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They say ….. #AlexOLoughlin Can Make You Feel Like a Star.

On so many occasions I have seen comments by fans where they mention how Alex can make you feel at ease and special, even when you are nervous meeting him. But that is not only true for fans who meet him. People who worked on the show also mention how he made them feel special.

For this post we have some comments from Karen who works as part of the crew on Hawaii Five-0. She worked with them for season 5 and 6, then left for 2 years and came back to Hawaii about a year ago. Here are some of what she posted over the years.

  • In November with the broadcast of Episode 10:07 Karen wrote this:
simplykaren23  Tonight’s episode a beautiful and wonderful grandma & my aunt had the chance to be a part of the filming while we were in Los Angeles. She had such a wonderful time, the crew made her feel so loved and welcome, Alex O’Loughlin made her feel like a star. Not only is it such an amazing episode but it means a little bit more that my grandma got to play a part of it. She didn’t get much screen time. It’s a quick flash, but the experience she had was worth anything in the world. Thank you Alex, and to the crew for making my grandma so welcomed.
  • Karen’s Grandma also attended the private screening of Episode 10:07 in September


  • On Alex’s birthday in 2015 Karen wrote this: 
simplykaren23 Happy birthday to this handsome mate. Such a hard working, sweet, humble, caring, funny guy. Always a great day when he’s on set. #alexoloughlin #hawaiifive0 #five0ohana
  • In 2016 before she left working on Hawaii Five-0 

simplykaren23  Whelp! That’s a season wrap on this stud… #hawaiifive0  #alexoloughlin  #mcgarrett #h50 #season6finale

And of course all these these beautiful comments from Karen and the great hugs with Alex  make our fangirl hearts happy …

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Hope you enjoy the final few days of 2019!



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