#H50 6.07 deleted scene

Another treat from Jill Vanduyn to share with Alex hungry fans 😀 This time a deleted scene from 6.07. The date that got a bit exciting, but doubt Lynn complained 😉







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13 responses to “#H50 6.07 deleted scene

  1. Maybe it is good that it was deleted. Kind of like Lynn a bit because she is the one that could make our favorite Navy Seal “human!”


    • I like Lynn too but for sure he does not need her to make him human. He likes fixing toys, he cares, he suffers and he fights and that’s what makes him human.


  2. I wish it hadn’t been deleted as I like Lynn a lot 🙂 and it is great to see Steve using his Navy SEAL skills and knowledge to get himself and his friends out of trouble. Thank you for sharing Jilly and Paula


  3. Tonya

    Damn…..but he’s adorable. And sexy as hell! And as much as I was a McRollins “shipper”, I like Lynn too. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in this next season. 😉


  4. I wish they hadn’t deleted this scene. Love Steve the science guy, the caring guy and the medic guy. He is a SEAL and we did not get enough of that in this episode. Stupid second storyline… 😉


  5. Dee Ann korth

    Thank you for the pictures! I love Lynn and can’t wait to see her in in episode seven ! But really I can’t wait for the new season to start !


  6. I love when Steve uses his SEAL skills to work out a problem.
    When he started talking about WWII I couldn’t help but think of Mick and his WWII medical knowledge. Hee 😀 What can I say once a Mick girl always a Mick girl. ♥
    Super Sexy watching this man think on his toes and that calf holster is just as sexy as the thigh holster. NOM NOM NOM! ♥ 😉


  7. kathysr

    What doesn’t Steve McGarrett know! Amazing. I watched this episode and really enjoyed it.Steve deserves love. I keep hoping that someone special will show up and STAY in Steve’s life. He’s very alone. I watched the episode after Catherine left. At the very beginning, there’s a beautiful, silent, extended scene of Steve alone, sad,remembering, and really hurting. You can feel his broken heart. It’s time for Steve to fall madly in love with someone worthy of his love.


  8. karen

    I am a McRoll girl. I like Lynn, but not for Steve. They have to get back together by the end of the series. Please. Thanks ladies for the treat.


  9. Vil

    I hope not to stay with this girl, also makes bimbo role. She did not even fit into the series, less Esteve


  10. gracenotpark

    Tbh, while I love Steve The Science Guy, this scene is a bit boring. I think the editors chose well.


    • kathysr

      Probably why they wisely edited it down to just showing the coconut water portion of the scene. I learned something new! Steve’s a great teacher.


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