#H50 7.02 – Bloody gorgeous Steve

I think this should have been the season opener. Much more entertaining than 7.01 IMO. A couple of recycled scenes, that felt a bit re-used (the turban McG and roof top dangling). But I didn´t really mind those too much. Because Alex looked breathtakingly handsome in every shot! I do not watch for the plot 😀

These are the noms I had time for today. Enjoy!

That killer McFace





That outfit! (Big cheers to wardrobe for getting Steve´s clothes changed)

702-hitch 702-outfit-2 702-kevlar

Kevlar hottie

Some funnies 😀


Cath still in his heart…


Decorated by the Queen


P.s. Thank you for all my birthday wishes 


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31 responses to “#H50 7.02 – Bloody gorgeous Steve

  1. Excellent captures from last night’s eppy, thank you! I also loved the wardrobe change up for McG when he was out saving the world!! ;>)


  2. karen

    Loved the tie. Danno’s too. He loves Cath. *sigh*


  3. gracenotpark

    These pics are GORGEOUS!!!!! It’s like today is OUR birthday. ❤

    McG/Alex was fiiiiiine in that ep. I love his budding relationship with the Brit spy. I wish they'd bring him back! McG pairs well with everybody. 😀


  4. Dee Ann korth

    Last nite’s episode was great! I loved kono’ s dance moves! Also Steve and Danny together saving the world and then getting the medals from the queen!


  5. I did find it funny that even though Steve admitted he “gave his heart to someone” he knew she was gone. I think Steve has finally moved on. I did like the reference back to some of the earlier episodes (him in a turban, hanging the guy off the roof) I think it showed that some of the “old” Steve was still there.

    I LOVED when Danny asked if “she” would be serving Fish & Chips….us not knowing “she” was the Queen of England.

    I did like the entrance of the former profiler but I don’t see her as Steve’s new “love interest” as posted on one site (telling about her being on the show, etc.) I think she’s a bit more complicated than Steve likes and besides we don’t know if Lynn is still in the picture…I guess we shall see,

    Liked the episode overall but did want to confirm that Abby technically isn’t a part of Five-O but is with HPD? I think that is what was mentioned in the last episode.



    • Dee Ann korth

      Abby is part of hpd now. The new profiler is not going to be a love interest for Steve. I am agree with you Steve has moved on it is time. I think next’ episode is going to good !


  6. It was an awesome episode 🙂 I loved it.
    Thank you for the goodies and Happy birthday Paula 😉


  7. Ocean

    Loved this episode. Yes, he still loves Catherine. No matter what happens, you can’t change how your heart feels. It’ll be interesting to see how PL gives closure to the relationship. I thought the cemetery scene was very moving.
    Great banter between Steve and Danny.
    Awesome fight between Steve and the British dude. I always love Steve with cuts on his face — such a tough SEAL guy.
    I think I’m in the minority but I love clean-shaven Steve, and I got to see that in this ep.


  8. Annie

    Also a big thank you for the pics. Somehow I thought this episode was a little over the top. For example, how did Steve and Danny know where to ambush them on that road? But really who cares! Read that episode 7 is the 150th episode which means that’s the one Doris and Catherine come back. Hopefully we will get some answers where these two females in his life have been up to. I saw a clip from that episode showing Steve cooking a fantastic salmon meal but no clue for who.


  9. kathysr

    Sometimes the episode was confusing because the plot was moving so quickly, but I love Steve and Danny together, fighting the bad guys and saving the world. The gorgeous British Agent can come back to Hawaii any time and lead Steve and Danny on more missions to save the world. I loved Danny’s grey formal morning suit with the really long tails. The three men were gorgeous, receiving their medals.

    The retired criminal profiler is so cold. I read that she and Steve have some kind of a history. I’m not crazy about her a new potential love interest. lol, let’s keep on looking.

    Wow, Steve’s mentioned Catherine in two episodes, clearly foreshadowing episode 150. Peter’s said in interviews that Catherine’s return will NOT rekindle their romance. And in one of the interviews at SOTB Alex said that her return will resolve the past six years of their relationship. I suspect that Doris, Catherine and Steve will become entangled in a covert mission involving Wo Fat’s father. I think he’s going to become Steve’s new arch enemy.

    And maybe Catherine will come clean about what she’s really been doing the past year since she mysteriously disappeared from Steve’s life. I really like the two of them as a couple, so I’m bummed that the show decided to split them up. They’re so gorgeous together. And they are very much alike, but that works for Steve, because Catherine totally “gets” him. They’re kind of like spiritual twins. They’re both all about catching the bad guys. She understands, “gets” and accepts his Seal behavior. She’s almost as bad-ass as he is!

    When the gentleman in the chapel asked Steve if he had a girlfriend, Steve answered, “No.” So where does that leave Lynn? He doesn’t consider her a girlfriend. Hmmmm.

    And I wonder who Steve’s cooking that FABULOUS meal for? Wow, now he’s a gourmet chef!! Who knew? Steve, you’re keeping secrets from us!!!


    • joyfuljaj

      i’m huge McRoll and am holding out that even if 150 is not a reunion that it won’t close out the relationship completely. i am getting less and less hope of that though; i just don’t know if the show can commit to MB being a consistent presence. That is sad, because these two characters are made for each other. Steve does obviously still care for Catherine and remember, the steve we have seen make the comments in the past two episodes has no idea he will see her again in a month or so.
      The light heartedness of that cooking scene makes me think it has to be at the beginning of the ep, so i think it is Lynn he is cooking for (she is supposed to make an appearance). There are three pieces of fish though; maybe steve gets two…
      I’m impatient enough for episode 4; i don’t know how i’ll hold out for 7!


  10. karen

    Hopefully not for Lynn. Sorry…I’m a huge McRoll girl. Steve belongs with Cath. But I’ll accept whatever PL decides. Pfffft!


  11. Regina Filange

    I thought that this episode was a little over the top, however I still liked it. Shades of past Steve were shown in this episode (hanging the bad guy off the building and the turbine). I also though it was interesting how Steve used one of his moms interrogation techniques of the water and battery. I like the Steve of old and hope that they continue with this Steve. I’m still holding out for a Steve and Catherine reunion, however by the way Alex made things sound for that episode it sounds like I may be disappointed😥. I know we are only two episodes in but I’m enjoying it so far. I like that we don’t know who the serial killer is yet. It makes me more excited for the next episode to see what happens next. I loved the MI6 idea of this episode. Even though Alex was not chosen to be James Bond I think this only proves that he could be(only after the show is done though). He certainly fits the peart with as sexy as he looks in a suit. I always love the bantering between Steve and Danno. It cracks me up.I liked how they showed Steve’s lingering memories of a love lost(Catherine). I can only hope he gets the closure that he really needs to move on. I still feels that he loves Catherine but is he willing to let her in again. We’ll see. I’m curious as to who he’s making dinner for in episode 7. It could be awkward if it’s for one and another shows up at the door. As for the retired agent to help with solving the murder(s). She seems to uptight and much to complicated to keep Steve’s interest if she’s supposed to be the new love interest. I miss Max. In the end of the last season he said that the other medical examiner would be taking his place while he’s gone. We haven’t seen her yet( you know which one I’m talking about… the cute one that Jerry likes). I wish she was back even when Max comes back. I’m still excited to see how the season unfolds and to see what other sexy pictures we get of Steve.

    I leave my scattered post by saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAULA! May your dreams be filled with images of our beloved Alex in as little as humanly possible😋😏😜.


  12. kathysr

    This is my dream ending to Hawaii Five-O, whenever it finally happens, but hopefully not any time soon. Remember when Deb asked Catherine to take her to the most beautiful spot on the island, and Catherine took Deb to that beautiful beach? As they sat and talked, Catherine said, “When I’m finally through with my career, I’ll come back here to live because I love this place more than anywhere on earth and this is where I want to live the rest of my life.”

    Catherine finally decides to come home to Hawaii. She and Steve run into each other totally by accident. Steve’s tried to move on. He’s been mostly solitary. There have been a few other women, but nothing great. Catherine always was the great love of his life. Seeing her again is overwhelming and he’s suddenly flooded with really powerful emotions. He tries to be cold, distant and aloof. That lasts for about an hour. As they talk, the two gradually realize how much they’ve always loved each other and will always love each other. Catherine falls into Steve’s arms and the two passionately embrace. Steve holds on for life. He’s never letting her go again.


  13. Paula Thank you so much for the yumalicious selection of Steve pictures from this episode. I also think he looked Roasting Hot in that turban thingy, THAT FACE !!!! THUD.


  14. alexnymph

    “Watch your eyes!” Trues words were never spoken–all the pretty, including morning coats! Reminded me of S1 E3 with all the throwbacks. Hope this is not the closest Alex will ever get to Bond. Very fun (if unbelievable) episode.


    • gracenotpark

      Sigh. I know. Tho they say Taylor Swift’s recently ex BF is leading the pack…TomHiddleston. Boo! He is no where near as bad ass as Alex!


  15. Regina Filange

    Kathysr I would love that ending. Definitely not anytime soon. As for him being the next James Bond I definitely think that it should be after Five-0 is done. Otherwise I think we’ll have episodes without him, plus it think it would take to much out of his free time if he did it while he’s done taping a season on Five-0. By the end of a 25 episode season he just looks wiped out. The hottie needs a break. But the hottie would look so bad ass in an Aston Martin, drinking a martini shaken no stirred and drop dead gorgeous in a fitted tux….Wow is it getting hot in here or is it just me.🔥 There’s no one better to fill that roll. An Ausie James Bond. I love it! Who’s with me?😋😜


    • kathysr

      I totally agree. He’d be an awesome James Bond! Our first Aussie James Bond. I think when he previously tried out for the part, at 32 or 33, he was just too young. He’s said in interviews that on his audition, he spent an entire 11-hour day in make-up, wardrobe fittings and then shooting actual scenes. Now that’s an audition! It must have been heartbreaking when he didn’t get the part.


      • Hi Kathysr.
        There has been a previous Aussie ( George Lazenby ), who was James Bond.
        Alex auditioned in 2005, when he was 28 years old and really still not known in USA at all.
        Here is the link to the story of his audition and what happened at the time: https://alexoloughlinintensestudy.wordpress.com/2015/03/05/alex-olachlan-confirms-screentest-august-2005/


        • Kathysr

          Ah, George Lazenby, I didn’t know he was an Aussie. Wow, Alex was waaaaay too young when he auditioned. If you check the ages of the actors who played James Bond, they range from their mid-30’s to well into their 40’s when they were first selected for the role. I think Roger Moore started to play Bond when he was in his mid-40’s. Pierce Brosnan didn’t get the role until he was over 40. He actually lost out when he was younger and then later was selected to play Bond. Soooo, that could bode well for Alex.

          I don’t know about you ladies, but I think Alex is 1000% more handsome today than when he was in his 20s. People mature into their greatest beauty in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Alex now has the look, the emotional depth, the physical sculpting, the martial arts training, acting experience and the gravitas to really play a great Bond. We really do need to live life to give us emotional depth and range.


    • I am SO with you Regina!!!


  16. Karen

    I really enjoyed Friday’s episode and thank you so much for these lovely gifs from the show.


  17. I agree that this episode was much better than the first one. I think that the show needs to stop tormenting Steve and his love life. Why can’t he find someone who has mutual love for him and have a serious, loving relationship? It’s about time!!


  18. Lee Ann

    Really enjoyed this fast moving story, different with twists but hope Catherine (who I have always liked in the show) makes her life elsewhere as she is too much like his mother, not being honest about herself and just taking off to do her ‘thing’ (CIA/NSA/??). Grace was so stunning in that red gown, normally her wardrobe is just short of a bag lady, absolutely NO fashion at 99% of the time. The medal ceremony was cute and where did Danny get that grey suit? For once he was a hoot.


  19. Isn’t it a shame that Steve always changes his clothes without us witnessing it? Big fail show!
    Good episode but it would be way more believable if it had been just Harry and Steve on the mission. And I love Alicia, love how she shut down D. She was right.
    The show would have been much better if they’d ended it at the cemetery. That scene was wonderful.
    Let me end it with this:
    Amen to the grey sweater!

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