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#H50 Episode 8:16 – Trimmed (or rather, cut to the bone)

  • Adam and the Ants’ threw a party.
  • The Juniors go undercover …. or are they in one of Danny’s nightmares again?
  • The Five-0’s talked and talked a lot around the magic table.
  • Steve looks gorgeous as usual.
  • Seems the state pays Danny to never be at work for Five-0 anymore, but rather be a wannabe restaurateur …. now THAT is the type of job I would like to have  – one where  your main employer let you do your hobbies half of the time, and pay you loads of money for doing it …..
  • Seems lots of people bury money in Hawaii – first thing I’ll do when I ever get there, I’ll start digging ….
  • Adam gets beat up by his new Kono’ maybe it is Kono-originals’ revenge for being duct taped all those years ago?.
  • The Juniors are not very good at being subtle when they are undercover …. maybe they need some pointers?
  • Eddie did some sniffing, but in the end Danny’s nose was better at finding the body?
  • And after all who knew …… Uncle Vito was the ‘wisest’ of them all …. But Steve still refuse to listen and just give up on the restaurant. *sigh* I guess the torture lives on…..

‘Only the Stars of Heaven Know Where Pae Is’ (name of this episode translated) …. I am happy that at least the stars know where it is, because the H50writers definitely lost it somewhere between the 3 storylines we now have to follow each week …..

…… And as usual I am amazed at the amount of activities the Five-0’s packed into this one day?


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