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Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a month in review (7 Aug – 3 Sept 2016)

At long last we are back with our updates of recent news around Alex. This post cover things from this past month, but hopefully real life will allow us to get back to our weekly reports from next week. Not that we have seen a lot from the set lately to report on. Thank you to everybody who found and shared pictures. Hope you enjoy it all!

There were a lot of “new” old pictures that were posted during this past week, and we will again feature them in a separate post, because they are too many to properly share in here. Thank you to all the “scouts” who find us all these great gems from the past.

Here is one we just found ourselves ….. (The translation is a bit tricky, so we will just give you the original text)

JuJube Hawaii International LLC (1 October 2015 ) Greeting from Jujube Hawaii! 週に一度はメインテナンスにジュジュべに来店される Hawaii Five-0主役のハリウッド俳優アレックス オローリン。アレックスは空手や柔術をはじめとした武道家でもあります。シモン先生とは施術中も武道の話しが尽きません。世界のトップスターとして忙しく活躍される彼はジュジュべでのボディーメインテナンスを欠かせません。1月〜ツアースタートです。ジュジュべハワイで身体をデトックス、ネィティブハワイアンの聖地ランドオブアロハで意識を高め。。詳細はhttp://www.club-world.jp/jujube201601

jujube alex 2015

Life on the Set:

18_ucd カカアコでハワイファイブオーの撮影してた。写真NGなんだけど 1枚だけとらせてくれた!傘の下にマクギャレット!オローリンもいた。かなりうれしー #じゆーじかん #じゆーにいきる #ハワイラブ #ハワイライフ #hawaiifive0 #18ライ
From 18_ucd on Instagram
(Translation: Under the umbrella is McGarrett)

jessebillauer Stoked to hang with my boys Alex & Scott on the set of Hawaii Five-0 today. #Oahu #LifeRollsOn #LROhana #HawaiiFive0 #ScottCaan #Hurley @liferollsonfoundation @hurley #Hawaii #alexoloughlin

From Jesse billauer on IG

jessebillauer Thanks again for having me on the set of Hawaii Five-0. Honored to have you guys as my friends. Look forward to hanging with you again soon. Mahalo 👊🏼 #HawaiiFive0 #LROhana #ScottCaan #Hawaii #Hurley #Oahu #LifeRollsOn #Hawaii #Grateful #GoodTimes #DaBoys @liferollsonfoundation @hurley #alexoloughlin @jbax21

From Jesse Billauer on IG (2)

  ( Aug 19)  #HawaiiFive0 near @HawaiianVillage today.. check it out more pics our Facebook.

Hawaii Isla 808  (19 August)  Hawaii Five-0 , Alex, Scott, Daniel and more member cast today near Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort


  ( Aug 19 )  Hawaii Five-0 filming near @HawaiianVillage today. #AlexOLoughlin #ScottCaan #danieldaekim #h50 #HawaiiFive0
  • From the set in Season 3

Alex with a horse called Blue. Credit https://oahuhorsebackrides.com/gallery/ 

Alex and Blue (BTS Season 3)

eri_aihara Happy belated birthday to Alex🎉 It was fun working with these guys last night😊 Nice meeting you my “husband”Adam double @kaizer808 🎥 おいたん40歳を迎えたそうです✨お誕生日おめでとう😊
#カツラ #ボッサボサ

On set

(This seems to be the two doubles for Kono and Adam)

Videos from the set:



Fan Photos:

jacqhb Ranga On Set !!!! 💙 #h50 #hawaiifive0  #ohana #familyfun #shaka #aloha #mahaloalex 💙

From Jacqueline Boucher on set(Thank you    for the find)


jillkuramoto And here’s who I found roaming the halls… #stevemcgarrettselfie#hi50#helloaol

From Jill Kuramoto on IG (1)


jillkuramoto Thank you Marc McClellan for making a dream come true! Lol! #stevemcgarrettsandwich #hi50 #seeingdouble #stevemcgarrettselfie

From on Jill Kuramoto on IG ( 2)

Laurie Wilson (22 August 2016)

From Laurie Wilson on FB


Fairai Richmond (19 August) Alex took a selfie with baby today! Life is a blessing!
From Fairai Richmond on FB
Thank you   for the find
Wes Sakai (12 November 2015) In Haleiwa, Hawaii.
Tara Laulu ( 14 August ·)  Guess who stop by at Kahala Mall for sweetie Alaana Akesa Seno Keikis show. #Hawaii50 . Such a nice guy always. #AlexOloughlin — with Alex Oloughlin at Kahala Mall.
From Tara on Facebook

Thelma Cabrera (9 August) I am like a high school girl with a crush. My friend from Hawaii sent this it me. If he’s really saying hi to me, I’m gonna pass out, like literally…..I just want to hug him!

From Thelma on FB

News for the month:



Alex & Friends or Family:

maliajonesswim Happy birthday gorgeous!!!! #40 never looked so good 🍾🍾🍾 #delicious

From Malia for Alex's birthday

This was by far the best gift that we all got for Alex’s birthday this month. His wife sharing a private moment with us all. Thank you Malia.

  • Some confusion and speculation on when these pictures were actually taken. According to the original poster it seems to be from  Thursday in San Fransisco. Looks like Alex and the family leaving the city, most probably on their way back home.

Eden Marie Siaotong checked in to San Francisco International Airport 1 September at 01:11 · San Francisco, CA, United States · OMG, I just check-in my fave actor. Hawaii 5-0 Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin).

Some Laughs for the week:

Apparently we are trying to promote ourselves when you make people aware of a fan page who try to impersonate Alex, and who do posts as if they are him and who are clearly out to fool people into thinking that they are communicating with Alex himself.

News flash for the person who think like that: We do what we do here for our own entertainment and because we adore Alex. Whether we have 1 or 20000 followers, it does not matter to us, as long as we enjoy what we do. We however do not enjoy nor will we keep quiet when other Alex fans are deceived by so-called fellow fans. Most of our regular readers will vouch for the fact that we are not into self promotion, but into loving Alex and sharing that love with fellow fans ……. and to have fun with him.


The words of a fangirl:

You can read my thoughts and feelings about Alex from 3 years ago in an old post we did in 2013. And the most obvious things is that I still feel the same way as I felt on that day.


Most ‘interesting’ search for the week:

  • unfaithful kissing scene
  • alex o’loughlin sex farmer
  • steve mcgarrett “to pee”
  • why did mcgarret have a liver transplant

(We surely got a few laughs and chuckles from these searches)

goofy al bw dl n6

Next Week:

  • According to Peter himself, they already started filming Episode 7:07 (aka#150) on Friday. And Christine Lathi indicated that she is on her way to Hawaii this week. I wonder how closed the set will be and if we will get to see any set pictures from this landmark episode at all.

607 dl n5 cl



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