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#AlexOLoughlin Leading Us To The Promised Land … it is a POLL!

Here´s a hint on what we will be concentrating on in this post: (also thought I show the whole man first, since I decapitated him in the gifs 😳 )

Well, I heard you screaming “WHERE IS THE NEXT POLL!?” I finally got off my lazy butt and piled up some waist scruff shots for you to vote on. In short, I am asking you to vote for the hottest trail to the promised land 😀

Sounds like a fun trip…but the directors of some of these moments have not been nice, leaving us with just a blurry fuzz to stare at. I advise to use a bit of your imagination with those, we all know how to do that, right 😀


#1 Steve, so 1, Honolulu Hunk shying away and desperately trying to hide his happy trail, showing us only a small glimpse 😦


#2 Another so 1 Steve, trying to fool us with those flexing biceps, but we are relentless and lower our eyes closer to the belt buckle.


#3 The rare Hawaiian merman, swiftly passing by our goggles. Who needs air with this view under water…


#4 Steve so 2, yes please, always ready for some rough fun.


#5, Steve still in so2, missed his chocolate cakes and we ended up with some refined abs and a sharp happy trail.

#6 Steve so 3, finally something to bite into. You wouldn´t mind feeling all that weight on you, would you ;)

#6 Steve so 3, finally something to bite into. You wouldn´t mind feeling all that weight on you, would you 😉


#7, Steve, so 3, oh crikey! That orange paint is hurting my eyes. Wait, there´s the happy trail to relieve my stress, whew…


#8, Finally moving on from Steve! Stan the Man showing his happy trail worked, 5-6 times…


#9, Mick´s happy trail, faint but visible still. Who knew vampires need to work out stress the “old fashioned” way too…


#10 Mick serving coffee with a happy view. Silk PJ´s on a vamp, they are so vain.


#11 Young Jack didn´t have much of a trail, thankfully he showed us a bit of the trailer park, definitely worth including in our poll 🙂

And sadly there were moments that didn´t make the cut this time, but it wasn’t Alex’s fault – blame the director!


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