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The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 144 (Epi 7:01)

We continue our story from here.

I think most will agree that the opening episode of Season 7 of Hawaii Five-0 was yet again a fun ride of mindless entertainment …… Having said that, of course there were lots of stuff that made me scratch my head, and also some stuff that made me look forward to maybe a better season than the last two.

Okay I know this is 4 weeks late and everybody had their say about the season opener already. Real life kept me busy (is still keeping), but if I want to continue doing Steve’s story, I have to start somewhere, don’t I? And after seeing what looks like the end of our serial killer story for the time being, I just had to chime in here and look back …… and maybe get some help from my “Dear” friend the Smartass Koala.

I was kind of sure they were missing a description in the opening scene. Something like ‘3 years ago’ or maybe even ‘3 years from now. You know, something like that. Why? Because last time we saw Steve, he was recovering from multiple injuries, major blood loss and a near death experience which forced him to get a new a brand new liver (or more correctly a small part of Danny’s used liver) ……… This Steve that we see, even before the opening credits, is running and jumping like crazy, falling and bleeding instantly. Surely it is not Steve a few weeks after his operation?

But then it makes even less sense, because the next thing we see is  – yesterday’ – and Steve wheels himself into the army hospital chapel where a “few” candles are burning. And we see him having a flashback of getting shot on the plane. And I knew, my initial thoughts are wrong – this is now …….


For me the whole chapel scene was a bit bizarre. Not sure if I was watching a crossover with some sort of Zombie movie and the movie Beowulf. Having read what many said, I am still not sure what the writers/producers wanted to achieve with the Chapel scene. Did they want to pay homage to the old show by introducing an imitation of Jack Lord (or his ghost) – or was it supposed to be the original Steve McGarrett or his ghost?

I think, the same as with so many fans, the writers got confused with character and actor. The late Jack Lord, was an actor and never a cop – definitely not for 45 years either that I know of. He only played a cop for 13 years. And the original McGarrett was not married for 45 years either. So who was this supposed to be, Jack or Steve, or neither, or both?

And was he supposed to be a real person? Or a ghost? Or a figment of Steve’s imagination? If he was real and praying for his wife, where was he when Steve wheeled into the chapel. And why did Steve not ask him, after hearing that he was a policeman for 45 years, if he knew John McGarrett. Surely they should have known each other if he was on the force for that long? And if he was in the Five-o task force like the original Steve, surely he would have mentioned that, and not just said he was a cop ………

The idea of what they wanted to do was great. BUT I can name a few options of what they could have done to really make it work and not scare us all. For me, this was just creepy and took away from what they could have achieved in the growth of the Steve McGarrett story…..

While I listened to Steve’s reply I just had one question (well actually a few, but one stood out ….. ) What better, or rather better personal life did Steve have in the 15 odd years in the Navy, which he now suddenly lost in the 6 years in Hawaii? It is not being a cop in Hawaii that still made him a bachelor. Really, have the writers not watched what happened in their own show in the last 6 years?


Contrary to what they want to imply here, and according to my recollection, Steve lost EVERYTHING the day his mother supposedly died. Up until then he was a NORMAL kid with a normal family life. THAT day was the day his parents both “abandoned” him and his sister Mary. THAT was the day they effectively became orphans and had to fend for themselves. THAT was the day military life was chosen for Steve, or forced onto him, when his dad shipped him off to the military academy. That was the day his life took form ….. not the day he landed in Hawaii for his dad’s funeral and became a cop.

And then the “ghost of future past” reminds him of the good he is doing and that, that is worth so much. The people whose lives he changed. And then they leave the scene there and I wonder how the rest of that conversation went? Or did the ghost just disappear? Maybe Steve just woke up from the crazy dream.

Where I come from we would usually pick somebody up from hospital and take them home for some rest after a major surgery ….. Especially after their first liver transplants. Yes sure, plenty of my family have had their routine liver transplants every now and then. #sarcasm. We are quite used to it – nothing much to it. #ReallyIPromise

Koala Smartass: Yikes. Sarcastic you is not holding back I guess? Remember what you said in your season finale post last season? I’ll remind you ….. this is your own words

  • Let me just move on and look at the most discussed subject relating to the finale. If anybody thought that Hawaii Five-0 will portray the physical difficulties of an organ recipient with any realism or accuracy, you and I have been watching 2 different shows for the past 6 years. In all this time, the only 2 times anybody really showed some long-lasting effect from their injuries, was the time Max got shot in the S3 finale and walked with a cane for a while and Steve wearing a cast for a second episode after he broke his arm. In every other situation, they recover within a few hours and not a second thought is given to their injuries.*dontknow*


I guess I will just continue by randomly sharing some thoughts as the episode went on …. just to confuse you all and myself :distratto:. All just because I love Alex doing his thing as Steve and keep watching, because he somehow achieved to come back to this season even more gorgeous than before. (And I have to agree with Mrs O, forty looks great on him!)

Danny and Steve got discharged from hospital and picked up by Kono and Lou, because in the land of Five-0 you head straight back to work on the day of your release from hospital.

Koala Smartass: No rest for the weary in the land of Five-0 I guess.

And lo and behold, there back at the office you stumble onto your first case finding a ‘post liver transplant dead body’. All, just because a seriously disturbed female “Dexter” knew you would be there back at work, on that day, right there at that moment. Right there just to start playing games with you Steve ……. (this of course I am writing in retrospect, because I have seen the end of this episode and up to episode 4 already.)

Koala Smartass: Not to mention that she must be as strong as Hodor and most probably stole and used Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak to do all that with a dead body right in the heart of HQ.

Then Steve and Danny are driving aimlessly somewhere or rather nowhere ………. just for the sake of deLIVERing us a post-op cargument?

Koala Smartass: Shut your mouth. You know that the Hawaii Five-0 success is ALL based on the carguments. Without it there is no show at all! #SomeMoreSarcasm

Of course you argue with your partner, and you both decide it is too dangerous or strenuous for either of you to drive a car when both of you only have half of Danny’s liver. (Not really taking into account that only a few hours ago it was okay to do a wheelchair race, kicking and pushing each other. A race in the corridors of a crowded hospital with sick people. One that could have resulted in not only the possibility of serious personal injury to both or either of you, but also that of patients and personnel at the hospital? Was I watching Jackass the movie?)

Koala Smartass: Now you are messing with the heart of the story again. Boys will be boys. Or rather, boys who are boys will write boys who will be boys. #OrSomethingLikeThat

Koala_LaughingAfter arguing and driving aimlessly, they suddenly stop and decide to somehow teleport Chin from wherever they started, right into the car and let him drive them further to the victims house? At the victims house they find the plastic that murdered him and two bloody key cards from a hotel.

Koala Smartass: Beam me up Scotty (or is it Jerry?)

They follow the evidence and find two dead couples in the two rooms at the hotel, and suddenly they know that they have a serial killer that has been murdered? How did they immediately know he murdered them? I really feel that there are no real police work being shown to us. Just assumptions and weird deductions being made. Are the writers lazy, or do they think we no longer want to follow clues and solve cases and follow the clues with the team?

Koala Smartass: You and logic are confusing a good story again. Plenty (lots of ghosts & running) to fit into this episode still. Don’t bother with the fact that the show is about figuring out the cases! This is not Columbo

And if he was a serial killer, who got killed by somebody else, why was he killed after his first murders? Why have there not been reports of other murders like this? Don’t serial killers murder over a period of time. What the team see at the hotel looks more like a spree killing to me.

Koala Smartass: You have been Googling again. Who cares about serial killers or Spree killings, just as long as we have lots of ugly corpses.

And Steve and the new female Governor have a big talk, but I can’t help but wonder – If the serial killer who killed tourists was killed, why would other tourists also get killed?’

(Koala Smartass: )


And then for no real reason Grover suddenly knows about a journalist who plans to leak the story and meet with him at Kamekona’s …… and going back to his car you clearly hear Grover unlock his car, yet there is already a dead body inside it. If somebody from the “movies” can tell me how it is done that somebody get into a locked car, please do ……

Koala Smartass: If things always happen in the “movies”, people belief it can really happen pretty soon! Why do you question it?

So now the serial killer of serial killers was following Grover around with a dead killer body in the car, just ready to load the body in Grover’s locked car for the team to find ……

Koala Smartass: Maybe it was a slow day at the HPD shrink office and “she” wanted to create some fun for them? Who cares?

And then Jerry finds the person who stole the Chess set years ago and who is out on bail now. And the team suspect they found the killer of the killers and visit him. But he is a ‘serial killer parkour runner‘ ….. and no mastermind at all.

Image result for smiley gif running

And then we see all this running and jumping, and running and jumping, and running and jumping ……. and running and jumping, and running and jumping ….. and then finally we are back at the beginning where we see Steve jumping and bleeding ……..



I have seen my fair share of wounds, especially infected wounds and early onset of necrotic wounds. And I must say Steve’s wound looks bad. Red, showing infection and turning black were the flesh is dying ….. (oops, maybe make-up should really study wounds better). Not to mention that if clear blood was coming from a wound that was supposed to have closed up, you are really in serious trouble. ….. Okay, okay Koala, I forgot, this is the land of Five-0 were medical facts do not exist…….

Koala Smartass: Glad you are getting with the program now. And you were supposed to be in awe of Steve’s half bare chest and not see all the detail you idiot!

And then we have some more chasing and running and jumping, and then splat …….

Image result for smiley going splat gif

And they think they solved the case, and everybody looks like nothing really happened for the day and Kono wants a beer (as if it was just another day at the office). But Steve and Danny remember that their half-livers can’t drink …. And Steve goes home alone, and suddenly it is dark already and he is wearing different clothes. And I am thinking, maybe he stopped by at Lynn’s for some RnR, or to play post-new-half-liver-doctor with her. (Oh, I forgot, he told the freaky Jack Lord ghost that he does not have a girlfriend. 😦 )

Koala Smartass: You are rambling!

And looking back at where we are after the 4th episode, I think this serial killer of serial killers must really have some sort of “thing” or vendetta with Steve. Why plan all this fun for his first day back at work and after he got discharged from hospital. Not only did “she” leave two  Chess set pawns in her victim’s mouths, but now also the knight as well, deLIVERed right to Steve’s doorstep (I mean kitchen table).

Why Steve? Why now? Was the knight supposed to be a symbol of Steve, or was the knight the guy who stole the Chess set in the first place? What I mean is that I am not sure if this guy who jumped to his death was just another pawn or a knight? And the whole story is confusing me into a splitting headache, because I know nothing about Chess.

Image result for smiley gif playing chess

Unfortunately looking back from where I have seen the 4th episode to where I am writing this, I doubt if the writers gave any thought to any of these questions that I just asked. In my opinion, they just wrote some fun stuff without any real thought or motive to it. Or maybe it was all just part of the weird Jack Lord dream and we will all wake up soon?

Did they just came up with a very exciting high impact season opener for the fans to enjoy, with no real thought of where this is really coming from or where it is actually going to? Surely they did, because it is how we do the Five-0 fun.

But a tiny piece of me hope I am wrong and maybe somewhere along the line these questions about Steve and the serial doctor will get answered later in the season (or maybe in Season 10. These arcs do tend to go on for many years 😀 ) . Crazy ‘Dextrise‘ moved on to LA after they found her, but why did she target Steve and the team in Hawaii for her game? Any real motives or plans in this game of Chess? (Maybe she is the freak reincarnated ghost of  Trinity still hunting Rita (Abby)? – sorry I could not help myself)

And most of all, how does Alicia (who we will meet in the next episode) fit into the game? Did her involvement foil the game or was she part of it from the beginning? Because I can’t imagine that the doctor would have anticipated that Steve would contact Alicia. More (none) thoughts on that when or if we get to talk about Episode 7:04


And Steve keeps grabbing his heart …….?


AND I still fangirl fiercely over Alex and his dedication to his craft!

And that was my version of Steve’s  story for:


Hawaii Five-0 – Episode 7:01

Makaukau ‘ce e Pa’ani? (Ready to Play?)

Written by: Peter M. Lenkov & Eric Guggenheim

Directed byBryan Spicer

To be continued  …….


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