#AlexOLoughlin – What is your greatest fear? (2008)

Alex O’Loughlin in an interview with MediaBlvd Magazine,  on the set of Moonlight back in April 2008

Question: What is your greatest fear?

Alex: People. What we’re capable of is terrifying. It’s a wonderful world that we live in, but it’s not in the best shape. Presently, and the state of things to come, is dependent on people and the decisions they make.

We, as humans, haven’t exactly got a good track record, making good decisions on behalf of people on the planet.

I’m always watching what we do, as a race. You watch CNN and you read the papers, and it never ceases to amaze me. Art imitates life, more often than not.

Often, I’ll make a choice as an actor, and then, after making that choice, based on what would actually happen, I realize that I can’t put it on screen because no one’s going to believe it, so I have to modify it.



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13 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin – What is your greatest fear? (2008)

  1. Cassiopea 1000

    “Question: What is your greatest fear?
    Alex: People. What we’re capable of is terrifying.”

    Perfectly true. Any Afro-American will tell you so.


  2. Magnólia

    Assustador como essa frase é tão actual.
    Amo a foto!
    Também gosto muito do novo logótipo.


    • Thank you Magnolia.
      The beautiful new banner that Paula made, has been up for a few days already, and it seems nobody else have noticed it yet.

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      • Oh, I noticed but was so busy the last days, and after being busy I was lazy. Love the new header, I am always in awe when it comes to Paula‘s talent. And I appreciate the lack of GoT. 😜

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  3. Cassiopea 1000

    Sorry, Paula! I had not noticed the new banner, but it IS beautiful, updated and adapted to the present Alex. Well done! Thank you!

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  4. „We, as humans, haven’t exactly got a good track record“. 12 years ago.
    Didn’t get better…
    You chose well with this quote, FOYeur. Still fitting… sadly…

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  5. Just read this quote. Thanks for finding this, Foyer. 🙂 Yes, sadly this is still true today. But what came to mind is one question: What would happen if people who have an impact on people – actors f.e. really made the choice to show them what would actually happen? Could that change people´s minds – at least on a small scale? Or would people just ridicule them because they think it´s crazy? I mean, everybody has a choice to act differently but most people probably are not aware of it. Or are we really that bad?


    • And just to add; I think, people like Alex are inspirational/motivational because they make concious decisions and try to get better. Why not show this mindset on shows or film?


      • I think most artists would say that, that is exactly what their art is about…..

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        • I´m not sure if I get what you are saying? But just for the record: What I wrote above is not at all meant as a criticism of Alex!


          • From what I could gather over the years while listening to artists and especially performing artists like actors and those who write for them, is that they try to be inspirational, motivational, and a reflection to society (the people) of what life can be, should be and have been.

            You asked: “Why not show this mindset on shows or film?” and then I said, I think that is exactly what they try to do with their art.

            Alex said: “What we’re capable of is terrifying. ” And for me many shows and films aim to show that to people – being a mirror to us to show how bad or good things can be. By reflecting on society, they act as a mirror for us to see ourselves. The good and the bad. And to maybe do better, or know what really matters.
            Not sure if this will make better sense to you? Maybe there is somebody else who can explain it more clearly …..

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            • Yes, it makes sense. Thanks for explaining. I think, we might habe been talking past each other a bit. What I was originally was referring to is the reflecting of society can also mean to “feed” lower insticts. You can see that with reality tv and some soap operas and even some “decent” films. By watching this, people may think, this is the norm (and it often is today) but don´t see they have a choice and can be better than this. So imo it´s important to show this to them.


    • Just to make this clear: with “everybody” I was more referring to the people. ….. O.K. stepping down my soapbox before this gets out of hand.


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