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#AlexOLoughlin is Back! – From 2009

It’s been two years since CBS pulled the plug on his short-lived cult hit Moonlight, but former vampire detective Alex O’Loughlin will get hearts racing again on the network’s new medical drama, Three Rivers, this fall.

TVGuideMagazine.com caught up with the Aussie actor on the set of Three Rivers in Los Angeles where he spilled secrets about how he spent his summer, his hidden talents and his new show, which premieres October 4.

By Dana Meltzer Zepeda
TV Guide Magazine
3 August 2009


Question: Will Three Rivers be a hit with Moonlight fans?

Alex: Yeah, I hope so. This one is a very important show. I really hope that my fans come with me on this because Andy means as much to me as Mick St. John does.

And if everybody comes with me and has a look and gives this a chance, they’ll see why.

Question: What will appeal to them about this show?

Alex: Vampires are sexy. From my earliest memory of vampires, they’re sexy, seductive, sensual creatures.

We don’t really have that in this show but we have a lot of blood!

Question: And you wear tight scrubs too.

Alex: [Laughs] We have tight scrubs. We have wet skin when we scrub in. We make eyes at each other over the operation table. T

here’s going to be lots of love affairs and stuff like that would happen in a real hospital. It’s going to be really exciting.

Question: You’ve said that you’re a big fan of the vampire genre. Have you been following Twilight and True Blood?

Alex: I haven’t been following Twilight. I watch True Blood when I can, but I’ve been very busy. So I’d like to get a box set and watch it that way.

I actually went to network for that show.

Question: You did? For what part?

Alex: Yeah, at the same time I got Moonlight. I tried out to play Bill, the main vampire, and also Sam the dog.

Question: Do you think things would have gone differently for Moonlight if the show had aired now?

Alex: Maybe. But maybe it wouldn’t have got picked up at all because there’s too much vampires. What can you do?

Moonlight will always be the best.


Question: Think you’ll ever do a reunion movie?

Alex: People have talked about that. I don’t know how realistic it is though. It would take a lot to pull that off, to get everyone back together but it would be cool.

My concern would be that we did it justice, because that would then be the last memory of Mick St. John.

Even though it’s very, very sad where we left it, we still loved the show and I would hate to think that movie in its finality would kind of taint that image because those characters mean so much.

Question: So are your parents excited that their son is a doctor now?

Alex: [Laughs]. A faux doctor! My parents have always been very proud of me. They’ve supported me the whole time. My parents are awesome.


Question: What kind of prep work did you do before you came to set?

Alex: Triple bypasses. [Laughs]

No. I started with what I had in the script. I started researching all of these diseases of the heart and conditions of the heart and operations that needed to take place and branched off from there.

The world of medicine is immense, but also the doctor-patient relationship was very important to me. I worked with a surgeon, and he’s a pure, benevolent person.

So that sort of study, the study of him, was as interesting as the study of medicine.

Question: Did you watch any real surgeries?

Alex: Yes. I saw a bunch of surgeries.

Question: Be honest, did you ever get queasy?

Alex: No. I loved it. The only time I’d get a little queasy is when I smelled the burning flesh.

That was like, “Oh, that’s nasty!”

But I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I had blood spurting up at me and everything.


Question: On a lighter note, what was it like making the movie The Back-Up Plan with Jennifer Lopez this summer?

Alex: Jennifer is the consummate professional and always prepared. She brings a great light and joyous energy to set. She’s never late.

All the bull you hear…She was just a pro and rad to work with. She’s funny and we became pals, you know?

It was super.

Question: Did you ever have a moment where you thought, “Wow, I’m actually getting paid to make out with J. Lo?”

Alex: Yeah. It was more like I was thinking, Oh my god, I’m kissing Jennifer Lopez!”


Question: Was she a good kisser?

Alex: Yeah. [Laughs] No comment.

Question: You don’t want Marc Anthony knocking on your door?

Alex: No comment! But it was terrific and I think the film is going to be good. We’ll see.

I hope I’m okay in it, but I had a great time.


Question: What else did you do this summer?

Alex: I worked. I so need a vacation right now. I’ve been working and working out and trying to stay healthy and cooking my own food.

I actually just started this thing with this company that delivers healthy food because I don’t have time to cook anymore.

Question: Are you a good cook?

Alex: I’m okay. I barbeque. I grill chicken and fish, and I can make good salads and veggies and make some nice dressings.

Question: So you cook for women you date?

Alex: Yeah, for sure! I don’t always cook because I’m busy but I’ve worked in a lot of restaurants and a lot of kitchens so I can conjure stuff up pretty well.

I’ve been a waiter. I’ve been a barman. I’ve been a kitchen man. I’ve worked on construction sites. I’ve flipped burgers. I’ve fried chicken.

Question: Did you just say you fried chicken?

Alex: I worked at KFC when I was 13 or something. I’ve done some pretty crazy jobs like landscaping, which I really enjoyed.

I helped a guy build a house. That was cool.

Question: So you’ve got some mad skills.

Alex: Not really. I’m more like one of those jack-of-all-trades, master of nothing.

But I’ve always been an inquiring mind. It used to get me in trouble.

I’d be like, “Let’s get this power saw and ride the skateboard at the same time and plug it in with a very long extension cord then I’ll wear a helmet and go over that jump.”

You get the picture.

Question: Have you given up skateboarding?

Alex: Yeah. I’m crazy for motorcycles. I just finished building my first Harley.

My last four bikes have been Ducatis and I’ve got a Triumph now.

Question: Any other vices?

Alex: That’s my most dangerous vice. I really enjoy the finer things in life.

So the idea of a great holiday for me is to go to Europe, go to Paris, eat some great cheese, smoke some great cigars, go to the theater then go on a yacht and sail somewhere else. That’s just heaven for me.

In 2016, I think I’ll be able to do that. You don’t get to go away while you’re working.

It’s great to be working, but that’s what I’d do. I’d go away, get a bit of sun, sleep.


Question: Sleep is good!

Alex: Sleep is good but I’ll sleep when I’m dead.


My Thoughts

  • Well, I guess Alex got this years’ Europe vacation planned back then already – 2016 and he went to Europe. Don’t think he thought back then, that it would be with a wife and 2 kids. Maybe he thought that by then, a 7 year contract of playing Dr Andy would be done and he would have some free time. And how different it all played out ……


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