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#AlexOLoughlin Best Hair – It’s a Poll x2

We have not done a poll for a long time and I got this titbit from a post on Moonlight Fan Blog.  I thought we could use it as a starting point for a poll. Unfortunately I could not locate the original EW post about it anymore, but here is what I found on the blog.

On the PopWatch Blog, Michael Slezak asked Entertainment Weekly’s readers to nominate the best and worst TV hair. Of course…. Mick was not only nominated, he was selected as a winner.

It seems as if Alex was not only seen as one of the sexiest stars on TV in those Moonlight days, but that his hair was well liked as well. This made me think that we should ask how the fans feel about his hair in the various roles over the past 15 years. (not all the roles are included)

Here is our first poll. Take a look at Alex’s  hair over the years before Hawaii Five-0. The hair from which role do you like best? (Remember, it is about the HAIR 😉 😉 )


(1) ‘White Collar’ Blue hair (Alex in 2003 as Ian Mack in an episode of this TV series)

(2) ‘Oyster Farmer’ Hair (Alex as Jack Flange in this movie filmed in 2003)

(3) ‘Black Jack Sweet Science’ Hair (Alex as Luke Anderson in this 2004 TV Drama)

(4) ‘Mary Bryant’ Hair (Alex plays Will Bryant in this TV Drama that was filmed during the last 3 months of 2004)

(5) ‘Feed’ Hair (Alex as Michael Carter in this movie filmed in the beginning of 2005)

(6) ‘The Invisible’ Hair (Alex as Marcus Bohem in this movie, filmed at the end of 2005)

(7) ‘August Rush’ Hair (Alex as Marshall Connelly in this movie, filmed in 2006)


(8) ‘The Shield’ Hair (Alex as Kevin Hiatt in this TV series filmed in 2006)

(9) ‘Whiteout’ Hair (Alex as Russell Haden in this movie filmed in 2007)

(10) ‘Moonlight’ Hair (Alex as Mick St John in the TV series filmed from August 2007 – April 2008)


(11) ‘Criminal Minds’ Hair (Alex as Vincent Rowlings  in an episode of this TV Series)


(12) ‘The Back-Up Plan’ Hair (Alex as Stan in this movie, filmed in 2009)

(7) ‘Three Rivers’ Hair (Alex as Andy Yablonski in this TV series, filmed in 2009)

You can vote for the 3 hairstyles that you like best


  • And here is our second poll. Take a look at Steve McGarrett’s hair over the years. The hair from which season do you like best? (and again just a reminder that it is about the hair 🙂 )

‘Hawaii Five-0’ Hair

Season 1 Hair

Season 2 Hair

Season 3 Hair

Season 4 Hair

Season 5 Hair

Season 6 Hair

Season 7 Hair

Season 8 Hair

Cast your vote for your favourite Steve-hair season here:

Hope you enjoyed all the ‘hair’ pictures …….. 😛


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Aussie #AlexOLoughlin to Cast His Justice on ‘The Shield’ – May 2006

YOU can almost hear the Jacobs Creek popping over in La La Land as yet another Aussie has cracked it in Hollywood. You know him best as the Oyster Farmer on the banks of the Hawkesbury river, but Sydney actor Alex O’Loughlin has just scored a major break after being cast in a lead role on gritty US cop show ‘The Shield’. 

 30 May 2006
Daily Telegraph, The (Sydney)

found on

keving bw dl 2

O’Loughlin joins Vic Mackey’s strike team as detective Kevin Hiatt after one of the team dies in the series’ fifth-season finale.

“This will probably be the thing that gets me recognized,”

O’Loughlin, who narrowly missed out on the role of James Bond, said yesterday.

“It’s a big deal. The role was highly coveted over here and I’m really happy.”

kevin bw dl 4

After a year and a half trying to crack the big time in the US, the actor said the audition process was a whirlwind.

“I auditioned two weeks ago, they called me back the next day and I just finished the first of seven episodes.”

kevin bw dl 5

Known in Australia for his roles as Will Bryant in the TV mini series Mary Bryant and as Jack Flange in the Oyster Farmer, word of the Sydneysider is already spreading in are fast in LA. “G’day mate, you’re busted!one headline reads.

kevin bw dl 6

But it seems we can count on O’Loughlin, 29, staying down to earth.

“I’m an actor – there’s nothing glamorous about acting until you get to the f… you money and then it all turns to shit anyway,”

he joked about his impending fame.

kevin bw dl 3

My Thoughts

Just to get the timeline (of an actor, and specifically Alex) into perspective:

  • Alex got this part in The Shield(and it was filmed) in May – July 2006.
  • This was shortly after he returned from New York, where he filmed August Rush (that premiered in November 2007).
  • However these episodes of The Shield were only broadcast a year later in April & May 2007.
  • By the time it was broadcast, Alex already shot the original pilot of Moonlight (but the show premiered in September 2007)
  • and also the movie Whiteout (that only premiered in September 2009).
  • And also at that time in April 2007, the movie The Invisible premiered (and that was already shot in late 2005) 😀

 Update with News Paper Scan

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Shooting High: Kevin has got the look – June 2006

Alex O’Loughlin trades convict attire for a bulletproof vest as new star of The Shield

TV Week

16 June 2006


Last time we checked in with Aussie actor Alex O’Loughlin,  he was cutting a fine figure in a convict-style puffy shirt and a rather fetching pair of britches on the set of period miniseries ‘The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant

This time around? Well we’ll let him explain: “When my agent called me and mentioned that you guys wanted to talk with me, I was down in South Central LA at a gun range with the LAPD, shooting off a couple of rounds” he tells us over the phone from Hollywood.

Before you ask, no, he hasn’t joined the police force – he’s just getting in some practice for his new role, as the Strike Team’s newest recruit on multi-award-winning crime series The Shield.

In an enormous break for the 28-year-old actor, he’ll co-star with Michael Chiklis, playing the team’s new recruit, Kevin Hyatt.

“What happens is, (Michael’s character) Vic is under investigation and they’re pushing for him to retire, so they’ve brought in this young guy, Kevin,  to replace him and head up the Strike Team,” Alex explains. Unfortunately he can’t yet tell us much more, but he does say his character is “street savvy and highly trained”. Cue firing range.

Although Alex has been living in LA on an off since 2002, he’s still getting used to Hollywood life. And it doesn’t get more surreal than when you’re hanging in a ghetto with real-life gangsters.

“The first episode was shot on Crenshaw Boulevard, right down in South Central LA, where all the gang bangers are”, he explains “I am standing there in a bulletproof vest, with my Glock pistol by my side and a sawn-off shotgun, kicking in a door on the street. And there are these real-life gang bangers standing on the corner, going, “Alright! The Shield rocks!” And I’m standing there going, “This is surreal, man!”

You can say that again.

Magazine Scan

TV Week 16 Jun 2006


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Moonlighting with #AlexOLoughlin: IGN TV Interview – August 2007


Alex O’Loughlin is the latest in a long line of Australian imports to American film and television. O’Loughlin first got notice for his role as Kevin Hiatt, the cop who would replace Vic Mackey (Michael Chiklis) on The Shield.

O’Loughlin left The Shield when he was offered the role of Mick St. John, an immortal vampire who works as a detective in modern day Los Angeles on the series Moonlight.

While the description of Moonlight may sound familiar to anyone at all familiar with the show Angel, it turns out that Moonlight even has some direct ties to that show. After the original Moonlight pilot was scrapped, producer David Greenwalt was brought in to reconfigure the show and develop a new pilot. Greenwalt, along with Joss Whedon, was the creator of Angel.

It seems that if anyone can keep Moonlight from being an Angel knock-off, it’s Greenwalt. However, Greenwalt’s association with the show ended shortly after it began, as another producer took over (Chip Johannessen of Dark Angel…to work on this show, you have to have done a show with ‘Angel’ in the title…).

Nonetheless, the newest pilot was developed under Greenwalt’s supervision and whatever initial direction the series takes, it seems that the former Angel writer will have made his mark on it.

While at this summer’s Television Critics Association (TCA) event, we had the chance to talk to Alex O’Loughlin on the day he began shooting the new pilot, which would go right into the regular series.

The actor talks to us about ‘The Shield’

and his new vampire series, ‘Moonlight’.

– ,

The IGN TV Interview,

30 August 2007

  • Mick from Moonlight Episode 1: No Such Thing As Vampires

 IGN TV: Has your character changed much from the first pilot that was shot?

Alex: A little, but not too much. Fundamentally he’s still the same cheeky devil he was when we first started out. There’s been a few little shifts, in so much as the way he conducts himself in his day to day affairs. And also how light he is and how serious he takes things.

IGN TV: So when David Greenwalt got involved, are these changes he implemented, in maybe bringing the character up a little bit?

Alex: A little. My character Mick St. John was a little dark, a little obsessed and … I don’t think sanctimonious is the right word, but he was kind of trapped in the darkness of his life and he seemed to have to struggle to get out of that.

Now he’s much more in touch with the irony of everything that’s happening around him, which I think is really important. It’s also a way in for me as an actor into this character, because that’s much more what I’m like and how I see life.

  • Mick from Twilight – The original unaired pilot of Moonlight

IGN TV: This show is starting up a little bit different because you’re re-shooting the pilot and then heading right into the regular season.

Alex: Yeah, it is different. The regular way you shoot the pilot over two or three weeks and then its over and there’s a break while you see what happens. But with this, it’s on. There’s no wrap, we’re on.

We’ve got weekends off, we have 30 seconds to see our families and open presents. If we get the back nine, and hopefully we will, we shoot through another five months or so.

IGN TV: Did this bring you away from The Shield? Had you planned on staying longer?

Alex: Let me tell you, when you do a show like The Shield you’re mad if you don’t plan on staying longer. They asked if they could have an option [to keep him longer] and I said, You can have as many options as you want, Shawn Ryan, you’re incredible.” Essentially the deal was for seven episodes, which is what I ended up doing with the character of Kevin Hiatt.

They did talk about an option, but at that stage they weren’t sure where the show was going and if it was going into another season, and if so what that season was going to be about and the journey of Vic Mackey.

All the episodes I did there was so much emphasis on Vic being squeezed out of the Strike Team, so…I got this role on Moonlight and I thought, ‘Oh, now I don’t think I can option on The Shield. If they even choose to go that way.

But I got my own show, so you really got to do it.

IGN TV: It seemed Hiatt began as the guy who really got Vic. He got Farmington and the Strike Team and understood what needed to be done.

Alex: Yeah I think so. He got it.


IGN TV: And then in your last few episodes, it seemed like Hiatt become a bit more of a tool…

Alex: Oh, let’s say a device. Not a tool, I don’t like the word tool (laughs). But absolutely I think he was more easily manipulated as he found the groove in Farmington. He relaxed a bit more and it was sad he was used the way he was.

If I were in a few more shows I think he would have raised his head a bit more. There were things about Hiatt that weren’t let out in the early episodes so I was looking forward to some darkness coming out.

IGN TV: So you think Hiatt’s story was a little bit abbreviated?

Alex: It was abbreviated a bit. And we missed the chance for an option, which is a shame.

IGN TV: Can you tell us what would have happened?

Alex: I can’t really because of Shawn [Ryan], and the ideas never did come to fruition. And I certainly had some character ideas for Hiatt and was going to talk to them about that and if the option was taken up we would have moved into a lot more character development.

Maybe some about his past on the border, possibly illegitimate children to a Mexican immigrate who maybe had a relationship with. A lot of different things that would have informed a lot that had taken place.

But that’s on the mantle now, but is a great point in my career.


IGN TV: So were you a big fan of vampire fiction before coming to this show?

Alex: Yes, a big fan. A big fan of vampires. I’ve always been obsessed with the genre, and the beautiful romanticism and erotic kind of nature of the immortal being, the undead who lives on human blood.

Just the thought of eternity and us experiencing it, and the fear that brings up in my heart when I think of it. Then I read Anne Rice’s novels, I read her Vampire Chronicles.

The way she encapsulated this genre and these stories within her characters was incredible. She took me on such a huge ride. From then on I always felt it would be great to play a character like Lestat and therefore there is a bit of Lestat in my character in Moonlight.

IGN TV: Were you a fan of Greenwalt’s show Angel?

Alex: What I’ve seen, yeah. I’ve not seen huge amounts of it and I’m not going to go out of my way to do that until I’m firmly in this character. I don’t want anything to inform it, I want to go into this totally neutral.

But I am really looking forward to sitting down with it, get the box set over the next couple of years and watching all of Angel.

IGN TV: Do you have a working theory about the huge influx of Australian talent into the United States? You guys didn’t all get on the same boat to come over did you?

Alex: No, man. The thing is, this is the film and television mecca of the world. It just so happens to be here. That’s just the way it is. It’s not necessarily that LA is where we want to be, but this is where it all is.

So that’s why we come here. And we come here because there’s no work at home. In Australia it’s more a boutique industry, what are you going to do? You have to go where the work is.

So we come here, and if you’re lucky you get a gig and you answer to it. I feel very fortunate to be accepted the way I am in the American industry.


PS. Adding a big thank you to Gabi aka Fever for giving me the opportunity to capture the original Moonlight pilot in better quality and without the logo. We are so thankful, cause there really aren´t that many captures made from it. We will post more at some point. You might remember she was the one to share the White Collar Blue video with the fandom, too. Wonderful person ♥


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The road to Steve McGarrett, gif-recap of Alex´s screen appearances


We have done posts of Alex´s roles in the past, but it´s been a while. We thought it might be a good idea to celebrate his career again, as part of our birthday celebration for him.

First we have young NIDA graduate Alex, practicing his craft in Australian television and film……..

Then we have Alex in his first roles in Hollywood movies and US television……….


And then we get Steve, the super schmexy SEAL 🙂

Not only is he a pleasure to look at, but his performances over the years have always been a treat.



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