Alex O’Loughlin and the Red Door……

But there’s a saying: ‘Hollywood eats the weak.’ And I’m still here, baby.

— Alex O’Loughlin, American Way, 1 April 2010

We have debated a lot about how Alex sometimes willfully does dangerous or harmful stunts, because he is dedicated to his craft. However unforeseen accidents happen with scenes where a stunt double would not seem necessary. About six months ago, the answer to a question about something that bugged me for a long time, came to light. A lot of people specifically asking me to write my research about Alex and his teeth. There has also been a lot of speculation about it and thought to share some of my findings. Please be aware that I do not have any first hand information about what happened. This is just the visual facts that were found when searching for answers.

This story starts in the beginning of 2012, a year ago this week…….

This is Alex in the beginning of Episode 2:15 – Filmed from 3 -12 January 2012. Remember Steve and Lori were jogging together.


Okay ladies, I know he is pretty, but lets move on. You have studied this beautiful face long enough now – remember I will refer you back to it….

This is Alex on 14 January 2012 at the G’Day gala event:

d day

Maybe some of you have noticed a little bit of damage to the pretty face?

Take a closer look…… (You can click on the picture for an even closer view)

Damage on 14 Jan 2012

What do we see?

  • The cut on his forehead is quite visible, if you know to look for it
  • The little damage and swelling of the nose is not that visible and well hidden with make-up.
  • The teeth you will only notice if you watch closely and know that before this, his front teeth were even and now they are uneven.
  • There is also maybe a little bit of damaged still visible on his lower lip

So what happened from the beginning of January 2012 to the 14 January 2012 that caused this damage?

Somewhere during the filming of this Episode 2:15, this happened. (And please remember that although this was the last scenes of Episode 2:15, filming does not take place in chronological order of how the story plays out in the actual episode)


Here are some photos to help you have a better look at what happened….





Can you see the damage?


Maybe not – take a closer look again …

215-After the door 2

  • There is a big bruise on the right upper side of his forehead
  • On the forehead you  can see some more covered up bruises and the faint mark of the cut in the middle
  • His left eye is a little bloodshot
  • His nose has a red mark across it and is visibly swollen
  • Unfortunately his mouth is not open wide enough to see his teeth properly

Surely he suffered a lot of pain and must have been uncomfortable and yet it looks like he went on to finish the shooting for that evening……

After the Red Door

Lip damage 1

The cut on the lower lip can clearly be seen on these pictures, but the cut on the forehead is to high and hidden by the  hair and wrinkles. And to me it looks like a lot of make-up on that forehead

Lip damage 2

A not lightened and a lightened sceen cap added to show bump on the right side of the forehead maybe a bit better….



It is a pity that the shooting was in the dark and for obvious reasons they did not really do any close-up shots. We can also not be sure of the immediate damage at all, because of the lack of light and close-ups.

And just to show the difference again, photos from the episode before the accident. No cut on forehead, no swollen nose, no cut on the lower lip and the front teeth are even.

Before the door 2

Before the door....

And then some scenes filmed in the days after the accident….

Scenes filmed after the door

Here you can see the cut and even still some bruising on the forehead and of course the uneven two front teeth. The swelling on his nose looks a lot better – or maybe the makeup department just did a good job for  once. 😀 The damage to the bottom lip can also still be seen.

Scenes filmed after the door (2)

I am not exactly sure what happened with his teeth during the accident, but it seems as if some damage came to the veneers on the front teeth. They were either knocked off or removed after the accident, to leave only his own real teeth behind.

After the Red Door 2

And then photos taken 6 months later….

6 June 2012

As you can see, the cut on the forehead left a little mark and the uneven teeth has not been altered and it is not necessary. Alex look good either way and the difference can hardly be seen. He is one gorgeous man, a great actor and uniquely generous person…..perfect, just as he is!

HFPA Interviews in LA - 6 June 2012

I think I got a really clear idea of the nature of this business. A really clear idea of the fact that it doesn’t mean anything: it doesn’t matter how good you are, it doesn’t even matter if you’re not good. You are far less important than you think you are. You are just a cog in a collaborative machine that is Hollywood.

— Alex O’Loughlin, GQ Style, March 2011



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48 responses to “Alex O’Loughlin and the Red Door……

  1. heymomo

    Once again, Foyeur, I am in awe of your intense study! If they hadn’t included the garage door falling on him in the gag reel, we would be left wondering how these injuries happened! I’m sure it was quite painful, but I guess he looks back on it now and sees it as funny. Interesting as well how Steve refers to chipping his tooth in 2.16… I guess that line was put in because some of us pay very close attention!


    • FOYeur

      Yes, the gag-reel gave me the answer I was looking for and I am forever grateful to the person that posted it……I had a lot of very wild theories before then of what might have happened and I am in a sense relieved that it was a work related injury in the end. 😀


      • Meanwhile I am still more bothered by the fact they included this accident in the gag reel! Our guy got hurt, and they added some silly sound effect to make people laugh. I never thought this bit should have been in there. But since it served a good purpose for FOYeur´s research, I guess we should be happy they did…


      • belen

        yes , but, what it was the shoulder that was injured , the right or the left?


        • Kath40

          It was his right shoulder. He had tape on it in an interview talking about the injury early in season 2 before he went to rehab (can’t find the video) but here is an old screen cap I have from the interview. 😉


        • Kath40

          Hi belen. Alex hurt his right shoulder. 😉


          • belen

            Thnk you very much ,i though the shoulder injury had made in the episode of the probowl, thanks for getting me the error.


            • The probowl injury in Season 3, was a Steve McGarrett injury and had nothing to do with Alex himself. Alex hurt his right shoulder in Season 1 already and he got treatment for it on the set while filming Epi 1:13. Later he spoke about it in an interview while filming the season finale of S1 in 2011.


              • belen

                But bloopers season and in tehe pictures it seems that the shoulder is hit the left and not the right. , is not it?


                • We are obviously talking about different times and injuries. Nobody really knows what Alex injured with this red door, and if his shoulder was injured. All of it is speculation. The injuries that we could see, I reported on here in this article above. And nothing of it is verified by any official source.
                  But what we all are talking about is the longterm shoulder injury that he sustained in S1 and agrivated in the filming or EPi 2:10. That was all long before this episode 216 was filmed in January 2012.


                  • Kath40

                    Alex had an interview with TV Guide where he talked but his injury in season 2. The video is no longer available but I do have a small cap of him talking about it. You can see the tape. 😀


  2. thank you, it’s great post, I know I asked you once for “study” on his teeth. Just one thought: you left out really good quote, and I have it on my Twitter, here’s the link:



  3. LindaSue

    I also am in awe of your intense research. And your amazing attention to the little details about Alex. Thank you for posting this.


  4. Although Alex may have been hurt in this scene, that huge bruise you’re referring to isn’t a bruise at all. It’s the pixelation that occurs when you lighten a very dark shaded area on these screencaps. I know, because I battle it all the time when trying to make my pictures (sigh.) Plus, the bruise would have been on the other side of his face. As far as his nose, it looks entirely different based on the angle of the camera. I can look at photos from 2009 and see that it looks as broad as those where you think it’s swollen. I have been curious about the chipped tooth though. I wish he’d never worn those damned veneers because they have to file the natural teeth down so the appliance fits over them, and that weakens the real teeth. No doubt the poor baby gets banged up much more often than we ever realize.


  5. Linda E.

    I don’t remember when we first noticed that Alex had veneers done. Was it when he was doing publicity for TBP? I always thought his own teeth were fine, and now they seemed too perfect. He also seemed in interviews to have difficulty talking around them.
    I thought the chipped tooth added a bit of character. He’s had the veneers changed a few times also, I think, as his teeth look a bit shorter now than when they were first done.
    Thank you for this thread, FOYeur. Intense study of everything Alex is
    so necessary and appreciated.


    • FOYeur

      I did do a study on when he had his front veneers done and I believe it was between the filming of TBUP and the filming of Three Rivers in July 2009 ……but that is a difficult study to prove. Maybe one day I will post it. 🙂
      And yes Alex is even more gorgeous will all his little imperfections and scars!!


  6. FOYeur… thanks again for the great reseach and writing.
    The front incisors was chip and curves into the other incisor.I think because of work on H50 it was a rush job to fix. The dentist did a poor job, and recommandated a procedure that ruin his natural teeth. The repaired chipped tooth is now uneven and still curves. A good orthodontist on the mainland ( LA ) is needed. Invisible braces or night retainer will straighten out the problem, of the top teeth because they have moved slighly. I notice the chip and curving on the HEPA photo.
    If you remember on I Helu Pu ( the Reckoning) Kono ask him if he was hurt and Steve responded “crack tooth” etc. (H50)?
    The bump on the forehead stills shows depending on lighting or shooting of the scene. Bones in the nose must have been broken. Plastic surgeon is needed to fix the nose problem. He must snore loudly, but a fangirl would be glad to endure the sound.
    The teeth problem should be fixed, because of health care. The forehead, and nose is a matter of cosmetic correction and up to Alex.
    Alex fans would stand by him either way.


  7. Colleen Pudwell

    I commend you with your intense study!! I too wondered if he actually did hurt himself in the gag reel. It was obvious that the door did come down onto his face, but never put 2 and 2 together when I noticed his chipped tooth. Thanks so much for the study! Well done 🙂


  8. FOYeur…I think the garage door falling on Alex was put in the gagreel was TPTB attempt to show fans how he hurt his shoulder. The shoulder was hurt prior to this scene. Problily hurt more after this accident.


    • FOYeur

      Yes E, in one of his latest interviews he talks about getting hurt and hurt again and then really hurt before he realised he needed help and rehab.
      Nov 2010 on the set of Epi 1:13 he received treatment for his shoulder already.
      We know in Epi 2:10 (Oct 2011) he was hanging on those shoulders for a long time, hurting it again. And then this in Jan 2012…..


  9. I’m not going to debate, I’m just going to cuddle him ❤ 🙂


    • FOYeur

      Yes, that’s how I feel too……cuddle is the right thing to do!
      I cried for a few days when I first did this study 6 months ago…. 😦


  10. Lisa

    Do we know where or when he got that shoulder injury that had him on the sidelines and in rehab? It happened during filming?


  11. Lisa

    sorry, just saw that it was already answered. great job with the study!


  12. LaHagela (The Tinkler)

    You know if you look at the cut on his forehead you can actually see in these high resolution photo’s that they were touched up in editing. You can see the pixels from the photoshopping job.


    • The pixelation isn’t from touch ups in editing. That’s just the natural occurrence when screen capping and enlarging videos. And ironically, the higher quality of the video, the worse the pixelation. Which is why now that I’m using HQ video for my pics, it’s taking me hours to edit out or camouflage the damn pixels.


  13. FOYeur
    I am awed by the thoughtful well researched and well written account you have given about Alex’s injuries and the damage he has sustained while entertaining us all.
    Your beautiful {And quite sad} post made me cry as well. I thank you profoundly for making us all realise How VERY much Alex deserves the love and adoration we give him and how much he deserves every Dollar he makes !! ACTUALLY HE DESERVES MUCH MORE!!
    This time I used caps not for my usual emphasis but because I really am yelling at the PTB for allowing my lovely lad to hurt himself OVER AND OVER !!!
    Big hug for you wiith all my love


  14. lurxgirl

    FOYeur, thank you so much for this intense study. I first noticed his chipped tooth in June. I then went back to see when it happened and couldn’t figure it out. He was getting so thin that I was having a hard time concentrating on his face, because I was so sad for him getting so thin. I must admit, I am a little miffed that TPTB put his accident in the gag reel. Oh well, he is healthy now and he is still the most handsome man on the planet!!! I love that he has a few imperfections and is still beautiful, inside and out . 🙂 I don’t like him getting hurt tho 😦 I’d like to cuddle him and kiss his booboos for him ❤ I know it's a vv long line.


  15. Thanks FOYeur I really, really, enjoyed this. I have to admit that when I watched the gag reel and saw that damned red door come down on Alex, the only thing that went through my mind is that it was another blow to his injured shoulder. It breaks my heart to think that he was hurt way worse than that. I did notice that Alex had his veneers removed…I thought it was just his personal preference… and I just assumed that his natural teeth were chipped/crooked underneath. Which is okay by me. I think he looks and sounds even better (if that’s possible) with the veneers removed. Honestly, I never noticed Alex’s facial injuries…because… well I have a very difficult time watching S2 episodes 12 to 19 or looking at screen caps and pictures of him during that time. It brings back all those feelings of deep concern and worry for his health. Even now, I want to go back and rewatch this episode to check out your findings…but I just can’t do it…not yet anyway.
    As for being annoyed about the red door fiasco appearing in the gag reel…that doesn’t bother me too much… maybe I’m naive but I’d like to believe that the actors have some say as to what does and doesn’t appear in those sorts of things…and because knowing what we know about Alex he probably thought that looking back on it, that it was hilarious! 🙂


  16. Indeed, he is purrrrfecttt just the way he is. Dang, that looks like it hurt though. Our poor Baby! Wonder if there’s anything I could do to make him feel better…? Lol! Truly though, I would do anything to help. When he was in rehab I kept him in prayer at least three times a day. I am still always praying for him at least once a day. My main prayer,…that he is healthy, happy, adores his sons, and has Christ as his personal Savior, stop living out of wedlock but, find happiness in a Godly marriage. Sorry, I rambled.


  17. lynnrxgal

    Adding my thanks to you as well. The one thing that I noticed about Alex’s upper left central incisor is that it is pushed higher into the gum, not broken off. This must have occurred with him hitting the tooth from the bottom up when falling against something. The incident with the red door itself would not have caused it unless it resulted in him falling and hitting his face on something as he fell. That would also account for the lip cut (biting it when he fell). All this time I assumed that he was in an accident related to the prescription drug use, but now I see that it was due to the “red door.”

    As for when the first veneers appeared, it was when he was promoting The Back Up Plan. I was at the premier in LA and nearly cried when I saw what happened to his teeth. Whomever talked him into that should have been taken out and hogtied! Having been married to an oral surgeon for the past 37 years, I am acutely aware of teeth and this was terrible! It’s a mistake that many people make, though, wanting big, square, white teeth. The problem is that REAL teeth are not big, squarish or white!

    I hope that Alex is getting better dental advice now, especially considering that his partner’s father is a dentist.


  18. LiezlK

    I think you can officially say you’ve made it when somebody writes 4400 words about your teeth 😀


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  21. Sue (@ONTLLs)

    I can get past that last picture, the silver hair in his beard, those gorgeous eyes and .. What was the topic again?? 😉
    Just kidding, Loved your study, thanks for the great detailed work.


  22. Helloeeze

    I’m glad to see Alex looking so well,.a bit heavier and without those veneers that he had before TBP premiere. He doesn’t need them. His teeth are perfect enough, in fact, endearing with their tiny flaws. I’m glad he is healthy and happy now. But I never understood why he felt he needed those veneers. I was wondering if they were covering up braces or something, because they sure didn’t look good.


    • FOYeur

      Hi Helloeeze
      Yes it is great to see Alex in good shape!
      As far as I can tell he only had those very big veneers for 3 or 4 months (While filming H5-0 Pilot and doing TBUP promotions), they were replace by ones that looked a lot better by the time they filmed H5-0 Episode 1:02.
      Don’t know if they were covering anything?
      And yes he looks great just as he is (flaws and all), no work needed! 🙂


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  24. gracenotpark

    Oh I missed this the first time round… Thanks for linking to it! Bless his heart. He had a freaking rough year last year! So glad this year has been kinder. 🙂


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