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#H50 7.04 – #AlexOloughlin saved lives again as Steve

I am quite happy with just Steve stories, luckily I can skip the non McG related bits 😉

Alicia got saved by our gorgeous Navy SEAL, so many times. Even tasted his lips, lucky woman! But she also got him in the trouble in the first place. So thank you for that.

I like Steve getting hurt ;). Got a knife deep in back, and the injury healed with a bit of water…

I did like this storyline, and even better that the shrink escaped. Maybe she will come back with a better plan to kill off Steve. Yey 😀

Anyway, this epi was challenging for gifs. I tried my best. Enjoy!


704-eyes-2 704-eyes-1704-mad704-captured704-reflection704-hanging704-peekaboo704-tatt-cover704-blanket704-face



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