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Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (23 – 29 October 2016)

Some great fan encounters with Alex this week. And some great pictures from the set, showing us Alex as Steve in light coloured dress pants. Did it really take more than 6 seasons for wardrobe to finally get him wearing something like this?

In any case thank you to everybody who took pictures and posted them and to all the usual scouts who found them.


Life on the Set:

GordonandLiz Fahey  Noisy outside. I’m going to bed now. Can catch this episode on December 17.

Fan Photos:

sir_panther Yooo spotted the 5-0 crew at a red light!! #hawaiifive0 #crew #stevemcgarrett


j.nvsty Officer Steve McGarrett! #hawaiifive0



bianca_gram So the other girls went to dinner and I went and creeped on the @hawaiifive0cbs set which was filming in the streets. Nek minnit, I met Alex O’Loughlin who was LOVELY! I couldn’t use my flash because I’m an idiot and he told me I’m an embarrassment to all Aussies. Not the first time I’ve heard that. Won’t be the last. #phoneshadowonpoint #ihaventtoldthegirlsyet #theyareinthesameroomasmerightnow


ericakatsuko Please disregard how horrible I look in this, but look who I met at my job, ALEX O’LOUGHLIN 😍❤️ Anyone who knows me knows how much I love #h50 so this just made my day. 😌 #hawaiifive0


jonathanbeigle He spent his Sunday meeting us and on Friday he’s on TV. #h50 #hawaiifive0


  • And a ‘new’ old picture from 2021
Gung Apatching (7 May 2012)  Hangin’ out at the beach with Mr. Hawaii Five-0!
Thank you Alex O’Loughlin Life of the find
Masanori Kishida (20 July 2012)


Translation: What… coincidence, Mac Garrett (Steve) ever encounter! Lucky me.

— at Diamond Head Market & Grill.


News for the week:

  • Of course it was Alex and Malia’s youngest child, Lion’s 4th birthday this week on the 25th. A belated wish for a Happy Birthday to him and his parents.

  • And somewhere during last week we passed the 4 000 000 views mark. YAY us.

Some Trivia for the week:

  • Alex on the cover of an Australian magazine.

Alex & Friends or Family:

ryrongracie Garage training in Hawaii! #jiujitsu #AlexOLoughlin



Some Laughs for the week:

  • The normal bait from Peter Lenkov. As soon as some Catherine pictures are posted, he posts a McDanno queerbaiting video on his IG. I think it is getting old …… and at least some of the shipper are catching on to this ploy of his by now. Most must be a bit slow, because it took them long enough.

Confused smiley 83

plenkov Editing #h50 #hawaiifive0 @hawaiifive0cbs episode 710 – caption this moment before it airs.


Most ‘interesting’ search for the week:

  • alex o’loughlin stunt double

This was an interesting search to me mainly because after the latest articles, so many people suggested that Alex use a stunt double for Hawaii Five-0 and then he does not have to work so hard and can go on without further injury. To those who think like that, there has always been a stunt double for Alex. And even body doubles and stand-ins who do some of the scenes. They are all there to lighten the load, but that does not take away from Alex’s grueling schedule and responsibilities as No 1 on the call sheet.

There as been a few stunt doubles during the years, some just used for specialised scenes, like the one with Steve on the bike in Episode 1:13. But for the most part Justin Sundquist and Paul Lacovara (who are in Hawaii is at the moment for the stunts) do the stunts for Alex, and they do a great job at taking the hits for him when he lets them.

Alex & Justin

Next Week:

  • As far as I could see they are now busy filming Episode 6:12, but I am not sure how far along they are with it.



Hope you all have a great fun week.



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