#H50 6.15 deleted scene

Again, shared with us by Jill Vanduyn cat_smiley01, a scene with Steve in a hoodie! What a shame to delete such cuteness!






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9 responses to “#H50 6.15 deleted scene

  1. Karen

    I JUST finish watching this episode on the DVD and loved this extended part of the episode. It was so sweet.


  2. Dee Ann korth

    Ok this picture just made my Saturday complete! I am starting to watch my season six dvd tonite! Will Friday the 23rd just get here please!


  3. Ocean

    He’s also wearing what looks like Keds tennis shoes.


  4. gracenotpark

    Oh that is a darling scene!!!!! I’m sorry that didn’t make it to air. Two extraordinary performances.

    Thanks for posting. ❤


  5. Tonya

    I love this last scene with Steve and Mark playing the game SO much…..Not only because I have a special place in my heart for those with autism, but also because it shows Steve’s softer side. It shows his heart. I love that and wish they wouldn’t have cut it out. I suppose it’s difficult not to cut out SOME of Steve’s scenes though. After all, he is always adorable. 😉


  6. kathysr

    Thank you for these wonderful deleted scenes! What a treat. This is a really sweet scene, I agree. It must be very difficult for the director to decide which scenes to cut out. And I can see that as an actor, it’s hard to watch the episode only to see that the one scene you really love was cut, for time issues.

    I’m glad we’re getting to see more of Steve’s heart. He hides it really well most of the time but as Danny said, Steve has a big, soft, mushy heart. I wish Steve would adopt the adorable young man who stole his car. I love the two of them together. Steve clearly loves the kid. Then Steve could start his very own little Ohana.


  7. Why oh why PTB??? Why? Sigh. And instead of this we got this stupid Danny and his (wife) mother stuff. Ugh.


  8. joyfuljaj

    LOVED this episode and particularly love these deleted scenes. Steve in the hoodie is adorable; add in the converse and the laid back way he perched himself in the chair and he is irrestible. He was so relaxed and refreshed looking. I know they can’t keep everything, but once in a while, these views of Steve would be nice.


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