biting his lip, being tense,  with one blink and something else….

kevin-biting-lip   kevin-sigh



(sorry if these are recycled too, can´t remember if I posted these.)


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21 responses to “Kevin…

  1. Ontlls

    Not recycled for me 🙂


  2. lunaterra12

    New to me! and I must say, something extra sexual about the intensity of these! thanks!!


  3. I want to see everything Alex does but this is next on my wish list. I imagine this character as a cocky won’t listen guy and wonder what he’s like when someone else is in charge. Oh yea, plus THE CHAIR SCENE. Oooooooo ⚡


  4. Paula, your recycling is very s€xy 😀 ! Like Lunaterra says, these are extra intense and appealing. Also, I MUST FINALLY watch this series. Selected episodes, I mean 😉 .


  5. AlexNymph

    Recycling is a good thing. Love the last one, when he does that nodding thing. So damn cute! It’s his “ah-kay” moment.


  6. don’t ever be sorry for posting pics of Alex, even for 100th time – we all love to see everything he’s done everytime we get chance…


  7. canadagirl66

    Hey Paula, there is really no need to apologize… you should never be sorry for giving us so much hotness!!
    I LOVE Kevin…he’s basically a good boy doing a dirty job. He makes me wanna get dirty with him…v.v.dirty! 😛


  8. New to me!! thanks Paula!! 😀


  9. New to me too! And I have to say, for me it’s the second one! *sigh* So intense, his look, his pose… I only watched the first episode with Alex. Couldn’t stand a second cause feeling kind of seasick. (But I know I’m not the only one with this “problem”. 😉 ) Your gifs are a special treat to enjoy Alex at his best as Kevin without a shaky camera. Thanks! 🙂

    PS: I think it’s time for the second Kevin-episode this weekend… 😉


  10. buttercup

    Paula, never apologize for bringing beautiful and hot Alex O’Loughlin onto our screens, NEVER!
    He will never wear out 😉 and I’m ashamed to tell you all how many times I’ve rewatched H5O seasons1-2-3 and other “things” with Alex in 😳 !
    TheS wasn’t my “cup of coffee” but Kevin is HOT, and a Cop (I wonder if he touched his badge like Steve does all the time!)


    • Never be ashamed of the number of times you watch anything of him….we started the blog to have a good excuse for doing it (research needs multiple viewing)! 😛


  11. This man is HOTTER than dry ice BURNEY BURNEY!! but what a way to go S&T


  12. Never apologize for recycling!! They’re like repeats of your favorite TV episodes. Willing and eager to rewatch all over again. 🙂


  13. Recycled or not recycled, that’s NOT the question!
    Blinking. Biting. Breathing.
    Being beautiful.
    Bonus: the nostrils of determination!
    No complaining from my side.
    I love your passion for this man!


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