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“Undressing Steve” (No 7) – Episode 1:04 Lanakila (Victory)

We don’t really know why this episode was named  ‘Victory’, because it ended up being a totally failed attempt at ‘Undressing Steve’. Okay, you most probably don’t have a clue what we mean, but hopefully it will  unfold as we go along…….. and just because we are silly fangirls and we want to have some fun while ‘Undressing Steve’, let’s continue the story! 😀

Time Frame:

This case once again took a day to resolve. Wow, they really worked hard to get this one done. 😀


  • A normal day on the job, playing one on one basketball with an inmate, resuscitating a gunshot victim, storming a bank, flying a helicopter, trekking through the forest…….. like I said, a normal day in the office for our superhero.


Peter M. Lenkov , Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci

They are the 3 big writing and executive producing Kahuna’s of Hawaii Five-0. They were obviously involved in writing this episode, because the had to rewrite the introduction of 2 female characters of the show and of Steve’s life, that were originally part of the Pilot episode, but landed on the editing room floor.


Alex Zakrzewski – He directed only this one episode of Hawaii Five-0

Steve carrying Sister Mary’s suitcase and he looks just like a little school boy: 🙂


LaHagela: Dear Lord, look how high and tight his bum is!! So much junk in that trunk!!
This is why those tan cargo’s were my fav’s…..They just showed everything off to perfection, yet they were loose…..strange.

FOYeur: Sorry, but the suitcase totally distracted me. Firstly because he looked so cute and kind of uncomfortable carrying it. I could see little Stevie, carrying naughty sister Mary’s school case.

BUT really,  Mary is coming back home for a while. I am sure all her belongings do not fit into that tiny suitcase. I would have had him push a trolley load full of bags, just for the fun of it! And it would also be more realistic 😀

Look here, this gives me immunity and means:


LaHagela: I think he needs to lift his shirt higher when showing his abs…oops, I mean badge. The badge should also be moved over to the left. Maybe worn as a belt buckle instead? That would be great, so when he lifts the shirt and points we could all giggle.

FOYeur: I am giggling in any case. Why do you think I included this one – teehee, I always look passed the badge! 😛

But all jokes aside, the badge is a very important accessory we did not mention last time – without it Steve is naked……but wait, that is what we want – naked Steve. Maybe somebody should just steal the badge. 😀

This is how Steve enters a room:


LaHagela: What is in his pockets? Are those different pants? They don’t look as roomy….but hey we’ve got Kevlar here to look at too!
And look!! Chin is behind him getting a really good look at his bum….I wonder what Chin is thinking (besides “damnnnnnnnn”)??

FOYeur: He does carry a lot of junk with him in those cargos, doesn’t he? Maybe all the things he used to carry in there, he now hooks onto his new Kevlar. The Kevlar seems to be getting fuller and fuller with every season.

The pose is the perfect way to intimidate any perp. 😀 I am scared and totally turned on at the same time!!


LaHagela: Hehehehehe, Chin is still looking at McG’s ass!! Smart man!!

FOYeur: I think Chin is trying to say, my gun is bigger that yours! 😛

She got shot, Steve needs to undress! 😛


LaHagela: She’s been shot, strip all the way down Steve! She needs your body temperature to save her life!! That means the shirt has to go to! Silly Seal!

FOYeur: Why have we have all been so dumb – all we need to do is get shot and he will COME! 😀 ….I mean undress….

Steve got on his knees for her:


LaHagela: Steve you’re still wearing your shirt.
Take it off and she will respond, even though she’s on deaths door. I promise! BTW – Steve’s having a really good hair day too.

FOYeur: This man on all fours next to me……..I would not need to be shot for my heart to give in! Or maybe it was the perfect hair that did her in at the end……

Oops, she went too far and started dying:


LaHagela: Steve needs to straddle her and keep her warm…..why is this not happening?? Who wrote this scene?

FOYeur: Moral of the story is, don’t let the wound be too serious!…….stay calm and breathe and breathe……. 😛

The good old days when there were still chairs around the computer table (or is that a table computer? – still haven’t found an answer for it yet :smile:)


LaHagela: I love that little section of the frame where the magic table top is and McG’s legs (and other things) are. His pants seem to be tugging in the crotchal area, is McG happy to see the magic table? I’m still happy to see those pants ( what the hell is on Kono’s feet?)

FOYeur: The good old days when the computer table was lower (for viewing pleasure) and everybody else were ‘bluer‘ than Steve! 🙂

Did he take of his shirt?:


LaHagela: Really? He couldn’t leave the shirt off for 5 more seconds? But UMPHHFFFFF, Steve in a crisp white v-neck……YUM!!!

FOYeur: And the poor gunshot victim was not even close to see it! Poor thing all the trouble for nothing…….


LaHagela: She’s not doing a very good job of fixing his collar….here I will help (help you remove it!). Why is he giving her sexing eyes? Stop that!! God, his face is totally distracting me. The eyes, the lips……the broad chest under the white shirt. Why is she not caressing his pec’s? How is she resisting the urge to break character? This is why I would be a really terrible actress! I have a one track mind. and the train is usually on the Alex Sexpress track!
She is obviously a much better actress then I previously gave her credit for.

FOYeur: I found this scene disturbingly too erotic for something happening between a brother and sister. Maybe it is not a good idea to have a brother and a sister, not see each other for most of their adult lives. 😛 Or maybe Alex …… I mean Steve, just can’t help eyesexing everybody close to him….. DAMN he is sexy ….. sigh…….

My phone needs protection:


LaHagela: I will protect you! and those tan cargo’s!! I will protect them by removing them and encasing them in a plexiglass shrine on a muscular male mannequin! Then throwing your phone in the water, thus rendering you helpless whilst I have my way with you! Go away Chin! I have to undress your boss!

FOYeur: Look even Chin looks away, because he can read your/ our thoughts! 😀 I MISS THE TAN CARGOS!

Yes, give him a big stick between my legs and Steve can fly!: 😛


LaHagela: “Give him a big stick between my legs” ???? Who wrote this filth? His big stick!!
I’d like to attempt to fly it! God, I am such a perv.

FOYeur: I could not resist, the stick needed mentioning!

So did they find the Fountain Of Youth? :


LaHagela: Is Chin telling Steve about the ancient Hawaiian prophecy that the Fountain of Youth resides within the Big Kahuna’s pants? I totally think that’s whats going on here. I love when Chin gets philosophical!

FOYeur:  I would call it FOYlosophical! But then again I am a silly fangirl with a weird name! 😛

BTW, I am sure Capt Jack Sparrow is going to jump from behind the bushes any minute now!

Steve telling her how sorry he is that he could not completely undress for her: 😛


LaHagela: She’s obviously told him that had he taken off his shirt and pants, she would not be hooked up to all these machines because the fountain of youth would have restored her health completely! Steve is responding that it was only a little while ago that Chin told him about the old Hawaiian prophecy, and he’s very sorry that he didn’t know about it when he had the chance to fully restore her health.

FOYeur: I just think she should have known not to go too far.

The second, but also the last time we see Steve with sunglasses (working them rather nicely):


LaHagela: Sunnies!! Oh Steve, wardrobe needs to put you back in the sunglasses because you squint a lot, and it’s bad for the skin around your eyes……you need to be more sun smart. I’ve been watching the gif of his removing the sunnies for about 5 minutes now…..it’s mesmerizing. He even manages to work his right eyebrow into the scene. His eyebrows are such scene stealing whores

FOYeur: It is a case of the LOST accessory. Maybe the ‘smoke monster’ stole it…. 😀

Look, Steve brought his own packed lunch:



LaHagela: Packed Lunch!! Thanks to TOF I will never be able look at someone carrying their lunch in a bag without giggling ever again……and how much do I love that he’s got 2!! packed lunches in this scene!! And what big packed lunches they are!! It looks like he’s toting around at least a 7 course meal in there.

FOYeur: What happened to our lunch invitation?! We should know the postal service can’t be trusted – look what happened to poor Jack Flange and his parcel! No wonder we always miss out on all the good stuff!

My puzzle moment:


FOYeur: This was such a beautiful picture. It reminded me how much I love building puzzles. Maybe we can find a picture as beautiful as this in each episode to be our “Puzzle Moment”?

LaHagela: Hmmmm……maybe if it was just a random field they were in and not a cemetery I could nod in agreement, but yeah, I don’t want to do a cemetery puzzle…….I suggest we use the photo above for the “puzzle moment”……I wouldn’t mind putting that together. 😉

FOYeur: I do not like building puzzles about things I would rather eat. 😛

I just thought it might be a good idea to share the beauty of Hawaii, while we ‘Undress’ the beauty of our SEAL! Cemeteries can be pretty too.

Thank you for joining us for another episode of ‘Undressing Steve’. And remember, this is just for fun….. and playing with our favorite subject 😛


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