#H50 8.16 – More action needed

After such a long wait for fresh Steve, and then a whole lot of nothing…so little to choose from.

Hoping for a more exciting 8.17….



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21 responses to “#H50 8.16 – More action needed

  1. Lulu

    You are so right about not enough action in this last episode. The only redeeming factor was watching Alex.

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  2. mamayorkie

    Not enough Steve. Not enough Eddie. Too much restaurant nonsense. Three COTW is still two too many.

    Frankly, I am not sure how they are able to keep a straight face when delivering their lines. Or maybe they don’t and there have to be multiple takes and some choppy editing.

    The show has given up on itself. Very, very sad for the fans. .

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  3. The little tongue flick not bad

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  4. Double L

    I hope the next one is Steve-heavy, because 8.18 will be Steve-lite with Alex directing.

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  5. CassG

    More action needed for real!! I was truly looking forward to seeing the new ep only to be disappointed once again!!😣 The only redeeming grace was seeing Steve.😍 Seeing Eddie was cool but too brief!

    I also suggest that Steve rethink those undercover assignments!!🤔 The team is limited but the newbies need a bit more seasoning. As for Adam who is supposed to have an inside advantage on the crime bosses well he fell flat and got the crap beat out of him to boot and let’s not forget those ANTS all over him!!! Yikes!!🤤😭

    The one true person he can count on is Grover!!😊😊 Oh yeah and I almost forgot about Danny his part-time partner!😁😃

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  6. lipstx4evr

    Agreed, the episode was crap. But…he wears those cargo pants so well. Can we get an episode of Alex doing what he does best, running, jumping, strutting, and all those other hot moves he’s so good at? I think a total eye candy episode would be so wonderful.
    Ah dreams.

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  7. lindae5o

    The episode was blah, but thanks Paula, for the goodies. The tongue, the fingers, Eddie, and Steve’s panther-moves were the only good things about the eppie. Thank you, Alex and Eddie !!

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  8. rebecca

    love me some Alex he’s so hot

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  9. CassG

    BTW I forgot my manners but thanks Paula for the pics of gorgeous Alex!! Always a joy!!❤

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  10. Is it me or is Alex getting very thin? He looks tired, almost gaunt. It’s time he stops living on sushi and eats some good nourishing stew. A few additional stone and a close shave would make him look healthier and fit. My opinion.

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    • gracenotpark

      He’s either aged very suddenly, or Show is trying to make McG look sick. I don’t think Show is that clever, so I’m hoping Alex perks up soon. Bless him…


      • Sorry, but I am out here. I think he looks terrific these days.
        And as I’ve been told a lot he looks even better in real.
        Buzzcut and scruff – that’s just personal taste. Nothing more.

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        • CassG

          I have to agree with you. I love the way he looks! 😍 I would also love to see him in real life to truly get an up close and personal view of gorgeous Alex!🤓 ❤


        • lindae5o

          I think Alex is as beautiful as ever, and I never get tired of that gorgeous face. Alex has aged a bit, but that’s OK. Eight years forward changes us all.


        • Double L

          I’m with you leiCa. I do think he needs to shave a little more often, but other than that he looks good. He didn’t look too thin the last time we saw him shirtless in 8.06, but just to be sure he could give us a peek again in this week’s episode. 😉 ♥


      • I think the biggest factor for the ‘big difference’ is that with the buzz cut they no longer colour Alex’s hair. That might cause the effect of “suddenly” maybe looking a bit older. That, and the longer scruff, showing more grey in it.
        Also nearing the end of the season (and this episode was filmed second last before Christmas break), and in his own words Alex have said on a number of occasions that he gets thinner during the working months. (and this year he did not exactly start with much hiatus-meat to begin with at all.)
        Loads of pressure at the start of the season with those who left and all the negative stuff surrounding it …..
        Three weeks left before the wrap of filming for Season 8 – And I hope he enjoys a well deserved rest after that!


        • kathysr

          I think he’s just tired. I agree with FOYuer, at the beginning of this season’s filming, the huge negative reaction in social media due to the sudden departure of two beloved cast members had to be very stressful for Alex. I remember commenting on the very first day of shooting last July that Alex looked really thin.

          I’m quite sure that he’d take my breath away if I was ever lucky enough to meet him. Plus he’s so sweet, funny and kind with his legion of fans, that makes him even more adorable, irresistible and wonderful.

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  11. Magnólia

    Muito giro! Obrigada,Paula 🍀🎻

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  12. Love all your gifs! Thank you again, Paula. We got tons of Alexpressions in this episode and I love that. And our boy looked extra terrific, although the blue overload. But I love the scruff!!!

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