#H50 Season 6 DVD extra’s – #BTS with #AlexOLoughlin

It is a good thing when you have friends sharing their stuff with us on our blog. Today Jill Vanduyn sent us some DVD extras to share with other fans 😀 Yippee!

This is a 6-minute bts tour with Alex. As usual he is his funny and loveable self 🙂

And filmed as they were wrapping up Season 6.

Giféd a few of my favorite moments. Enjoy!




Link to the video:


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7 responses to “#H50 Season 6 DVD extra’s – #BTS with #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Thank you IS & Jilly! Loved this!! He’s so charming, isn’t he? ;>)


  2. This is a great extra 🙂
    Alex is adorable.
    Thank you for sharing Jilly and Paula!


  3. Karen

    The BTS with Alex was the second thing I watch once I got the DVD home. He is so cute in this.


  4. vanduyn

    Is he the cutest ever??? 😀


  5. He’s so charming and adorable. ♥♥♥♥♥
    I feel Alex doesn’t need “Makeup” like us regular people. He’s so handsome all on his own naturally. He only needs McG ‘Ouchy’ makeup or tatt coverage IMO 😉
    “This is Phoebe ‘Pweh-beh’ ” LOL 😀 Silly Silly man. ♥
    Whoever decided “Youth Medium” is his shirt size TYTYTYTYTYTY *thud*
    Ronald according to Alex may give the best hugs on set, but I’m putting my money on Alex as the KING of all Bear hugs anywhere giving or receiving. (((HUGGS))) ♥♥♥

    Thanks for posting these BTS extras from the DVD. I also love to watch the commentaries just as much as the Gag Reel. Love hearing what the directors, writers, film crew and Alex in particular think of the episodes picked for the added commentary.


  6. gracenotpark

    Alex is a silly sweet adorable man. He soooo does not take himself, or show biz, too seriously. I think it’s lovely he took his time to lead this “tour.” He’s the actor with the least free time, so doing this for his fans is quite a gift.

    And Kath, darlin, I’m still envious you experienced an Alex hug! I’m envious of all these people on this tape! 😉


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