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#AlexOLoughlin talks to Star Advertiser at SOTB 2016

Series regulars celebrate “Hawaii Five-0” premiere

Star Advertiser

By Jason Genegabus
28 September 2016
(This is just and excerpt of the part with Alex from the article. Please click on the link above to read what the rest of the main cast (Daniel Dae Kim, Chi McBride and Jorge Garcia) and others had to say)


Q: How has your approach to playing McGarrett changed from the first season compared to now?

Alex: I’ve never played a character for this long. The thing I really like about it that I’m really starting to see is that you get an ease that is very hard to find right away in film. You start a movie and once you start really getting comfortable with your character, you’re done.

Q: A lot of fans love the “cargument” scenes that have become a staple of the show. Do you love filming those scenes as much as fans love watching them?

Alex: It doesn’t take me any effort at all to yell at Scott on a regular basis. I take great pleasure in it. For some reason, we’re both outspoken people anyway. So once we start arguing, it kind of comes to us naturally, which is funny.

The first time it happened was when we read the pilot. We just started arguing and it was great.


My thoughts

  • I can’t really recall that Steve yells at Danny a lot. For me it feels the other way around?
  • I sometimes wonder how much of the carguments are ad-libbed? And if so, why it somehow became nastier over time? Or is that just how I perceive it?




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More #H50 beach premier pics – #AlexOloughlin

If you are still hungry for those premier pics of Alex (and other cast members), please have a look at Mark Ramelb photos on his flickr album, here.




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#AlexOLoughlin Talks Exciting #H50 Season 7 to ETCanada

From his near death experience on the show to his philosophy of telling his mates he loves them, “Hawaii 5-0” star Alex O’Loughlin opens up about the exciting new season.

Picture credit for the post goes to Liquid Light Images

(Click on the link for more gorgeous pictures from SOTB)


Alex: All the SEALs I know that a ….. like actual SEALs. No [laughs] ….  actors pretending to be SEALs, this stuff doesn’t faze them. They’re like “I had a liver transplant. And you know, it seems pretty good.” It’s kind of crazy, so … I’m not going to play …. I’m not going to play it any differently.

Reporter: It seems to be a big season of reflection for everyone. Will Steve be contemplating what his future looks like?


Alex:  Yeh, I think so.  Hang on one sec ….. [Alex to his assistant: “Ryan, water buddy, at some point, thanks.]  I think so mate. I think a lot of things have happened. You know there’s been a big …. You know he took a big hit with Catherine over the six years that preceded this.

He has, regardless of whether he plays it off or not, he’s had a near death experience etc. ….. and so, he’s definitely got to have some quiet moments where he’s going to think about all those things.


Reporter: Now we hear that Catherine is returning. Is she going to stay?

Alex:  Well you’ve got to ask … you’ve got to ask the boss man that question. But it’s a great episode. We just finished shooting the one that you are talking about. And, I am not going to give anything away, but it’s … it’s ….

Things get answered in a way that I think we really think that we needed them to be.


Reporter: In the promos we see Steve telling Danny that he loves him. What can we expect with the bromance?

Alex: Oh mate, he always tells him that he loves him. They’re always like, “I love you buddy.” You know.  But don’t you do that with your mates? I do it with all my mates.


Reporter: I certainly do.

Alex: Cause you know what – how many people that I’ve ….. I’ve really, in life, that have gone, “I just lost so and so, and I never told them I love them”. And I’m like, “Why not?” You know. So, I don’t know. I think we are modern dudes and …. That’s just normal talk around my house.


Reporter: What about the stunts? Are they raising the bars on stunts this year?

Alex: Yeah they’re always …. our stunts have always been pretty gnarly. I mean, we’ve been up for Emmys and stuff for the stunt sequences that we do. And I’m less involved in those stunt sequences now, because I got so badly hurt.

And I’ve been trying to figure out this back injury now. And that’s been the one that sort of really stopped me. But, they’re still doing it.


[Crowd chanting, “Alex, Alex, Alex”,  and Alex cheering them on ….]


My Thoughts

  • No “body language” reading necessary to understand what he is saying.

Link to video


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And that was #SOTB for #h50 Season 7

We will replace this weeks post of ‘Life in review‘ with just a few pictures from Friday nights’ Sunset on the Beach.

To me it feels like that with each year and with more technology and social media outlets available, the less of the real live experience we who can’t be there, get on the other side of the world. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate each and everybody who were there and shared footage, but in a year like 2011 it felt to me like I was there, experiencing the feeling and the event.

Everybody who shared their pictures over the past 2 days, you all did a great job! The rest of us who could not be there, will be forever grateful for your generosity of sharing.


michaeljrobles  #h50 #sotb #maliajones #alexoloughlin


  • From Star Advertiser:
  • From Melissa at Frolic Hawaii:

melissa808 Alex O’Loughlin with Miss Hawaii USA on the #H50 red carpet!


Yes Alex, we all think you are prettier than her.

That adorable smile says it all!

  • From Frolic Hawaii
  • From Billy

billybogoeski   #H5O’s #AlexI’Loughlin meeting the fans #hawaiifive0 #SOTB #cbs #hawaii #waikiki

gonesurfin1  Five-O sunset on the beach premiere with Alex O’Loughlin #hawaiifive0 #h50 #hawaii50 #hawaii5o #sunsetonthebeach #sotb #cbs #hawaiifiveo #waikiki #honolulu #oahu #hawaii #usa #aloha #hangloose #shaka #celebrities #series #tv #stars #alohafriday #alexoloughlin #stevemcgarrett



suzi.slamher Be jealous. I met Alex from Hawaii 5-0 #hawaiilife #h50season7 #seasonpremiere #stevemagarett #alexoloughlin #hawaii50 #sunsetonthebeach


Jean DelaCruz Mission accomplished! Pic of McGarret, group selfie with him, plus he used Kiku’s phone & she squeezed his arm and said thanks. He said “no problem “. She’s in heaven!! So happy for her!


A Special Thank You to the Ninja for the pictures  videos you shared from the event on Twitter. You did a great job!

  • From CBS

Shaka Kidz Foundation  Hawaii Five-O’s 7th Season Premiere on Queens Beach. It rocked last night.

There are such a lot of footage posted of SOTB and we will try to share some more of all the videos, interviews and pictures taken at the event, during the week.

A big THANK YOU to BeeM, Sadie McGarrett and all the others who found and shared the pictures with us all. You made it a lot easier for us to get to all the footage that everybody posted.

And I think we all can agree with one of the screaming fans,

“Alex, you are the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!”


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#H50 7.01 – #SteveMcGarrett back in action

Ok, we finally got to season 7. With a ridiculously loooong chase. Oy, but Alex looks mighty fine again 🙂

This is what caught my interest, enjoy 😀

Wheelchair hottie


Such serious car rides

At least we got nips and pecs for season starter 😉


Maybe in season 13 we will finally see him holstering his thigh 😉


Finally agreeing to take it easy


Eek! New nemesis after Steve!



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