Steve´s not moving, still…

Just a simple random selection of Steve´s faces from all previous seasons…


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16 responses to “Steve´s not moving, still…

  1. Maybe it is my mood today, but some of these pictures makes me want to cry……
    Maybe it is just some beautiful memories?!


  2. AlexNymph

    Beautiful! Thank you Paula–MWAH!


  3. Karen

    Luckily for us, Steve’s smiles became less fleeting in s3 :-)! He’s just so beautiful to look out smiles or not! Sigh…


  4. lunaterra12

    He need not move for us to enjoy! Smooches for your wonderful work! xxoo


  5. I hope you are viewing these on your computer screens, and please remember these are big files, and should be viewed by clicking on that big size link (first click on the pic and then you see the original size link on the right)!!! It really is worth filling your screen with his beautiful face. You can count his stubble too 🙂


  6. Anwyn

    I have counted, and counted, and counted. I think he’ s most sexy when he has the ‘dramatic’ look. Just awesome. Thank you so much, Paula.


  7. buttercup

    Wow, wow, just wow! Filling the screen is actually worth it, thanks a lot for the reminder! That MAN is just frkn beautiful in every pictures! The uniform one with the hat, how was that *asdfghjkllkjhasdf* and the greenshirt one – I hug you for that (big hug)!
    In the last one with uniform he looks like Mick in WorldWar2 when he comes home and fixes stuff for his dead friends lady 😉 !


  8. karin@notmcnerd

    Certainly can’t be a coincidence that there is scruff in each picture! Thanks Paula.


  9. Beautiful Paula. My entire mind and body thank you from my head to my toes and especially the HOT spots in between LOL


  10. canadagirl66

    LOVE these Paula! He is SO.BEAUTIFUL…it hurts my heart to look at him…especially the one in the car and the one in the blue room. Those AMAZING eyes….I get lost in them every time!!!


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