this video. I had to upload this to youtube, since Pb keeps crashing my system. This is the original link to video and TY to @HoApono on twitter for sharing this 😀 I am very happy tonight 🙂

Photobucket – Moonlight-Fever





UPDATE: we have confirmed original source is @HoApono aka Fever and she has allowed our sharing of this magnificent piece of ART ;D

Another update (7 January 2013): You can now find the links to the episode of White Collar Blue here

Thank you again Fever for your kindness! We and so many others love you for this x0x0 -Paula


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Beauty with thoughts


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