#MickStJohn treat

“I feel like, if I can help others, it makes up for what I am.” – Mick St John




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17 responses to “#MickStJohn treat

  1. Reblogged this on alixia94's Blog and commented:
    Come on my Mick 💖😍


  2. Oh how I love Mick’s swagger…I love the way he moves ♥ Nom Nom Nom ♥
    Alex made Mick the sexiest Vamp on TV with seemingly such little effort.
    He was Mick and I shall always be grateful to Alex for brining Mick to life. ♥

    Thank you for the lovely gif Paula ((HUGS))

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    • gracenotpark

      Isn’t it fascinating how differently Alex moves in his different roles? Mick did walk with a swagger, loose and relaxed, as I guess becomes a supremely confidant immortal. DrAndy moved with this incredible lightness of being, scurrying thru that hospital all purposeful, confidence and calm. McG moves very solid, like he muscles his way thru the world, focussed and intense. And these are just his CBS shows…he really lives inside his characters. And don’t get me started on the different ways he uses his voice… 😆


      • Oh yes his voice. Mick could read me the phone book and I’d swoon with every name….even Rocky Mountain Critter Gitter would sound sexy ♥
        I’d call without a critter to get if the man with that voice (Mick/Alex) showed up to do the job. lol


      • vanduyn

        Totally agree gracenotpark! You hit the nail on the head there 🙂


  3. Karen

    Oh my favourite vampire!! Thank you Paula for the wonderful gif of Mick St.John.

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  4. karen

    Mick is so pretty.


  5. No wonder we obsess about our Mick!! Look at him!! The way he moves, the way he looks… THX for this fabulous gif!!


  6. Audrey

    HELLO Mick, it’s been too too long since we last saw you.


  7. r1015bill

    I could stare at this one for hours….


  8. Hot Damn… and i do mean HOT!!!!!


  9. Barbara Lebkuecher

    the man of my dreams! He’s back! Thanks so much.


  10. My all time favorite vampire! Alex played this role so perfectly. I only wish the show continued.


  11. vanduyn

    You know Mick is my favorite character! Thanks for the awesome gif 🙂


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