Interview with #AlexOLoughlin of Hawaii Five-O – Sept 2010

The Guest List talking to Alex at the CBS Premiere Party at The Colony, 16 September 2010

CBS Radio’s The Guest List caught up with Alex to talk about Hawaii Five-O, his role as Detective Steve McGarrett, and the top five things he loves about the island. Hint: It’s deep fried.

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Reporter: Alex O’Loughlin, how are you doing? Hawaii Five-0, very excited for the new show.

Alex: Thank you, me too.

Reporter: So why remake Hawaii Five-0 now? How do you think it is going to be different from the original?

Alex: It is actually … They tried to remake it once before. Did you know that?

Reporter: I did not know that.

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Alex: Yeah, with Gary Busey and a couple of others. I don’t know what happened, but …. It’s a … I think we are ready for it. I mean, I think this is a show, first of all, you get to go to Hawaii once a week. No matter where you live, there’s a lot of people in this country and around the world that live in really cold places a lot of the time and they get to visit Hawaii for an hour every Monday.

But there’s a lot of procedural shows on TV at the moment. There’s a lot shows that are sort of the same as the next one. This is a procedural show, but it is based in character. It’s based … it’s got character, crime and comedy. It’s got incredible action. It’s a great … I think, you know … I think it’s the best show I’ve ever worked on.

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Reporter: You’ve had some experience working, you know, on crime or investigative shows. You know, how’s this one different? How did those shows prep you for this one? Like The Shield that you were on.

Alex: The Shield is very different and I’m not going to bring that into it. I mean it is a cable show first of all, but that was a very, very special experience for me. And that was one of the … I mean, that was real highlight in my career. And I feel to this day humbled and really grateful to have been accepted and taken into that group. Cause that… that’s a special cop show.

This is different man, but … this is a Network procedural cop show, [Some shouting in the background] but it’s …. It’s …. I don’t know what they are yelling next to me. My brain stopped.

It’s a …. You got to just tune it. It’s so … it’s so well balanced. I saw the pilot on … on Waikiki beach with 10 000 people the other night, on a big screen and I realised what we have. And what we have is very special.

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Reporter: And okay, just a last question. We want you to list the top 5 things about Hawaii that you love.

Alex: The people, the mountains, the water, the surf and …. and the …. oh the Malasadas. They are these deep fried donuts.

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3 responses to “Interview with #AlexOLoughlin of Hawaii Five-O – Sept 2010

  1. alexsluvjan



  2. Kath40

    He’s so proud of the show I love him.♥ “malasadas” I didn’t get to try them
    when I visited, but I did get to try a Coco Puff ( a pudding filled puff pastry)


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