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Yey! New, goofy #AlexOloughlin strikes again :D

Thanks to @SurfBelle2 on twitter for sharing the pics, which took us to IG user @frenchietheexplorer and found even a goofy Alex mini clip. Alex being his usual hilarious self 😀 Appears the video and pics were already shared 1-2 weeks ago, but been “hidden”, with no proper tags alerting fans. Lucky for us, they weren´t lost forever!

(I wonder which one is her favorite, hmmmm? *wink* )

You can view the mini video here 


PS. I swapped the video gif, cause it was shot from a mirror, now it faces us the right way.
Thank you @frenchietheexplorer for sharing this fun ♥


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Alex O’Loughlin gave me wonderful friends!

Just because it is 1 October already in OZ, let’s start celebrating early!!

One thing is certain; Alex O’Loughlin has got some of the most wonderful people as fans all around the world. Over the last nine months I’ve had the privilege of meeting a few of them online. And of course a very special one of them is my very creative partners on this blog! From the very beginning of me chatting online, we seemed to share a lot of the same interests and just hit it off.

Could not believe my eyes when Paula made me the very first gif I asked from her. I am not going to post it here, but let’s just say it involves Alex and the Red Champbox and it is very cute. I think that it was kind of the beginning of our friendship

Then one night I decide to start a twitter account. It was 12 February and I was logged into Paula’s Tumblr account and from her twitter followed the prompts to start myself on twitter. I did not think she was awake, but I barely opened the account and suddenly this first reply from her came through. I was taken aback a bit, because I thought no one would notice. She immediately told some of our other friends that I joined the 21st century and the next minute I had 5 or 6 of them following me…..And as they say the rest is history and my life was twittered forever!

The next step was to get rid of that terrible egg that twitter give me….and because Paula loves beautiful things she offered to do an avi for me. To do all those details for it properly we started communicating via e-mail. On one of the first e-mails I gave her my real name….yes I actually have a real name.. 😆
Her reply: “Hi *******, don´t worry about me giving out your name, more than likely to forget it very soon. I´m so bad with names.”

I only laughed about it and since then we have shared many more laughs. The people around me in real life sometimes wonder about it, when you sit at your computer and suddenly just start laughing. Well with Paula as friend on the other side, it happens!

My request for the avi was for a keyhole and Alex inside, as if I am watching him through it. She made me one and all these months later, it is still the one I am using.

Before the end of February my life was altered in such a way that my online friends became an even bigger part of my social life. And without exaggerating too much I can with honesty say that they have made my life so much fun and helped me keep my sanity most of the times.

So Paula my dear friend, this is a big THANK YOU for being the lover of fun and beauty you are! (That includes Alex of course) And together with it, wishes for a wonderful day of celebrating your birth and a year full of laughs and fun! A thrill ride that never ends…..

You are so far away and the only pretty thing I could think of to give you, is this flower from my own garden.



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